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Working Out at Home

Posted on July 21, 2013 by under Health.    

Working out topless is definitely one of the perks of having your personal trainer come to your house. Except, I think it’s making us lazier. If I’m not lazier, I’m definitely a lot whinier. I’m not only heavier than I was last year, I feel like I’ve taken ten steps back. I’m way out of shape that’s for sure.


Whenever we’re not doing a park or backyard workout with our trainer John Wilborn, we are usually working out in our basement. Brian and I got these 6 X 6 yoga mats from Amazon a few weeks ago because we figured we needed something to protect our carpets from excessive wear and the stench of our sweat. We also figured that we could use our new yoga mats for partner yoga for if we can ever make it out to one of the date night yoga events at Firefly. LOL.

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