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Archive for January 2010

The Battle of the Brubakers

Posted on January 31, 2010 by under Games, Health, Life.    

For those of you following our progress, here’s an update:

It looks like Brian is winning so far, unfortunately. =P

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Significant Moments of 2009

Posted on January 31, 2010 by under Life.    

This is the obligatory end of year recap. I apologize for posting it so late in the month. Last year I posted it right away.

This year I was procrastinating because 2009 was very depressing. We lost a few family members and spent quite a bit last year. It was a sad, sad year.

Looking back though, I realize that there were a lot of positives as well like our trip to the Philippines and meeting new people. Here are some highlights:

  • Found a new home for Molly. We love Molly so much that we could no longer bear to see her neglected. Now she lives with Tita Sol who gives her the attention and pampering that she deserves. It was a match made in heaven.
  • Whole house re-pipe. We had to abandon our underground plumbing because of a leak. The plumping for the entire house was redone to the tune of $7500 approximately. Now everything is above ground so if something goes wrong it’s easier to find.
  • We had to buy a new washer and dryer. The ones we had were the ones we had when we were living in the townhouse so they were quite old. They finally gave out and had to be replaced. We tried to put it off as long as we could by doing laundry at our parents’ and one of the local laundromats, but we finally caved and bought the replacements. We just got the inexpensive, old-fashioned kind with no bells and whistles though.
  • I attended the Women’s Fair for the first time. I’d never been to one before. It was quite an experience.
  • Quit being quitters. We canceled our gym membership in February but actually had to pay through June. We stopped going, though. About 30 pounds later, we re-started our gym membership again. This was around November. Brian and I finally got fed up and said enough is enough. We both needed to lose weight – desperately.
  • Battle of the Bangers. This was one of the craziest events I’d ever witnessed at Highlands. We spent a lot of time at Highlands in 2009 – just about every Friday. They ran into some trouble with the Attorney General, though. The KANDU challenge was challenged. The restaurant closed later in the year.
  • Brian made it to Germany and back in one piece. It was quite an emotional trip, though. Partly because it was the longest that we’d been apart since we’d gotten together, but also partly because Brian went through a lot of stuff. He wanted to come home the very next day. He toughed it out though and managed to make it through the two weeks without killing himself. He was definitely outside his comfort zone.
  • My first flea market experience was quite interesting.
  • Eagle Valley Raptor Center. I’d never been there before. What an amazing experience!
  • I learned how to make some jewelry, and then decided to start a fashion jewelry store web site. It really didn’t do well. File this under yet another failed 2009 project.
  • Attended my first photo walk. There were a lot of firsts in 2009. This is yet another. The photo walk along Delano was a lot of fun. I haven’t been able to attend another since, though.
  • I experienced Wingnuts baseball. We went to a lot of baseball games last year.
  • Got a laptop for myself finally. I was too cheap to buy one before but I finally gave in. I retired the Dell Mini and got an actual, honest-to-goodness laptop. Of course, Brian got himself a new laptop too.
  • Star Trek movie marathon. Yes, Brian felt that I needed to watch them all. Most of them were pretty good actually. I’ve been assimilated. I’m officially a Trekker.
  • I embraced my inner rock star at Kurt-a-palooza. Brian and I played Rock Band for the very first time and had a blast. We were completely hooked.
  • Brian and I got to see Miss Saigon. I’d never seen it performed before and neither had Brian. I was familiar with the story, though. Jimbo did great.
  • I made it through Leadership Westar. I’m now an LW alumnus, class of 2009. Go me!
  • We met Jennifer and Armando for the first time. Our family just keeps on growing and we like it that way.
  • Speaking of family… as our family grows, it also shrinks. We lost three in 2009. Mama Priscilla (dad’s mother) in March, followed by Papa Osing (dad’s father) in August, and then Auntie Neneng (dad’s sister) in December. My dad has had a rough year.
  • I survived paintball and managed to take some decent pictures.
  • We got to experience Zoobilee for the first time. Even though we were volunteers, we still had a good time.
  • Brian’s first trip to the Philippines started out a lot like his Germany trip, with him wanting to come home after the very first day. He quickly adapted though and the rest of the trip went smoothly. We (mom, dad, Brian and I) got to visit Bohol, Cebu and Negros on this trip. We all had a wonderful time.
  • Pacquiao squashes Cotto. Just had to squeeze this in here. This is definitely one of the highlights of 2009 for me. I hope I can write about how Pacquiao beats Mayweather in 2010.
  • We introduced Dill to racquetball and never looked back. Now racquetball is an important part of our weekly workout routine.
  • New Year’s Eve at Kansas City Power & Light. I wasn’t sure whether to tack this on here because it is a 2009 event or 2010 one, depending on how you look at it. We spent that evening with Jay, Becca and Mama Dill and had a blast.
  • All of the eating out and pigging out caught up with me. I peaked at my heaviest at 143 lbs and weighed the heaviest I’d ever been. To think that I was barely 100 lbs when Brian and I first met. Brian and I had an epiphany and agreed that we both needed to do something. He wanted to be at 160 lbs and I wanted to be at 110 lbs, so we both needed to lose about 30 lbs. I needed to lose 3 lbs more than he did because he was actually at 190 at this time, but since I always win against Brian I figured that the 3-lb handicap won’t hurt me. We restarted our gym membership and “The Battle of the Brubakers” was born. (Landon was actually the one who came up with a name for our contest.) We restarted our gym membership in November but we didn’t want to officially start the contest until January so we did our first contest weigh-in on the last Saturday of the year, December 26. By then Brian and I had already lost some weight. I ended the year at 131 lbs, while Brian ended at 181.

