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Archive for October 2012

Halloween 2012

Posted on October 31, 2012 by under Events, Life.    

Brian is actually having a lot of fun handing out candy.

2012-10-31 19.30.17.jpg

Lucky for all the neighborhood kids, he won the debate. Therefore, no apples tonight. We’re giving out miniature candy bars. It was really weird because the kids were only taking one each. We had to tell them they can get more than one. Although, we’ve since had a couple of groups come through who took more than a handful. LOL.

2012-10-31 19.25.39.jpg

I’m enjoying some Woodchuck Cider in a frosted mug, which just happens to be one of our Brew Ha-Ha mugs from last year. It’s because I’m trying to get in the mood for Friday. Anyway, here are some Halloween highlights…

2012-10-27 21.21.19.jpg

Brian dressed as an angry priest who just got pulled over by a Mulvane cop. LOL. The angry look is so realistic, too.

2012-10-27 22.19.01.jpg

He’s not as angry in this photo.

2012-10-27 22.20.20.jpg

And happier yet.

2012-10-27 22.14.54.jpg

I dressed as a school girl, complete with a backpack prop.

2012-10-27 22.12.56.jpg

2012-10-27 21.33.51.jpg

Jenni didn’t party with us this year, but she sent me a photo of her costume anyway. She said she was dressed as a “cougar.” I wondered, how is that different from any other day? That’s like me dressing as a Zumba instructor for Halloween. Pa-dum-pum. LOL. (Just kidding, Jenni! You know I love you!)

Jenni dressed as a cougar this year.

After the Fabulous Fleshtones finished their first set at RD’s County Line, we left to attend Hideki’s Halloween party. Here’s a photo of Andrea and me.

2012-10-27 23.17.45.jpg

I’m not sure who brought the moonshine. I didn’t have any. It smelled really strong.

2012-10-27 23.41.58.jpg

Brian and I got to play some Rock Band.


Hideki has the best Rock Band set up of anyone we know.


I usually play drums because I’m terrible at guitar or bass.


BTW, these last few photos were taken by Meader Woo. He is the best party photographer – ever! Here’s one with Frederique.


Melissa, Brian and me…


I got to wear pig tails again the next day when we attended Gina Ann’s annual Halloween party. They go all out on decorations inside and outside the house!

2012-10-28 17.25.25.jpg

2012-10-28 16.39.52.jpg

2012-10-28 16.43.24.jpg

2012-10-28 16.42.37.jpg

2012-10-28 16.41.00.jpg

Gina Ann said that this was to be a kids’ party, so Brian and I dressed in footed pajamas in order to fit in.

2012-10-28 17.26.29.jpg

Andrea dressed as Kim Possible. She is so creative!

2012-10-28 18.15.37.jpg

Here’s a photo of all the Zumba girls. Though, we’re still working on Becca.


I had to dress up again yesterday because it was the designated Halloween dress up day at work. I was going to put on my cap and gown and dress as a graduate, but I couldn’t find my tassel. Decided to be a cowgirl at the last minute because I already had the stuff for it. It’s basically just regular clothes, with cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and a bandana. It’s an easy costume to put together.

Lance came as a fisherman.

2012-10-30 08.26.10.jpg

Isaac came as a golfer. I really could have come as a Zumba instructor since everyone else was representing their hobbies. LOL.

2012-10-30 09.09.48.jpg

Faith had the best costume of all…

2012-10-30 08.29.54.jpg

Although, I’m quite impressed with myself for pulling off three different Halloween looks this year. And to think the only thing that I spent money on was the school girl costume ($10). I already had everything else in my closet.

BTW, I’ve been handing out candy on and off as I type this blog entry but we haven’t had any trick or treaters come through in the last half hour or so. I think Halloween might be officially over. And we still have a lot of candy left! Boo!

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Un Cuento Divertido

Posted on October 29, 2012 by under Life, Spanish.    

A friend of mine at work today brought over a card to sign for one of our coworkers who will be celebrating their 35th service anniversary on Wednesday.

ME: Wow! Can you believe it? 35 years is a long time. That’s awesome!
AMY: I know! WE weren’t even born yet!
ME: What is this WE stuff? You weren’t, but I was!
AMY: Cherrie! You’re not 35?! Are you? (I think she might have said something like, “You’re not THAT old!” LOL.)
ME: Today I’m not, but tomorrow I am.

