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Archive for November 2012

Best Scooter’s Coffeehouse Ever

Posted on November 29, 2012 by under Travel.    




Brian and I both love Scooter’s Coffeehouse and we found a location in Overland Park that is a cut above the rest. The exterior didn’t seem like much, but it was quite cozy inside. It beats all of the Scooter’s Coffeehouse locations here in Wichita in terms of furnishings and decor.




Though there was only one bistro table a couple of chairs outside, the store had plenty of seating inside. And the interior partitions created some private areas.



Scooter's Coffeehouse on Urbanspoon

It’s not feasible for us to drive three hours just to go to this particular Scooter’s; however, we do find ourselves in the Kansas City and Overland Park area quite a bit. Now that we’ve found this Scooter’s on Antioch Road, we’ll go out of our way to go to this particular location for our coffee fix when we’re in the neighborhood.

The service was great, the coffee was tasty (they made my iced Twix even better than the ones they make at the Scooter’s in Andover, which is our favorite one here in town), and the store interior was cozy. I have nothing bad to say about this Scooter’s. In fact, I wish there were one exactly like it here in Wichita. Until then, at least we have this one. As an added bonus, I found out that some friends of ours live nearby. They need to invite us over so we can have an excuse to hit the Scooter’s. LOL.

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Noodles & Company

Posted on November 28, 2012 by under Food and Drink.    

We did a lot of eating over the holiday weekend. As if the big Thanksgiving meal wasn’t enough. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory and then followed it up with some yummy noodles when we got back into town.

Did you know that Noodles & Company now servers pork? This is great news for a pork lover such as myself. Noodles has some really tender slow braised pork. We got to try it on a couple of dishes.


Brian got the Barbecue Pork Mac. We both really liked it. Except the bbq sauce was a little sweet. I think I would have like the dish better without it. Really good overall, though. The pork was very tender and had great flavor. Enough that you really don’t need the bbq sauce.


Noodles & Company on Urbanspoon

I ordered the Bangkok Curry with the braised pork. What can I say? It was a curry kind of weekend for me. LOL.

The dish reminds me a lot of the Pad Thai because both consist of rice noodles. It is my favorite dish at Noodles. I usually get it with chicken. The difference between the Pad Thai and the Bangkok Curry is that the latter probably has more veggies. That, and the Pad Thai uses sweet chile vs. the sweet coconut curry flavor of the Bangkok Curry. Anyway, it tasted really good with the tender, slow braised pork. Now Noodles serves pork, I’ll probably go there more frequently. I love, love, love pork!

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The Cheesecake Factory

Posted on November 28, 2012 by under Food and Drink.    


Brian was pooped by Friday night. The Cheesecake Factory got him excited enough to be upright, though. He didn’t realize that there’s one in the Overland Park/Leawood area. We don’t have one here in Wichita so that’s where we decided to go for dinner following our crazy Black Friday excursion.


Brian got the chicken parmesan sandwich. He wasn’t really impressed with it. He said it was just okay. I think maybe there was too much bread, but that’s what he gets for ordering a sandwich. LOL.


I got the bang bang chicken and shrimp, which is my favorite thing to get at Cheesecake Factory now ever since Darcy introduced me to it. It is so delicious.


The Cheesecake Factory on Urbanspoon

We originally thought we were going to have the chocolate mousse cheesecake for dessert, but we were too full at the end.

You’d think we’d learn by now. At Cheesecake Factory, one should always eat dessert first.

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Midnight Meal at Bob Evans

Posted on November 27, 2012 by under Food and Drink.    

Brian and I ate at Bob Evans at around midnight on Black Friday. It was a nicer, more quiet alternative to the nearby IHOP, which seems to always be really packed during Moonlight Magic at Legends Outlets.


Brian got biscuits and gravy with a side of home fries.


I got the farmer’s choice with a blueberry crepe, two fried eggs, three strips of bacon, and home fries. The eggs were disappointing. I asked for “over medium” and they were runny. I guess I should have asked for them to be fried hard per usual.


Bob Evans on Urbanspoon

Anyway, Bob Evans provided a nice quiet place for us to regroup during our annual Black Friday shopping expedition to Legends. Love, love, love Moonlight Magic! Although, I think this is our last one for a while. We’ve pretty much done the Black Friday thing at Legends for a few years now, and I think we’ve sufficiently gotten it out of our system. Next year, we’ll be sleeping in like normal people. LOL.

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Cheap Movie Night

Posted on November 24, 2012 by under Date Ideas, Food and Drink, Things to Do.    

Finally got around to watching Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Gotta love cheap movie nights: every Wednesday movies are only $5 all day at the Old Town Warren Theater. Jay got our tickets in exchange for the box of Dunkin’ Donuts K-Cups that we picked up for him while we were in Lawrence last week. Thank you, Jay!

Jay is handing out cards at the line. LOL.

I’d almost forgotten about cheap movie night because it coincides with one of my most favorite Zumba classes, which I never wanted to give up, so I could never go. I didn’t mind giving it up for the final installment of the Twilight saga, though. Thinking of giving it up again this coming week so Brian and I can watch Skyfall. Everyone else has seen it but me and Brian. Hope to rectify that this week.

Old Town Warren Old Town Warren

We had dinner at the theater this last time, which made cheap movie night not so cheap. The food is okay. Nothing to write home about. I think we could probably skip it next time and limit our cost to $10. Now, that’s what I call a cheap date.

Here’s the list of showtimes for Wednesday, November 28, in case you were thinking of participating in cheap movie night also. Enjoy your movie!

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