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Archive for November 2011

I Love, Love, Love the Nike Outlet

Posted on November 29, 2011 by under Shopping.    

2011-11-27 14.16.18.jpg

The Nike Outlet by itself is worth the trip to Legends. For about $50, I got myself a couple of cute workout shorts (one rang up at $2 and change, while the other rang up around $6) and two of these Nike Pacer dri-fit running skirts (one black and one purple). The running skirts are normally $45 each, so I got four items for the price of one skirt. At that price, I was thinking I should have picked up the pink one too. LOL.

I’m just thankful that the Nike Outlet wasn’t as crowded this year as it was last year. I didn’t even get a chance to buy anything last year because we looked at the line that wrapped around the perimeter of the store at least a couple of times over and decided that nothing in the store was worth standing in line for over an hour. This year, the line was shorter and moved pretty quickly. The line went along the fitting rooms, but didn’t quite reach the back wall. They had to keep reminding people to stand away from the fitting room doors and not lean on them because, I guess, people were trying on stuff. Actually, this one girl hit Brian’s back with the door as she emerged from one of the fitting rooms. Who does that on Black Friday? This isn’t a leisurely shopping trip! You need to know what you want, pick it up and get out of there. Seriously.

I took a chance on picking up extra smalls. Brian always says: buy the size that you will be, not the size that you are. He was worried that if I got smalls, they’d end up being too big for me in a couple of months. The extra smalls weren’t too bad, though. They are tighter than I like, but Brian likes the way they look on me.

I am so glad my stuff fit, specially since I didn’t bother trying them on at all. Normally, I would. Just not on Black Friday, the craziest shopping day of the year. =P

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Our Black Friday Shopping Posse

Posted on November 27, 2011 by under Shopping.    

2011-11-25 23.48.38.jpg

We had a great time with the Dills and Farrars this weekend. They met us at Legends for Moonlight Magic. We took a break in the middle of shopping to eat at IHOP (one of the few places that were open at 4 AM) since the guys were starving.

2011-11-25 03.38.44.jpg 2011-11-25 21.45.27.jpg

On Friday night we all had dinner at Dave & Buster’s. We were going to eat at the Yard House, but they had an hour-long wait. Dave & Buster’s worked out great because several people in our group had never been there. We played some games after dinner and ended up spending a few hours there.

2011-11-25 21.56.48.jpg

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Check out our other blog for the food pictures.


Mmmm… Boots

Posted on November 27, 2011 by under Shopping.    

2011-11-25 00.11.14.jpg

I found these Dr. Martens Becca Engineer boots
at Off Broadway Shoes at Legends and was immediately drawn to them because they are similar in style to the Frye Vera slouch boots that I’ve been wanting, at a fraction of the cost. Although, I think the Docs might actually look better on me because they have a shorter shaft. The Fryes are knee-high boots and sometimes knee-high boots make me look even shorter than I already am. Anyway, I showed these to Brian and he was like, “You need a new pair of boots like you need another belly button.” LOL. He’s right, though. I have so many boots that I don’t even know exactly how many I have. I know I have less than 20 pairs, but I think I’m getting pretty close.

Brian might have been a little cranky because he hadn’t had his coffee yet and he didn’t end up getting a nap in before we took off for Kansas City. Thankfully, there’s a Scooter’s at Legends. We’ve hit it several times this weekend.

2011-11-24 22.26.04.jpg 2011-11-24 22.28.39.jpg

What a lifesaver! Gotta keep Bri-Bri happy! 😉

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Spending Time with Family

Posted on November 26, 2011 by under Family.    


Our first Thanksgiving was at mom and dad’s. Logan was there because he spent the night. He had date night with mom at Kobe’s for Thanksgiving eve. Dad took him back to the Cannadys in time for their Thanksgiving at 2 PM.

Before he left we made this video. And took this photo. 🙂

2011-11-24 11.40.10.jpg

Mom and me. Brian and Jenni.

2011-11-24 11.41.25.jpg 2011-11-24 13.42.27.jpg

Jen Teves and I took a photo together. The first photo turned out dark though, so we had to take another. Much better.

2011-11-24 13.42.59.jpg 2011-11-24 13.44.50.jpg

After lunch, Brian was ready for a nap.

2011-11-24 13.55.54.jpg 2011-11-24 13.56.51.jpg

Our second Thanksgiving was at the Feifel’s residence.


Me and Kendra.


Brian with the bookends.




I wish we had large enough house that we could host holidays and have everyone in the same place. Maybe someday.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted on November 24, 2011 by under Events, Family.    


Today will be a long day full of eating and merriment. Thankfully, I didn’t make anything so everyone should survive without suffering from any food poisoning. I’m starving so I’m going to hop in the shower. First stop today: mom and dad’s in Derby. Next up: the Feifel’s in Southeast Wichita. Then we are off to Legends for our annual shopping marathon.

See you all when we get back. Or, you can follow our updates on Flickr and Facebook. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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