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Archive for May 2010

Our Garage

Posted on May 31, 2010 by under Projects, Things to Do.    

Brian and I decided it was time to reorganize the garage so that we’d have more room for our bicycles. We got a couple of wire shelves from Target (they’re a lot like these, but ours only cost about $17 each at the store) to keep our stuff off the ground.


After moving most of our stuff to the racks and on this side of the garage, it gave us more room for our bikes.


Now we don’t have to move the car out in order to take our bikes out of the garage. Hurrah! We do have a couple more projects that we have yet to complete: replace Brian’s bicycle seat and get a basket for my bike. I hope we get both done in time for the free outdoor concert at Bradley Fair on Thursday.


Tagalog Word of the Week: Bulaklak

Posted on May 31, 2010 by under Life, Tagalog.    

I thought I’d start something new on the blog because frankly the blog is starting to get a little boring. I woke up this morning and had this idea of sharing a new Tagalog word each week. Brian and I have been into planting and flowers lately so I thought I’d teach you all the Tagalog word for flower: bulaklak.

The funny thing is that when I busted out the Tagalog-English English-Tagalog dictionary that I’d bought Brian several years ago, I thought that it was messed up because when I was looking for bulaklak I could not find it. I was thinking that L would follow K. The word I was looking for was not where I expected it to appear. I was confused until it dawned on me that K is followed by D in the Tagalog alphabet because it replaces the letter C. Therefore, the word buhok (hair) comes after buko (young coconut) and before bulaklak. I thought the L was missing, but I just didn’t continue looking for the word far enough.

I’ve got flowers on the brain because Brian and I have gotten into planting stuff lately. Nothing elaborate or on the ground, just potted plants. Brian and I decided to buy some more this weekend.

We normally steer clear of live plants because we just wind up killing them. It might not be right away, but they all eventually die. However, we got a couple of geraniums from the apartment complex over a month ago and they’re still thriving. Even after we replanted them in nicer ceramic pots that we bought at Dillons, they survived. I thought they’d surely die from the manhandling. The blooms look really pretty so I thought we should get some more plants to put on our patio. We figured since the geraniums haven’t died, maybe we can take care of real plants after all.

Yesterday we stopped by Nature’s Way and got a ceramic pot that is larger than the pots that the geraniums were in. We moved the geraniums and planted them together in the larger pot. We got a couple of celosia plants to put in place of the geraniums in the original pots. They actually look great.

Today we picked up a hibiscus plant at Home Depot, a ceramic pot to put it in and some aqua globes. The hibiscus was actually an impulse buy. We intended to get only the aqua globes. We went to Walgreens, but they didn’t have any. So we ended up at Home Depot. That’s where we found the hibiscus plant. It reminds me of the Philippines where hibiscus plants are everywhere. Except we called them gumamela. I couldn’t leave the store without it. Brian fell in love with it too. We carried the hibiscus plant around with us while we looked for the stuff that we actually came for. LOL.

Check out our hibiscus plant, Chi-Chi.


We named it after John Leguizamo’s character in To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar. Why? Because as pretty as it is, it’s got balls. =P

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The Next Presidential Election

Posted on May 29, 2010 by under Life.    

I told someone the other day. “I think they would get more voters if the Presidential elections were done like American Idol.” We all had a laugh and I didn’t think much of it until today. My dad made a joke about running for office and it sparked that memory.

Think abut it! How would the Presidential elections be if we ran them like American Idol? We would have the “Contestants” all come in for a Season. It would be televised. We could have previous Presidents be judges and Political Analysts, Advisers or Advocates would be Mentors during specific sessions. Then the United States gets to vote through their cellphone just like on Idol and the person with the most votes wins the Presidency. Think of the ratings. Think of the advertising. Think of the sponsorships! All of these companies clamoring to sponsor the next President of the United States. Well, that’s not much different than right now; but this would be more public.

