Bruff’s in Emporia

We had our department holiday luncheon last week at Bruff’s in Emporia.

We all got smartphone gloves for Christmas. I love, love, love mine!

I have to post a couple of pictures of food, of course.

Bruff's on Urbanspoon

We have teammates from all over, mostly Topeka and Wichita, so we decided to cut the difference and have our holiday luncheon in Emporia. There are not many restaurants to choose from in Emporia so we ended up at Bruff’s. The place is kind of out of the way and weird. I think they used to be located downtown, but there was a fire and they had to move. Now the restaurant is housed in a metal building. Don’t let the unusual exterior fool you, though. The restaurant has an extensive menu and I’ve heard their burgers are pretty darn good. I think that’s what I should have ordered. Instead I ordered a salmon, which was just okay. My mashed potatoes and green beans were just okay too.

Bruff’s was a good choice for our team but I’m not sure that I’d actually go out of my way to go there. And, if do, I’m probably getting a burger next time instead.

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