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Archive for February 2012

Yellow is the Color of Friendship

Posted on February 26, 2012 by under Health, Outfits.    

2012-02-26 12.17.58.jpg

I met a couple of new people at the gym today. I had to go to the restroom a couple of songs into Zumba. On my way to the restroom, I saw this woman sitting by herself outside the studio. I asked her to come join us inside. She said she was waiting for her friends. They were all supposed to do the Zumba class together.

After I came back from the restroom, she was still there waiting. I said, “You’re already here. Might as well do Zumba with us.” I think she might have been a little intimidated by the class, but I managed to convince her to come inside. “Pick a spot anywhere,” I told her. I always try to get new people to go toward the front of the room. As most new people do, she picked the far back corner. It’s hard to see Amie from all the way back there there, since she’s so tiny, so that wouldn’t have been my first choice. It seemed like she was keeping up okay, though.

At the end of the class I went back there to formally introduce myself and also ask her how she liked it. Her name is Brandy and she said it was okay and that it was different. I reassured her that it gets really fun after a few times. She introduced me to her friend Kim, who had been in the studio the entire time. Brandy explained that I was the one who talked her into coming inside. Kim said that she was in the room the entire time. Brandy said she was waiting outside because she didn’t see her inside the studio and thought she hadn’t arrived yet. Anyway, I encouraged them both to come back next Sunday.

I told Brian what happened on the way home and that I was glad that I talked to that woman. I was thinking that, had I not talked to that woman, she would have probably waited a few more minutes and then eventually left. Then, the next day, her friend would have been like, “What happened to you? Why didn’t you come to Zumba?” And she would have been like, “What do you mean? I was there and waited for you. You never showed.” And she would have missed out on a really great class. In small way, I felt like I helped someone out today and I met two new people. I really hope they come back next week. 🙂

P.S. I think I’m pretty friendly normally, but I may have been more so today because I felt like I had to live up to the color of my shirt. Yellow is such a happy color. Whenever I’m in yellow, I feel compelled to spread the joy. LOL.

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Better Late Than Never

Posted on February 15, 2012 by under Shopping.    

2012-02-15 17.35.28.jpg

Mine arrived today! Can’t wait for my first run in the new sneakers!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Baby!

Posted on February 14, 2012 by under Shopping.    

2012-02-14 17.34.09.jpgAbout a month ago I ordered some custom sneakers for Brian from Nike. The web site said it would take about four to six weeks.

They were meant to be Brian’s Valentine’s Day present, but I was worried they wouldn’t make it in time. UPS actually delivered the package today so they made it in time after all.

Woot! Thank you, Nike!

P.S. I hope mine arrives this week, too. I can’t wait to break them in!

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I Love, Love, Love Getting My Old Clothes Back

Posted on February 11, 2012 by under Outfits.    

Jenni gave me back a couple of bustiers and a corset today. I think they are all at least ten years old. LOL. I’m still really happy to get them back, though. They all have sentimental value and stories behind them. Plus, I’m really glad that they fit me again. I never thought I would ever get small enough to fit in my old XS clothes, so that is quite an accomplishment! I love, love, love getting my old clothes back.


This floral bustier is one of the clothing items that I got back from Jenni today. It is memorable to me because I wore it on our very first cruise. That was when we went on a seven-day Western Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon.

Brian and Ching Ching in Red Corset

The black lace bustier pictured on the left is Brian’s favorite. I wore it on our first anniversary. He didn’t think that Jenni would be willing to give it back and was super excited when he found out that she was returning it.

The red corset on the right I what I wore on our first Valentine’s Day tryst. At least that is what we both recall. LOL. Speaking of Valentine’s… The big day is just around the corner. Are you doing something special for your partner?

Last year we spent the weekend in Lawrence. This year we’re going to keep it low key. Maybe just a simple dinner somewhere. With our trip to Jamaica coming up, we really don’t have a lot of money to spend. Plus, we still have to do our taxes and we usually have to pay. Blech.

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Brian and I Visited Jan Today

Posted on February 9, 2012 by under Health, Life.    

Brian and I went to visit Jan, who we hadn’t seen since Friday night, over lunch today. She had her surgery on Monday and was released from the hospital on Tuesday. She is currently recovering in the comfort of her own home. Here’s a picture of the location of her four stents. What a trooper!

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