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Archive for July 2011

Carolyn’s 2nd Birthday

Posted on July 31, 2011 by under Events.    

Gina Ann and Coley threw a luau-themed birthday party for Carolyn yesterday afternoon for her 2nd birthday. Good thing they have a big deck and yard because there were a ton of people there! Here are some of the photos that we got tagged in on Facebook…

2011-07-30 17.10.52.jpg

Me with Tita Rose, before the mayhem started.


I’d never been on a Slip ‘N Slide before so I naturally got picked on.



I was a good sport and didn’t get mad at Mandy and Justin, even though they drug me through the Slip ‘N Slide with my coverup on. At least, Brian had the foresight to grab my phone and sunglasses.


Mandy, Stephanie and me…

2011-07-30 18.06.59.jpg

…with Bryce and Lily.

2011-07-30 18.06.22.jpg


Our little Zumba family, plus Brian. =P


Brian and Justin sliding at the same time…


I love how they coordinated their swim trunks. Brian’s was mostly blue with some white. Justin’s was mostly white with some blue. And no, they didn’t plan it like we do whenever we color-coordinate in Zumba class. =P

So anyway, I was really scared to do it (the Slip ‘N Slide thing) at first because I was afraid I would get stuck in the middle instead of sliding all the way through. They had a double and triple stacked together to make an extra long sliding area. After getting dragged through it, I figured I might as well. Although, even after half a dozen attempts and half a dozen people trying to explain to me how to do (yes, including kids, most specially Lily), I still don’t know how to do it right. I think I’m going to have to buy one of these darn things just to practice. LOL. It really is a lot of fun, even if you are clueless like me and don’t know how to slide right. =P

I have to say, this was the most fun toddler birthday party I’d ever attended. Who knew Slip ‘N Slides could be so much fun for adults too? I sure didn’t! Gina and Coley did, though. I guess this is a regular occurrence every summer at their residence. Yes, adults too! They’ve gotten so good at it that they actually have contests where your slides get scored and you can earn extra points for style. I’ll have to train hard (much like how I’m training with Darcy so I can do the River Run next year) before I can compete because I totally suck at it.

You know, there is that one plus side to having children. You can play with children’s toys without looking like a weirdo. You guys thought I was kidding when I said I was going to get myself a Slip ‘N Slide. I’m totally serious. Although, I can see people asking us why we own a Slip ‘N Slide when we don’t have any kids. Umm, because it’s fun? LOL.

I’ve been reading up on these things though, and I gather that they tend to tear quite easily. I guess they’re not built for adults and that’s why the material tears. I wonder if they make adult-grade Slip ‘N Slides. Hmm.. If not, there’s a million dollar idea. =P

P.S. Here’s a video of Brian and Justin in action. Brian said that if we can’t find an adult-sized one, we will make it. He said they used to rig their own Slip ‘N Slides all the time when he was growing up. Sounds like a fun summer project.

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First Time at Nilla’s

Posted on July 30, 2011 by under Poker.    

So we checked out Nilla’s after Press last week, but we didn’t really play because it’s mostly cash games late in the evening. We did come back last night and play. After a couple of years of not playing poker, I was very, very rusty. I played terrible. I was actually the first one out of the tournament from our group. Bobby was out shortly after me. The sad thing is that he outlasted me even though I had at least twice as much chips as he did. He was severely short stacked. Brian was out shortly after Bobby. Darcy was in the tournament a while, but then eventually got bored and gave her chips away. LOL. Jonathan took 7th, which paid out $30, so he got his money back and then some. April outlasted everyone and made $300.

Brian and I didn’t make any money and got accused of being unfair to the world by choosing not to have our beautiful babies but, all in all, it was a good night.

Here are some pictures…

2011-07-29 22.28.21.jpg

Darcy and Bobby

2011-07-29 22.32.44.jpg

Brian and Iaonnis

2011-07-29 22.42.09.jpg

Brian and Ching

2011-07-29 22.07.04.jpg 2011-07-29 22.06.34.jpg

Ching and Iaonnis

2011-07-29 21.40.03.jpg

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Am I a Scary-Looking Broad or What?

Posted on July 30, 2011 by under Health.    