I think the biggest problem with the elections right now are that they are boring. No one understands what the hell they are talking about half the time. Other times they just drag things on so much that no one really cares. We could get John Maher to host the show. I think that if it was thrown out to the people in an entertaining platform like that, you would see more interest, more voters. People would pay more attention and in the end, you might get a better President.

Or, it could change nothing.

“Dim the lights!”

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Ching Buys a New Bra – Hilarity Ensues

Posted on May 28, 2010 by under Shopping.    

Everyone knows that Victoria’s Secret has a huge semi-annual sale in June and December. Well, the June sale is going on right now. I actually got my semi-annual sale preview catalog several weeks ago. I’ve ordered and received my stuff already. My stuff being some bras and panties to replenish the ones I’d outgrown and given away. After the large 50-gallon garbage bags full of lingerie that I’d gotten rid off, I was down to only a few necessities.

Thankfully, my wonderful husband allowed me to purchase some stuff from the semi-annual sale. Last month’s shopping trip to Dillard’s yielded only a couple of bras and a couple of underpants. Spending the same amount this time got me a bunch more stuff through the Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale. I have to be really careful, though, because I can sense the unwelcome return of my underwear fetish.

I really shouldn’t go back to my financially unsound habit of just buying lingerie because I don’t have that color or because I think it’s cool. I need to stick to the bra strategy of only buying the essentials. After being bombarded with the “Hello, Bombshell!” commercials, I just couldn’t help myself. When I saw the Miraculous bra in the semi-annual sale, I just had to have one.

How can you resist a commercial directed by Michael Bay? For someone who effortlessly gets conned into buying random stuff from infomercials, I was an easy target. It’s a miracle that I didn’t buy every single color of Miraculous bra available.

When my package arrived yesterday, I eagerly slashed the package open to show Brian my goodies. I mostly just got the basics, except for lacy black demi bra for special occasions and the Miraculous bra which I purchased more out of curiosity than anything else. Those were the only two frivolous items. Honestly.

All of the bras were pretty average and unremarkable, but the Miraculous bra was just plain weird. I’d never seen a bra with so much padding. I probably could’ve used the bra in place of my pillow and been just as comfortable (probably more so). The amount of padding was just astonishing. As someone who normally stays away from padded bras, it just looked so unnatural to me. I immediately regretted buying it because I couldn’t see myself wearing the thing.

I tried it on and pulled my shirt over it to show Brian just how unnatural it looks. They weren’t kidding in the commercials about adding at least two cup sizes. It makes me look like I’ve had breast enhancement surgery. Not surprisingly, Brian actually likes it. I just can’t get myself to wear it with a straight face because everyone who knows I’m normally flat-chested will surely know something is up.

It’s a bra that will take some getting used to, for sure. On the plus side, I think it’s great to wear for self-defense. It’s got so much padding that someone could punch me on the boob and I wouldn’t feel a thing. If it doesn’t work out as a bra, I guess I could always use it as a helmet. We have been biking a lot lately.

What about you? Have you tried the new Miraculous bra yet?

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For Those Who Think I’m Evil

Posted on May 27, 2010 by under Life, Money, Videos.    

I actually gave in to Brian last week. I’d been trying to hold out on turning our AC on until June. Last week, however, I’d had enough of Brian’s incessant whining. I finally agreed to turn on our AC and leave it on. I rather liked the $60 power bill we had last month. I doubt it will ever be that low again until fall. Ugh.

I don’t really do much to save on energy, but holding out on using your AC makes a huge difference. This is because ACs use the bulk of home energy consumption. I never set our AC lower than 78 degrees, another point of contention between Brian and me. He likes it at a constant 72 degrees. Believe it or not, those 6 degrees amount to a lot of dollars — specially on hot summer days.

Anyway, here are some tips on how to reduce your energy consumption and become more energy efficient. What about you? What are some things that you do to save money on your energy bill?

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