I’m pretty sure I missed a whole bunch of stuff, but these are the things I could think of off the top of my head. And to think Brian thought not much happened last year. LOL.

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I’m an Optimist

Posted on January 30, 2010 by under Life.    

These crime maps from the City of Wichita are a little outdated but I think it’s a pretty accurate depiction of where crime is heaviest in this city. It sure doesn’t make me want to live downtown. LOL.

Crime Map

Crime Map

Crime Map

Crime Map

Crime Map

Crime Map

Brian found a dungeon at The Flats 324 that he really likes, though. He’s pretty sold on it. Hopefully it looks worse than it really is. From the looks of it, Old Town itself is pretty okay. It’s the areas adjacent to it that you have to worry about.

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We are Such Knuckleheads

Posted on January 29, 2010 by under Health, Life.    

We tried to steal someone’s court tonight. Unintentionally, of course. We had reserved our racquetball courts yesterday morning. You have to call first thing in the morning when you wake up because they’re in such high demand. Anyway, I called and reserved Court A from 6p to 7p. Brian reserved Court B from 7p to 8p.

Tonight, after work, we decided to check out Flats 324. This is the old Wichita High School on 3rd and Emporia that got converted into apartments. We ended up spending an hour touring the place. It is so neat in there, I can’t describe it. All of the units have their own unique charm and they kept some of the school’s original features (clocks in the hallways, doors, shelving, lockers, etc) because it is a historic downtown building. That’s a whole other blog post, though.

Anyway, it was well after 6p by the time we got out of there and we still needed to run home and change. We weren’t concerned though, because we figured that even if we missed my court reservation we still had Brian’s. So we get, change quickly and arrive at the North branch YMCA at around quarter ’til seven. There was someone in Court B, but Court A was empty so we decided to start playing in there.

Around 8p these three guys showed up. We figured they had Court A reserved from 7p to 8p and we had Court B reserved at the same time so we could just do a switcheroo (pardon my technical term). So we continue playing and then a few minutes later, another guy shows up. He’s stretching and prepping as he patiently waits for us to finish our game. The problem is, we’d just gotten started with our second game.

ME: What is that guy doing?
BRIAN: I don’t know but he’s going to be waiting a while.

The guy is really bugging me. I mean, I feel kind of bad that he’s just waiting out there and we’ve got a ways to go before 8p. So a little bit later I go..

ME: You should go ask him what’s up.
BRIAN: You should do it. You’re nicer than I am.

We continued to play on, while urging each other to do the asking and neither of us doing anything. I guess the guy finally got tired of waiting because he eventually caught our attention. He explained that he had Court A reserved from 7p to 8p. We were like, the guys in Court B have this court reserved from 7p to 8p and we have their court reserved from 7p to 8p so we just switched. So we tapped on the other court and confirmed that the other guys had Court A reserved and sure enough they said yes. It looked like the courts had gotten overbooked somehow. What a mess!

Anyway, we go to the front desk and try to sort this out. Sure enough, the three guys had their court and the other guy had his court. Brian and I were the odd ones out. Neither of our names were on the list. We searched and searched and even checked the morning and nothing. Uh-oh. Sounds like a service breakdown. The guy at the front desk was like, “Do you remember who you talked to?” We were like, “No. This has never happened before.” I’m not the type of person who throws a fit and starts getting ugly at other people so I’m trying to logically work through the situation in my head. In the meantime, the other guys are satisfied after being proven right.

As we walk back to get our stuff, feeling defeated, I’m thinking that the people at the Y are usually really good. I must’ve called a different YMCA. It’s not an unlikely scenario. We do rotate between three different branches after all. Brian felt sure that they messed up and we called the correct Y. I’m not so sure though, so I start checking my phone records.

There it was. January 28. I called North branch and then, immediately after that, I called the Andover branch. Just then a light bulb came on above my head. North Y told me they were completely booked so I reserved my court at Andover. Brian called the same number. We were at the wrong branch! LOL. Our courts probably sat empty for two hours at Andover. What knuckleheads we are…

Anyway, I’m glad that we didn’t know any better because we at least got one game in. Brian and I agreed that if we would have remembered that our court was in Andover that we might have decided not to go tonight because of the weather.

Brian won the first game 15-11 and we were tied in the second game 2-2 when we were interrupted. We agreed not to count tonight’s messed up session, though. I felt like we both lost tonight because we got kicked out of our court, which was not really our court.

The guys were really nice, though. After waiting patiently for us jerks to pay attention to him, the guy’s buddy actually offered to let us stay and play doubles with them. He was like, “You drove out in the snow to come play so you obviously want to.. You’re welcome to come play doubles with us.”

BRIAN: I think you guys are way beyond our league.
OTHER GUY: We can split up.
ME: It’s okay. Thank you for the offer, though.
BRIAN: Yes. Thank you.

“We’re just going to go drive home now,” I said as I fake-smiled and waved goodbye to both of them. Deep down I was extremely disappointed at having the opportunity to kick Brian’s butt at racquetball yanked away from me. It must be his lucky day.

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Free Zumba Classes

Posted on January 28, 2010 by under Health, Zumba.    

Free Zumba Classes

What are you doing on Wednesdays? Come Zumba with us!

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