First Time at N & J Café

Pictures from our first time at N & J Café…


Yanila and Paul both had the crazy strong coffee.


This is a photo of my chicken and artichoke wrap with a double side of hummus.


Brian had the chicken shawarma. Another thing we got to try from their menu is the Mediterranean chicken wings appetizer. It was yummy. Thank you to Carla and Paul for ordering it and sharing.


This is Christina’s tabouli and large plate of hummus.


I think this is the mixed grill.


I had flan for dessert. I just couldn’t pass it up.

Untitled Untitled


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The highlight of the evening had to be the dancer. I had no idea that they had dancers perform at the restaurant every Saturday night.

The dancer is actually a good friend of my friend Christina so she came by our table several times during dinner. She bantered with Paul quite a bit and actually got him to dance with her. I’m so glad that Paul has a lucrative career because he definitely cannot dance for a living. LOL.

Dinner was actually a lot of fun. Brian and I still like MIF Deli better, but the food there is pretty good and the live entertainment is a bonus. I would return to N & J again. Thank you so much to Christina for organizing dinner. Had it not been for her we wouldn’t have had reason to try N & J Café.

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