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A Break — Finally!

Posted on February 8, 2014 by under Travel.    

As you all know, I didn’t get a break last weekend because I attended the 2014 Zumba Instructor Conference in Los Angeles. What a crazy, busy weekend!

It all started with me being up almost 24 hours on Thursday. I didn’t want to miss more than two days of work so I decided to work the full day on Thursday and only take vacation on Friday and Monday. Well, Brian and I both go to work at 7 AM so I was up from 5 AM until almost 5 AM again the next day. Why?

I headed straight for the airport after I got off work at 4 PM. My flight didn’t actually leave until 6:30 PM or so but Brian and I are really OCD about being early for stuff. After a layover that lasted almost 3 hours in Dallas, I was aboard my connecting flight and arrived in LA at midnight.

I was originally just going to get a cab, because I wanted to save money, but Brian insisted on getting me an Execucar. It was expensive, but my flight only cost $10 so I was still way ahead. LOL.


I’m really glad that Brian talked me into reserving an Execucar because Abraham (car #25) was waiting for me as I descended the escalator, before I even got to baggage claim. I’m so glad I didn’t have to track a cab down because I was completely exhausted. Mind you, 12 AM in LA is 2 AM in Wichita so I’d already been up for almost 24 hours at this point.

Abraham was nice enough to stop at a gas station with a convenience store so I could get a case of water, a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, and some plastic utensils. Yes, I’m a Zumba convention pro. I know to pack things like protein bars and buy snack stuff that need no refrigeration. But not unhealthy things like candy bars or potato chips. I got stuff that’s actually good for you. Had there been fruit at the gas station, I would have gotten some too.

Abraham was very nice. He didn’t seem as friendly at first but he quickly warmed when he learned that I spoke Spanish. He even offered to drive me back to the airport at the end of my stay.

I was like, “Are you sure? I’m leaving here at 4 AM.” He assured me that is when he usually starts his day also. He said, “Just ask for Abraham, car #25.” Worked for me. I’d rather have someone familiar drive me than get a new driver.

There are rumors that there will not be a conference in LA next year but if I’m back for the 2015 Zumba Instructor Conference, I’m totally requesting Abraham again. He was professional and prompt and very nice. If you’re ever in the area and in need of a driver, I highly recommend him.

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