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Archive for August 2008

Joined at the Hip

Posted on August 31, 2008 by under Life.    

It always drives Brian crazy when I offer to do stuff for other people because it always ends up involving him because we are joined at the hip. We do everything together. So when I volunteer for things or when I want to do something that maybe isn’t that interesting to him, he inevitably ends up going albeit reluctantly.

I remember that I wanted to go attend one of the wind farm hearings last year. Boring, right? I know, but I find that stuff interesting and I was really curious about it and I very much wanted to go. Besides, the venue chosen for that hearing was the WSU Metroplex. It’s not that far from where we live. I managed to convince Brian to go.

Of course, everyone pitied Brian for having to sit through the whole proceedings because of me. While most spouses will take their partner to a nice dinner date, I take mine to a hearing about wind farms. That’s just me. I do have my moments, though. I did take Brian to Jamaica for a special anniversary trip last year. You kind of have to take the bad with the good.

Anyway, he was actually glad that he went with me to the hearing because there were some strange folks there. They weren’t strange in a harmful sort of way, but Brian tends to be a little over protective.

When I found out that Jan and her mom were thinking of either parking her car at the airport or taking a cab there, I offered to take her. The fact that we would need to go at 4:30 AM wasn’t even a consideration. I figured I could do this to help her so she doesn’t have to pay for cab fare or parking. What I failed to recognize was in doing so, I was unintentionally volunteering not just my time but Brian’s as well because we are so inseparable.

Brian is not a morning person at all and he is one who values his sleep a lot. I knew I had to talk to him about it. I explained that I did not expect him to go with me and that I offered to do this so I planned to take them on my own — without his help. He tends to worry for no reason so I had reminded him that I have dropped him off and picked him up from the airport by myself (although, we ran into some friends on one occasion) a few times now and I have been fine.

We had agreed this would be okay until Friday night. I’m not sure what happened, but after poker Brian decided he wanted to go. I reassured him that I had driven to the airport and back many times before, but he insisted on coming because I haven’t done it at four in the morning. I’m thinking, if anything that would be a safer time to go actually because there are hardly any cars on the road. I didn’t protest too much, though, because I do like his company. I enjoy having him around. We took them to the airport, came home, and went back to bed. 😛

I just feel guilty sometimes because I think he’s not doing it out of want, but out of obligation. Kind of like when I’ve convinced him to go dancing in the past. He doesn’t enjoy it, but he goes because it’s what I want to do. I just hope he doesn’t end up resenting me in the long run. We’ve been together almost ten years now. So far, so good.

I did volunteer to work during the rate case hearing this week. I told him he could sit this one out, though. Since I’ll be working, it will probably be extremely boring for him. Even more so than the last one because on that one, I didn’t have to work and simply attended as a spectator. We got to sit in the audience and enjoy that one together. (Well, enjoy in my case. Endure is probably the more appropriate word in Brian’s case.) The plan is to just have him pick me up at the conclusion of the event. We’ll see how well that works out. 🙂

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My Very First Scrapblog

Posted on August 30, 2008 by under Scrapblog, Travel.    

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Second Time Making the Final Table Together

Posted on August 30, 2008 by under Poker, Toys.    

Brian and I both made the final table at Blue Collar last night. I took 5th, while Brian and Chris chopped 1st and 2nd. They walked out with almost $200 each.

Brian played really well last night. I played really well, too. I only had $17K in chips after the break compared to Brian’s over $99K. Considering that we both made the final table, that says a lot.

I made a couple of crucial mistakes, but overall I was pretty satisfied with the way I played. One of the mistakes I made was against Rou when we were at two tables. Brian thought it was a mistake because I would have knocked Rou out if I would have just called. I thought I played it right, though, given the information I had.

Blinds were $3K-$6K and I was under the gun with Ace Jack off suit. I raised to $24K total. Everyone folds except for Rou in the dealer position. He went all in over the top. I needed about $32K more to call. I would have had about $15K left if I would have called and lost.

I thought about it for a long time and finally decided to fold. He turned over King Queen off. I was obviously in the lead with Ace Jack, but it was still pretty much a race. We’re not supposed to rabbit hunt, but we rolled it anyway. The flop would have been 10-Queen-10. The turn would have been another 10, giving Rou a boat. But then, the river would have been an Ace, giving me a bigger boat. He would have been out of the game at that point if I would have just called. I just couldn’t pull the trigger.

Fast forward to the final table. I am under the gun again. This time I have Ace Jack of clubs. The extra 3% edge suited cards have always seem to give me more confidence in my hand. I wasn’t messing around this time so I went all in. Rou called me with King Queen off (again). It was just the two of us in the hand. We both missed the flop and my Ace held up.

