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Brian had a comp day on Friday because of the long hours he worked during National Sales Meeting. He asked if I wanted to take a day of vacation from work. I thought about it but I had a lot of work to catch up since we’ve been in a bunch of meetings over the last couple of weeks. That, and I usually save my vacation days for taking an actual vacation or for when I’m sick so I don’t have to use my sick leave. I collect sick leave hours like I collect food pictures. LOL.

Brian spent his comp day with Mr. Sprinkler (time to start watering the yard) and also visiting his grandma. It was a productive day for him overall. However, that meant I was on my own for lunch. Faith and I decided to have lunch at Little Saigon. Here are some pictures of our food.

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I’m so glad she suggested it because I’d never be able to go otherwise. Brian doesn’t really like these types of restaurants. Actually, he doesn’t like eating out in general.

Anyway, I hadn’t been to Little Saigon in years. I believe the last time that I ate there, the restaurant was called something else. The restaurant’s name was Kim Huong then and, several years before that, it was Pho 99. The restaurant served Vietnamese food then just as it does today. The food is pretty good and the selection is vast. The menu choices are pretty much the same as before actually.

I had the chicken curry when Faith and I were there the other day. It was one of the restaurant’s specials that day. It was delicious but it was a tad too spicy for me. Faith didn’t think it was spicy. I’m just a wimp, I guess.

Little Saigon is one of the better Vietnamese restaurants in town. The interior is bright and wide open with ample seating. It’s not dark and compact like other Oriental restaurants in town. I’d go back to try some of the other items on the extensive menu. Hopefully I can talk Brian into going with me in a few weeks. Ya’ll are welcome to join us. Just holler.

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