2011-07-29 16.04.22.jpg

Darcy and I both worked through our lunch yesterday, eating at our desks, so that we could run together at the end of the day. I had to bail on our “running date” though, because I got a last minute call from the dentist’s office asking if I could come in that day for a do-over of my impressions. I was like, “You’re kidding! They took them three times on Saturday!” Yes. Three times on my uppers and three times on my lowers so I had that clay stuff in my mouth six times on Saturday, and then I have to do it again. That stuff does not taste good. I know because I accidentally swallowed some of it last week. She said I would be fine, though. And so far, so good.

2011-07-29 16.12.07.jpg

I guess the woman who did them yesterday is the “expert” on these things because she only had to do it once and she said we were good. I hope this means I don’t have to come back and do it over again. LOL.

2011-07-23 12.25.57.jpg

They didn’t have my client notes up this time around. I guess they figured that we would be in and out, which we were. I forgot to share with you the picture above from last Saturday, though. They had my notes up and Brian and I were cracking up, reading it. It had notes in there like, “likes to hold the suction.” I’m glad they know and have noted this because I salivate a lot during treatment and dentists/hygienists can never keep up with it. Every two seconds I’m asking for suction so I don’t drown in my saliva and sometimes their hands are full so I have to wait. I need it so frequently that they might as well just give me the darn thing. Yes. I do like to hold the suction so I can stick it in my mouth whenever I want.

They also have notes in there that I do not like to miss work so I prefer Saturday dental appointments. We had to make an exception yesterday because the impressions needed to be sent to the Invisalign people right away, and I think the person they have who is an “expert” at taking these impressions doesn’t work on Saturdays. Obviously, none of the other staff can do it as well as she does.

Being able to read their notes on me was a little strange. They didn’t write any bad stuff, but what if there were? Like “watch out for terrible halitosis” or “be sure to wear a gas mask” or “crabby old broad” (they had “nice lady” on mine) or “lots of plaque because she never flosses” — that sort of stuff? I asked the very nice lady, who worked very hard to get some good impressions of my teeth (albeit in vain), this last Saturday and she told me they don’t write any bad stuff. I’m absolutely, positively sure they do. They probably just write it in code. =P

Anyway, I don’t get why people hate going to the dentist. It’s always fun for me. The only thing I don’t like is when I have to miss work. Now that we’ve found a dental office that has some Saturday hours a couple of times a month though, we are golden. That was really the main reason that we switched dentists. Well, besides the fact that Dr. Begnoche is hot. LOL.

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Zumba Ninjas

Posted on July 28, 2011 by under Health, Zumba.    


We have so much fun in Gina Ann’s Zumba class! I think this picture of me and Stephanie is going to be my favorite picture of a while. It’s hilarious!

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Get Motivated Seminar

Posted on July 28, 2011 by under Things to Do.    

2011-07-26 06.46.20.jpg

The line was insane. And we thought we got there early, too! Apparently, not early enough. We should have gotten there at 6 AM.

2011-07-26 06.50.55.jpg

It was so packed inside that we had a hard time finding seats.

2011-07-26 07.58.29.jpg

2011-07-26 08.30.00.jpg

We heard later on that the overflow ended up at Century II and the additional overflow got turned away altogether. Which kind of sucks if you waited in line for a long time. You didn’t really miss much, though. Misty only lasted an hour before she decided it was time to go. LOL.

They marketed it really well so you thought you were coming to hear all of these awesome speakers, which they were, but they snuck in a couple of sales guys. They don’t tell you about those. I guess they have to pay all the other speakers somehow.

Even though the sales guys took up a lot of the time, the other speakers were pretty good. As long as you can tune out all of the junk, there was some good wisdom imparted. The first couple of speakers were so effective that we were feeling nice and motivated and the positive vibes got us to sign up for a two-day seminar about stocks. Actually, we probably would have gotten talked into it regardless because Brian and I are easy targets. We weren’t alone, though. There were swarms of people who signed up.

2011-07-26 11.17.50.jpg

We didn’t buy what the other sales guy was selling, though. He took forever to get to the point and was just too weird. LOL. I won’t repost the wisdom imparted by the “real” speakers because I’ve already posted a lot of them on Twitter and they’re mostly common sense.

Bottom line? The seminar wasn’t what I thought it would be, but I always make the most out of any situation so I think I was able to get a lot of out it. I wouldn’t do it again, though. =P

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