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Archive for July 2012

Logan at the Movies

Posted on July 31, 2012 by under Family, Movies.    

I posted about taking Logan to the movies on Facebook the other day, but I wanted to share some of the photos we took with you guys.

Upon arriving at Warren Theater, the three of us — Brian, Logan and I — get out of the car and Logan proceeds to walk to the door. Here’s a picture that I took of him because he was way ahead of us.

2012-07-29 10.30.15.jpg

ME: Wait up Logan!
LOGAN: Okay.

But instead of coming back towards us, he just stands there.

ME: Look, the sign says “No Loitering.”
LOGAN: I am not loitering!

Brian tries to explain to Logan what loitering means and argues that he is, in fact, at the moment, loitering.

LOGAN: I’m waiting for you guys! You’re making me loiter!

Children are so adorable. LOL. Here’s Brian and Logan in the auditorium.

2012-07-29 10.38.02.jpg

And playing games in the game room after the movie.

2012-07-29 13.56.29.jpg

2012-07-29 13.57.37.jpg

I wanted to go bowling and ride go karts at the Alley afterwards too, but it was time to take Logan home. Maybe we can do it next time and then we can take Eli with us also.

BTW, we went to see The Dark Knight Rises. It’s really good. I was glued to the screen and loved the plot twists at the end. Logan seemed to enjoy the movie also. You all should go see it.

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Brian and Logan at the Donut Whole

Posted on July 31, 2012 by under Family, Videos.    

Brian tries to convince Logan to stop drinking Mountain Dew. Logan won because we ended up buying him Mountain Dew when we went to Sonic later that day.

Yes, it was a terrible weekend in terms of nutrition. I had strawberry limeades two days in a row. I think I had more sugar than I’ve had in a month. My body is still in shock.

We had a lot of fun with Logan, though. Hope we can do it again before school starts. Minus all the bad eating, of course.

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The Donut Whole

Posted on July 30, 2012 by under Food and Drink, Reviews.    

I’d eaten donuts from the Donut Whole before, but I had never been until yesterday. It’s actually a cool, little place. And they have free wifi, which is a bonus.

2012-07-29 09.24.58.jpg

We had the triple chocolate, chocolate crunch, chocolate malt, and maple bacon. They were all delicious in their own way. The maple bacon flavor was a little weird, though. It’s not bad, but I doubt I would get it again.

2012-07-29 09.25.42.jpg

I got a yummy hot chocolate with whipped cream to go with my donuts.

2012-07-29 09.28.39.jpg

Logan got a small hot chocolate with no whipped cream.

2012-07-29 09.29.49.jpg

He hardly drank any of it, though.

2012-07-29 09.30.23.jpg

Brian had coffee. He liked it even though it was different than the coffee that he’s used to at Scooter’s.

2012-07-29 09.33.41.jpg

Here’s a photo of me biting into the maple bacon donut.

2012-07-29 09.38.48.jpg

Logan and Brian.

2012-07-29 09.39.39.jpg

Logan and me.

2012-07-29 09.43.17.jpg

The Donut Whole on Urbanspoon

I really like the Donut Whole. Not only are their donuts delicious, but they have good hot chocolate. And they have quirky decorations. And free wifi. And it’s just a fun place to hang out. I would totally go back and try some of the other donut flavors. What do you guys think I should try next? Leave suggestions in the comments down below.

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Flip and Ching Need a Spare Bedroom

Posted on July 30, 2012 by under Family.    

We are using our spare bedroom as an office right now, so we don’t actually have a bedroom for guests to use. When we had Logan (one of our nephews) this weekend, we had to convert the nap couch into a makeshift bed for him. Lucky for us, he hasn’t outgrown the length of the couch yet. I’m looking forward to moving though, so we can have a real guest bedroom for our nephews to use when they spend the night.

2012-07-29 08.58.24.jpg

2012-07-29 08.59.14.jpg

2012-07-29 09.00.08.jpg

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Ching Gets Good Karma

Posted on July 29, 2012 by under Family, Food and Drink.    

Brian and I were at MIF Deli again yesterday. Post-workout trips to MIF are starting to become a Saturday thing for us. We shouldn’t really be eating out, but it could be worse. We could be eating Super Sonic burgers with extra mayo after each workout. You think I’m joking, but it’s what I used to do after my workouts back in the day. You don’t get 36% body fat without trying. LOL. Okay, maybe I wasn’t really trying. I’m good at gaining weigh though, despite all the workouts. If gaining weight were an Olympic sport, I’d be a gold medalist.

2012-07-28 11.32.25.jpg

Anyway, the combo platter with all grape leaves is a must for us every trip.

2012-07-28 11.40.54.jpg

We ate too much last time, so this time we decided to just split a chicken gyro. The gyro portions at MIF are plenty to satisfy the appetites of two hungry adults who just finished working out. Of course, the appetizer we always share helps to fill us up too.

While we were eating our lunch, I overheard another couple tell the server how they didn’t like the stuffed grape leaves at Fresh Market. There must be something wrong with me because I felt compelled to butt in between bites of my gyro. I reassured them that the grape leaves at MIF are fantastic, pretty much single-handedly talking them into ordering it.

When we were done eating and it was time for us to pay, I couldn’t tell if they liked the grape leaves and felt bad that I pushed them toward ordering it so I asked the server to put their grape leaves on our check. Brian thought that was nice. I told him that people have been nice to us and so I felt like we should pay it forward. Plus, in the event they didn’t like the grape leaves (which I doubt because the grape leaves at MIF are fantastic, but just in case) at least they didn’t have to pay for it.

2012-07-28 13.37.50.jpg

After lunch Brian and I went home for a quick shower before going to pick up Logan, who was to spend the weekend with us. On the way home from picking Logan up, Logan and I decided that we wanted something to drink. I suggested that we go to Sonic because I felt a strawberry limeade craving come on just at that moment. As we were about to turn the corner on 21st and Greenwich, I saw a couple of guys holding signs that read “FREE DRINKS AT SONIC 2-4 PM” and trying to get our attention. I smiled and waved back. What luck!

I wasn’t sure if limeades were included in the free drinks offer, but we gave it a try anyway. We figured that they would tell us how much we owed after we placed our order. Brian and Logan both got medium Cokes, while I got a medium strawberry limeade to satiate my craving.

“How much did they say?” I asked.

“They didn’t,” Brian replied.

“What did they say then?”

“It’ll be right up.”

“Hmm… That’s weird. I guess we’ll find out when they bring the drinks up.”

Sonic Drive-in on Urbanspoon

They didn’t charge us anything, but Brian gave the guy a couple of bucks. Not bad. Either “The Secret” is strong with me (I thought “I want a strawberry limeade” and the universe delivered) or it was my good karma coming back. Whatever the reason, I was happy. LOL.

If you missed out on the free drinks today, don’t fret. Epic Church is sponsoring free drinks again from 2 to 4 PM on the final Saturday of August (August 25). Brian isn’t a huge fan of Sonic food, but I actually like it so I’ll probably go back. It can’t be that bad if you limit it to once a month, right?

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