The one bad play I feel I made, though, was with my straight. I had limped in with King 10 in the small blind. There were three players in the hand. I ended up catching an Ace-high straight so I raised. Big blind went all in after my raise. I needed $140K more to call. I ended up calling with three hearts on the board because I didn’t think he had it. I just couldn’t let my straight go without seeing what he had. Just my luck! He had the flush. I ended up with only $15K left after that hand.

My first mistake was limping in with my marginal King 10. I should’ve raised pre-flop and just picked up whatever was already in the middle. The 2 4 of hearts would never have been in that hand.

Of course, calling the all in with a flush possibility on the board was an even bigger mistake. I think if I would have folded that hand, I would have finished higher and walked away with more than just the $24 I came home with. Oh, well.

The other nice thing about last night (besides Brian and I making the final table together for the second time) is that Michael (Caylor) came out to poker that night so I was finally able to give him the toys Brian and I had set aside to give away after cleaning our garage a couple of months ago. We had been lugging the stuff around in the trunk hoping that he would come to poker one day so we could give them to him.

We gave away Brian’s old Razor scooter that he used to roll around the T-Mobile call center in, pogo sticks, a table air hockey game, and a frisbee golf set. He has three young boys so we figured that they would get good use out of them.

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Lake Afton Post-Wedding Thing

Posted on August 16, 2008 by under Flickr, Life.    

Lake Afton 181 Lake Afton 177 Lake Afton 172 Lake Afton 135 Lake Afton 134 Lake Afton 130 Lake Afton 118 Lake Afton 117 Lake Afton 115 Lake Afton 108 Lake Afton 102 Viva Lake Afton 096 Lake Afton 094 Lake Afton 089 Lake Afton 086 Lake Afton 077 Lake Afton 072 Lake Afton 073 Lake Afton 067 Lake Afton 058 Lake Afton 052 Lake Afton 051 Lake Afton 039 Lake Afton 037 Lake Afton 038 Lake Afton 028 Lake Afton 026 Lake Afton 023 Lake Afton 022 Lake Afton 007 Lake Afton 006 Lake Afton 005 Lake Afton 004 Lake Afton 003 Lake Afton 001

We had fun at Cory and April’s post-wedding get together at Lake Afton last night. Brian helped inflate several air mattresses. He also helped put together four different tents. He feels totally accomplished now that he has extensive tent-assembly experience.

It was a beautiful day/evening at the lake. It made me want to go camping. I want to return to Kanopolis, though. Maybe Brian and I can go at least once this year.

P.S. All the spiders gave me the heebie jeebies, though.

P.P.S. We took a lot more pictures than this. Check out the Flickr set for more.

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Cory and April’s New House

Posted on August 14, 2008 by under Life.    

We finally got to check out Cory and April’s new house. We had previously only seen pictures of it. They don’t close until tomorrow. They were supposed to close on Monday, but the seller’s ex-wife wanted to collect unpaid alimony from the proceeds of the sale so the seller had to work that out somehow. Minor snag aside, it looks like everything is going according to plan. The seller let Cory and April move the stuff from their storage unit to the house’s garage. We did that on Tuesday. Here are some pictures…

0_200808121855_609.jpg 0_200808121854_608.jpg 0_200808121942_617.jpg 0_200808121942_616.jpg 0_200808121920_615.jpg 0_200808121917_614.jpg 0_200808121916_613.jpg 0_200808121915_612.jpg 0_200808121914_611.jpg 0_200808121914_610.jpg 0_200808121912_609.jpg

I would say that WE helped move the stuff, but I’d be lying. I maybe helped a little bit. The guys did most of the work. =P

Cory and April’s house floor plan reminds me of mom and dad’s house except on a smaller footprint. Same split bedroom floor plan minus the formal dining and with two bedrooms on the main level instead of three. Then the laundry is in the basement, whereas at mom and dad’s the laundry is on the main level. Both house plans have the same mid-level walkout except mom and dad’s breakfast nook off the kitchen opens to a covered deck.

Other differences include two bedrooms in the basement of Cory and April’s house instead of one big bedroom at mom and dad’s. I wasn’t really counting mom and dad’s office as a bedroom because it has no windows. Also, mom and dad have that extra bar area that has the double doors. The larger footprint affords them all that extra room, though.

Overall, Cory and April’s house looks great. It sounds like they got a fantastic deal on it, too. Plus, it’s in Wichita instead of in the boonies like the other house. =P

I can’t wait until it’s our turn. We just can’t get motivated, though. Ugh. At the rate we are going, our house will be paid off (ten more years) before we complete our remodel.

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