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Run 4 a Reason

Posted on April 30, 2012 by under Events, Food and Drink.    

I was going to title this post, “Correr Por Una Razón y Los Vendedores Latinoamericanos” but Brian told me to knock it off. He’s tired of all the Spanish blog titles. LOL. Anyway, English titles are easier and quicker; and I’m at least a week behind on blogging so I guess he wins this round.

2012-04-22 15.50.59.jpg

Last Sunday was pretty crazy. I had this wacky idea of taking the Zumba fitness class at West 13th (because Gina Ann was subbing for Andrea while she got licensed for Aqua Zumba), Amie’s Zumba fitness class, and then running a 5K. I figured that there would be enough breaks in between so it wouldn’t be a big deal. However, I started to feel tired from doing the two hours of Zumba prior so I told Brian that we should probably just walk. Brian wanted to run, though. So we started off running. As I suspected, he gave up a quarter of a mile in. It was pretty sad.

2012-04-22 16.10.03.jpg

We weren’t even power walking. We were meandering like a couple of tourists. We even stopped to take photos at a couple of spots. And to think that Brian thinks he can complete Tough Mudder. He can’t even run a 5K. I have no room to talk, though. I’m not built for running either.

Oh the bright side, Brian and I had the most stylish shirts there. I customized our Run 4 a Reason shirts so ours were the most unique. I turned Brian into a sleeveless shirt, which he said he wouldn’t mind wearing to the gym, and I turned mine into a cropped, destroyed shirt fit for Zumba.

We’ve decided that we’re going to participate in the Bank of America River Run this year, and I doubt that cool t-shirts are going to cut it, so we better get training. LOL!

Brian’s work had their National Sales Meeting at the Broadview Hotel this year. The food was catered by Corporate Caterers and was better than in previous years. I think they may never return to the Hyatt. LOL.

2012-04-24 19.57.59.jpg

Here’s a gigantic slice of cheesecake.

2012-04-24 20.20.43.jpg

More food…

2012-04-25 12.05.47.jpg

On the final night, Toby and Jorge took us to Wasabi.

2012-04-25 21.37.44.jpg

We had this thing called rice crispy, edamame, fried dumplings, and some crab cakes to start. You get five delicious, little crab cakes.

2012-04-25 20.30.04.jpg

This is a close up shot.

2012-04-25 21.10.59.jpg

It was super good!

2012-04-25 21.14.03.jpg

Here’s the stone henge and shrimp tempura crazy roll up close. These are two of our most favorite things to get at Wasabi.

2012-04-25 21.13.33.jpg

I believe this one is called super tiger roll.

2012-04-25 21.13.04.jpg

And then this one is the crunchy roll.

2012-04-25 21.12.00.jpg

This last trip to Wasabi made me realize how much I’d missed the resto. Yum, yum, yum! I can’t wait to go back!

Anyway, Brian had some really late nights last week. One night he didn’t get home until almost midnight. I’m really glad that National Sales Meeting is over and have my husband back. I’m ready for our schedules to return to normal. I was having separation anxiety for a while there. Though, I think I handled it much better than Brian would have if the roles were reversed. Ha ha ha!

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Posted on April 26, 2012 by under Events.    

2012-04-21 18.56.32.jpgBrian and I had the pleasure of attending Hai (pictured in the photo on the left with Brian) and Ricky’s baby shower last Saturday at Nativity Pines.

I’d never been there before so it was nice to finally have the opportunity to check it out. It’s actually much closer than we originally thought. I mean, when people hear “Benton” they usually think it’s going to be a drive, but it only took us twenty minutes to get there.

Anyway, I’m so glad that Hai and Ricky decided to have a coed baby shower. Brian and I are inseparable, so all-women events like baby showers usually make him feel left out. Plus, I think coed showers are so much more fun. Some of the shower games we played were utterly hilarious! Thank you to Hai and Ricky for inviting us.

Congratulations and best wishes to Hai and Ricky as they welcome baby Victoria into the world. ¡Felicidades!

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Comida Japonesa

Posted on April 26, 2012 by under Food and Drink.    

Our first time back at Japan Express in almost a year was last Saturday. Amazing considering I used to eat there almost daily back in college.

Here’s our favorite meal at JE.

2012-04-21 12.46.03.jpg

We get the obento but sub a brown egg instead of the fried mushrooms and we order an extra helping of rice instead of the salad. Brian eats the teriyaki chicken and I eat the tonkatsu pork. It’s just the right amount of food for the two of us.

2012-04-21 12.44.09.jpg

Except, I think we were extra hungry last Saturday because we got an order of fried dumplings. I was too stuffed to eat any, though. Brian had some, but couldn’t eat it all.

2012-04-21 12.43.45.jpg

If you’ve never been to JE, you’re missing out. It’s good, quick, and a great value. Specially if you share a meal, which is what Brian and I often do.

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Lo Celebramos en Sake

Posted on April 23, 2012 by under Food and Drink.    

Brian and I had a wonderful dinner at Sake last Friday after my Zumba instructor training. Yep, I’m now licensed to teach Zumba and am officially part of the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN). Woot!

Here are some obligatory food photos.

2012-04-20 17.50.22.jpg

They always start you out with miso. Followed by salad.

2012-04-20 17.55.40.jpg

I normally skip the salads at Japanese steakhouses because I don’t care for the salad dressing. Theirs was not bad, though.

2012-04-20 17.59.15.jpg

I believe this is called the yummy yummy roll. It lived up to it’s moniker.

2012-04-20 18.02.45.jpg

I had the filet mignon and shrimp, while Brian had hibachi chicken. I didn’t get a picture of his plate, though. Oh, well.

2012-04-20 18.15.24.jpg

By the way, I’m not writing a full-on review of this restaurant because I think a friend of mine is reviewing it for the local paper. I just wanted to let you guys know what we did to celebrate the fact that I’m now licensed to teach Zumba. I can finally cross one more thing off the bucket list. Woot!

Speaking of Zumba, I will be doing Zumba after work tomorrow. Text, call, email, or Facebook me if you want to join me! 🙂

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T-Shirt Destruction Party

Posted on April 22, 2012 by under Events, Projects.    

2012-04-14 15.36.28.jpgOnly a handful of people attended our first-ever t-shirt destruction party last weekend. (I blame the weather.) Those of us who came had a lot of fun, though. And even though, we only had three hours to unleash our creativity, most of us were quite productive. Gina Ann brought her vast collection of destroyed shirts and tanks for inspiration. She also went around and helped everyone get started or helped them when they were stuck.

I helped Lori create with her shirt, and made a workout tank for Justin and a halter for Karla. I think I also ended up making a couple of shirts for myself. Except, I was using some old volunteer shirts we had that no longer fit and they’re not quite as stretchy as the $4 shirts that you get at Michael’s. My advice would be to pick some stretchy shirts (jersey material works) from Goodwill or the DAV. You can probably get half a dozen shirts for $5. This way, you won’t feel so bad if you mess up. I wasn’t worried about the shirts I was cutting up because they were all freebies that either no longer fit or we weren’t wearing anyway. I’m not quite confident enough in my t-shirt destruction skills to cut up one of my Zumba stuff. LOL. I’ll get there eventually, though.

We’d been talking about having a t-shirt destruction party for quite some time now. I’m glad we finally had it because it was so much fun. I just wish Mother Nature would have cooperated a little bit. She’s kind of temperamental of late. Maybe we’ll do this again toward the end of summer or early fall. What do you guys think?

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