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Mom Felt Like Having a Margarita

Posted on July 21, 2013 by under Food and Drink.    

Mom felt like having a margarita the other day so I thought I’d help her out by offering to join her. No one should have to drink alone. LOL. Besides, I’d had a really tough, busy week at work and could use a drink myself.


Los Cocos on Urbanspoon

We ended up at the Los Cocos in Derby which is really close to mom and dad’s house. Plus, they have $1.99 margaritas everyday. If you don’t really care about what kind of margarita you’re having and just want one, Los Cocos is the place to be. LOL.

I know it’s not premium but their frozen margaritas aren’t that bad actually. They have a variety of flavors but I always get the mango one. It’s pretty yummy.

Here are some pictures of our dinner.


Jenni wanted some guacamole for our chips.


Mom had some kind of chicken salad. Not something you’d think of ordering at a Mexican restaurant but to each her own, I guess.


I think this is Brian’s chicken quesadilla.


I was a bad girl and had carnitas. I didn’t eat all of it this time, though.


This is Jenni’s steak quesadilla. You can’t really tell it apart from the previous picture except that I recognize her top in this photo.

It’s not very often that mom extends a dinner invite but, when she does, it usually means it’s her treat. So you don’t ever want to turn down a dinner invite from mom. Thanks for buying us dinner, mom! It was delicious!

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