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Happy Anniversary

Posted on August 10, 2008 by under Life.    

Bye bye, little Toro!

Today is our sixth wedding anniversary. Go us! Anymore we’ve gone from buying each other gifts to just taking a nice trip together. The last few years have been celebrated that way culminating in our fifth anniversary trip to Couples Ocho Rios (now known as Couples Tower Isle) in Jamaica last year.

This year we’ve decided to lay low. For one, we’re still recovering from our somewhat impromptu Vegas trip. Two, we’ve got a possible cruise (Brian says it is for sure but I haven’t received an update in a while) during the week of my birthday. That’s coming up in a couple of months.

Anyway, Brian’s riding mower blew up (literally) about two weeks ago which sent us on a lawnmower hunt. I was looking to spend less than $100 so I checked Craigslist and various avenues. Brian got a bonus from work recently (not a big one, about $1K after taxes) but we have been so pragmatic lately (except for when we bought Chris, his wife, and Jan lunch the other day — which wasn’t so practical, but they are wonderful people and we wanted to do something nice — plus it was TJ’s, my most favorite burger joint in the world). Every single cent that doesn’t get spent on gas, eating out, going to the movies, or the occasional poker tournament gets paid to our car, house, or my student loan. We are vigorously paying off our debt so that in a few years (well, 10 years if you count our mortgage) we will be completely debt free (unless of course, we get our wish for a home upgrade, lol — right now it’s way behind schedule).

But I digress.. We were still wanting to spend as little as possible on this lawnmower. After all, Brian eventually wants a RoboMower (like Doug’s) but that will come much, much, much later.

We ended up getting him a 22″ self-propelled Toro (same brand as the old riding mower) from Home Depot. Remind me to tell you my Home Depot story later. Anyway, we spent like $300 after tax — more than we wanted to spend but that was the best deal we could find. We couldn’t find any used ones, unfortunately. There were some $239 ones at Lowe’s but they were completely sold out. Ugh.

Here are pictures of Brian’s new lawnmower..

I guess we're buying it. Grrr! 0_200808071938_588.jpg Brian is walking from now on. =P

We are calling it his “Happy Anniversary” gift. LOL. I told Lance about it and he said, “What do you get?” I said, “I get my lawn mowed every week and that’s good enough for me.”

Speaking of mowing the lawn, he actually fired it up and mowed the lawn that day. This was on Thursday. I am so glad he did because it has been raining all weekend and if he would have waited the lawn would have had to wait another week. He says it works great.

So anyway, that’s the story of Brian’s new lawnmower. Next time, I’ll share my Home Depot story.

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