I told Amy she made my day for thinking that I’m younger than I really am. LOL. Incidentally, one of our exercises in Spanish class today was to tell a funny story. Past tense is still a major challenge for me because there’s preterite and imperfect, so it took forever for me to relay this short funny story. I had to stop and translate everything before I could say it. What would have taken a minute to tell took five. We got through it though, and amazingly enough, my partner Angela understood most of the story despite my broken Spanish.

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GreenAcres Market and Deli

Posted on October 28, 2012 by under Food and Drink, Reviews.    

2012-10-06 11.25.26.jpg

2012-10-06 11.40.10.jpg

Review #4 was published this weekend so I can finally blog about it. Yeah! I usually try to avoid blogging about places that I review for the Wichita Eagle Dining Panel until after the article is published because I’m afraid that I’ll write the exact same words, which is against the rules. The Eagle can’t publish anything that has already been previously published elsewhere. The review has to be original/unique so they have to publish it first. Only then can we do what we want with our article.

2012-10-07 15.06.34.jpg

If you are in a hurry, you can pick up pre-made sandwiches to go or fix something from the salad bar. We weren’t in a hurry so we ordered our food from the deli counter. There are some things that are already made like the bierocks and pot pies, but sandwiches takes a couple of minutes to assemble.

2012-10-06 12.13.28.jpg

Brian and I were so disappointed when Under the Cork closed because that meant the end of free wine tastings. Guess what. Somerset Ridge has a space inside GreenAcres and they offer wine tastings Wednesday through Friday from noon to 6 pm, and Saturday from noon to 5 pm. I strategically left this detail out of my review because I didn’t want to seem like a wino. LOL.

2012-10-06 11.46.58.jpg

This is “the hood” sandwich that Brian tried.

2012-10-06 11.47.48.jpg

Doesn’t it just look so colorful and delicious?

2012-10-06 11.47.00.jpg

One of the nice things about eating at GreenAcres is that you can get whatever you want to drink. I got a bottle of my favorite flavor of Naked juice — Mighty Mango.

2012-10-06 11.46.05.jpg

Food-wise, I got the the house-made chicken pot pie.

2012-10-06 12.00.26.jpg

Here’s a better picture of the trail mix cookie, which was super yummy. They are so good that I want to buy a few dozen and pass them off as my own. LOL.

2012-10-07 15.42.35.jpg

This is a picture of their wonderful chef’s chicken salad.

2012-10-07 16.00.38.jpg

A slice of heaven… I mean Italian cream cake. GreenAcres offers a vast selection of dessert items, so you’re not limited to just cakes.

2012-10-06 11.40.49.jpg

When I think of food and dining, I normally don’t think about grocery stores. This experience has totally opened my eyes to the vast array of dining options available in the area. If you’ve never been to GreenAcres or have never tried their deli, I highly recommend checking it out.

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Chapada Chophouse & Churrascaria

Posted on October 27, 2012 by under Food and Drink, Reviews.    

The Secret really works! Several months ago, when Chapada first opened, I told Brian that I wanted to go there for my birthday. I thought it, and guess what. The universe delivered in the form of a Groupon. If I’m going to try a new place, I might as well try it at half-price, right? (BTW, this deal is available for one more day so go grab one!)

Jay and Becca, who got the same Groupon, joined us for dinner. I’ve heard mixed reviews of Chapada, but our experience was really good. The service was slow at first, but improved as the meal progressed. The process is just like any churrascaria. If you’ve not been to one, you have an all-you-can-eat salad bar and then gauchos with various meats on large skewers come to your table. If you want the meat offered, then you just ask them to slice off a piece for you. This goes on pretty much until you cry, “Uncle!”

Chapada is not quite the same caliber as Fogo de Chao, which is probably the most well-known out of all the churrascarias, or even Texas de Brazil, which we got to try last year when we were visiting Cousin Tracy and Jeff in Fort Worth. However, Chapada is the closest thing you can get to that type of dining experience around these parts because it’s the only churrascaria I know of in Wichita.

