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Lunch with Becca and Mama Dill

Posted on July 21, 2013 by under Food and Drink.    

I actually got to take a lunch last week so I decided to invite the Dills. Jay had a BNI meeting so he couldn’t go but Becca and Mama Dill were free.


I don’t mind eating lunch by myself but eating with friends is definitely much more fun. Specially if they’ve never been to the restaurant because then you will like you’re opening their world to something new and exciting.

The Anchor has been around for many years so it’s definitely not new. However, I’m always excited to go because the Anchor is one of my most favorite food establishments. I’ve never had anything there that I didn’t like.


Truffle fries and fried pickles are must haves when at the Anchor.


This is the chicken bacon avocado sandwich with peppered steak soup on the side.


I had the chicken bacon avocado the last time I was at the Anchor so I knew what it tasted like already. I got to try a little of the soup, though. It was yummy. I would totally eat it on a bed of white rice.


Anchor on Urbanspoon

I had the three-piece chicken tenders and homemade potato chips this time. That’s what Brian and I normally get whenever we go to the Anchor because we can split the five-piece. It’s more than enough food for the two of us.

I always recommend the Anchor to anyone who’s new to Wichita because you can’t find it anywhere but here. Mama Dill is from the East Coast so it was great that she could try a place that’s unique to Wichita. Little did I know that Jay and Becca had never been there, which amazes me considering that they just live (and work) around the corner from the restaurant.

Anyway, Jay didn’t get to join us the other day because of his BNI meeting so he and Brian decided that they’re both going to the Anchor for a man-date on Tuesday while I’m in Topeka for a meeting. LOL.

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