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Dinner with Friends

Posted on March 22, 2015 by under Life.    

First we had dinner with our favorite neighbors on Wednesday night. We wanted to do something nice for them since they’ll be watching Molly while we’re in DC next month. But then Jim just had his surgery earlier in the week so instead of having him hobble over, we decided to just bring dinner to them. It took a few trips but worked out great in the end. Here are some pictures of the food we enjoyed that evening.


Brian made pork roast. He had it in the slow cooker all day and it was nice, tender, and flavorful by dinner time.


Mom made lumpia earlier that day and shared some with us. She gave Brian uncooked ones. Brian fried them up right before dinner so they were fresh.


These were frozen rather than fresh (corn is not in season) but they were delicious just the same. Brian intended to make potatoes too, but said he got the wrong kind of potatoes so he nixed the idea and made rice instead. He got no argument from me because I prefer rice over potatoes any day. LOL.

We also had some rolls. Seems like Americans have rolls with most of their meals. It’s the strangest thing ever. I could take or leave rolls. At least Brian got Hawaiian sweet rolls, which is the kind that I like (when I do eat rolls).

Incidentally, Wednesday night was the same night that we had a work dinner at The Hill for the AllConnect launch. I heard it was a great time. I wanted to go but I was already committed to dinner with our neighbors which we had planned ahead of time.

I’ve never been at The Hill either. Tammie says it’s pretty good. I guess Brian and I will just have to check it out. Maybe we will go with our lovely neighbors.


On Saturday night we met the Dills (Jay, Becca, and Mama Dill), the Larnengs (Rune and Kristen), and the Phelpi (Cory and April) at Sumo (the Phelpi’s favorite restaurant for celebrating birthdays) to celebrate Cory’s birthday.


Just a few months before we met the exact same group at Sumo to celebrate April’s birthday. The funniest part is that we got the exact same hibachi table. I’m thinking we all sat in the exact same spots too.


One of my favorite things at Sumo is their garlic fried rice. You can’t go there and not get it. It’s super good. But, man! It’s really garlicky. Even after brushing my teeth, I still had garlic breath. I bet my sweat will smell like garlic for days, too.


We didn’t finish dinner until almost 10 PM. Brian and I were invited to go dancing with another group of friends to celebrate Holly’s birthday and I really wanted to go but we were both exhausted. Not sure why. probably because we watched a movie with grandma earlier in the day and didn’t get our afternoon nap. LOL.

Jokes aside, we are a couple of old farts and we go to bed around 10 o’clock most nights. Even on weekends. I think Cory’s birthday celebration continued at Club Rodeo after dinner. We missed out on that too.

I was out like a light within minutes of getting home. I may have even slept with my makeup on. I was that tired!

Even though we didn’t go to the after party at Club Rodeo, I’m glad that we were able to celebrate with everyone at dinner. It’s not everyday that one of our dearest friends turns another year older. Belated happy birthday, Cory! Until next year!

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