Here are some pictures from dinner…

2012-10-26 18.51.24.jpg

2012-10-26 18.54.19.jpg

Brian told them we were celebrating my birthday, which isn’t until Tuesday, but close enough — so they let me pick a dessert for free. I chose the cream brûlée (that’s not creme brûlée, mind you — they serve CREAM brûlée at Chapada — LOL), which consisted of three different flavors. There was a coffee flavored one, a raspberry, and a banana. The coffee one was my favorite. If we ever go back, I’m getting the cream brûlée again and asking for all three to be in coffee flavor.

2012-10-26 20.13.21.jpg

Brian wasn’t a huge fan of the cream brûlée at Chapada. He still prefers the chocolate creme brûlée at Bonefish Grill, which is his favorite creme brûlée. It’s not always available, but he is always happy whenever he can get it.

Chapada Chophouse & Churrascaria on Urbanspoon

At dinner Jay and Becca asked if we were having a birthday party for me this year. I told them no, that this was pretty much it. I think they were surprised and disappointed because we had a blast when we had the Ponderosa Party a couple of years ago, complete with “smash” cake and everything. There’s just too many parties going on this weekend already, and we have a mortgage to pay for now so we didn’t really have any extra money to throw at a birthday party (for catering, entertainment, decorations, and such), and we didn’t really have time to plan anything, and 35 is not really a poker hand. When I turn 44, we’ll talk. LOL.

Anyway, we had a great time with Jay and Becca last night. I was a nice, intimate birthday dinner — probably the first birthday dinner of several coming up, because we tend to have multiple dinner celebrations whenever we have birthdays. There’s really no point dieting during your birthday month.

But I digress… Chapada was not bad. However, the salad bar selection is not as vast as what you would find at Texas de Brazil, but you don’t want to get full on that other stuff anyway. You want to save room for the meat. Though it’s not the best of its class of restaurants, the cost is way less than other churrascarias, and it’s not like you really have a choice. They’re the only churrascaria here. For those of you who don’t want to spend the $35 per person for the all-you-can-eat parade-of-meat experience, but would like to try it at least once, then the Groupon is a great option. It’s going to be available for one more day. Go get one.

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Hana Cafe

Posted on October 24, 2012 by under Food and Drink, Reviews.    

Brian and I drove to work separately yesterday because he was attending the HOA meeting and I was to go to Zumba. However, Darcy wasn’t feeling well so she left work early which gave me an excuse to be a slug and not workout after work. Since I wasn’t working out, Brian and I decided to meet up at Hana Cafe after work. It was my first time there since they remodeled. The place looks great.

2012-10-23 16.10.41.jpg

2012-10-23 16.11.48.jpg

2012-10-23 16.12.36.jpg

We made it in time for Happy Hour when they have some of the sushi items at half price. We got a California maki and a Hana maki.

2012-10-23 16.16.26.jpg

Brian wasn’t that hungry after the sushi, so he just had miso soup.

2012-10-23 16.25.09.jpg

My favorite thing to get at Hana ever since I’d been going back when they were still next to the old Eric Fisher Salon on Rock Road is the beef bi bim bab. It’s been a while since I’d had it so I ordered it, even though I was already somewhat full from the sushi. I just couldn’t resist.

2012-10-23 16.31.30.jpg

I like to eat it with teriyaki sauce instead of the regular red sauce they serve with it.

2012-10-23 16.32.28.jpg

I had red bean mochi for dessert. It was super yummy!

2012-10-23 16.54.45.jpg

Hana Cafe on Urbanspoon

It was a delicious dinner. I ate way too much. So much that I figured I would probably vomit in the middle of Zumba class if I went. I decided to go home and attend the HOA meeting with Brian.

Since we drove separately, we decided to race (without speeding, of course — I didn’t speed, but I can’t speak for Brian — he probably tried to cheat) and see who could make it home first. Naturally, I won. LOL. But that’s because I was smart and cut across to First Street and got on the Canal Route from there. Brian went around to Saint Francis. He will blame his loss on a lot of things, including having to walk to the parking garage and getting stuck behind a slow-moving dually.

The HOA meeting took a lot longer than I thought it would. I’m glad it only happens twice a year. Even then, I don’t know that I ever want to attend again ever. I only felt like I had to go to keep Brian from acting like a douchebag. He actually behaved himself and the big question that he wanted addressed was asked by someone else. So he didn’t have to be the jerk who brought it up. LOL.


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