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Archive for May 2008

Credit Cards Club

Posted on May 31, 2008 by under Life, Sponsored Post.    

Ever since we moved to our new office building, I’ve had to dress up a bit more. This required buying new clothes because all of my old clothes (sizes 2s and 4s) are too small. I’m two to three times the size I was then. It’s depressing, I know.

What’s even more depressing is that we seem to have fallen off the wagon. Brian and I have been so good at staying out of debt the past few years. Lately, we’ve been charging stuff like crazy to the one credit card we have left. Almost everyday an opportunity to charge something to the credit card presents itself.

Since we only have the one credit card, I was thinking of opening up another one. Brian is completely against it. He is totally anti-credit-cards now. However, I found this web site that he might just appreciate. The web site has categorized different credit cards and provides credit card ratings and other information. The web site also has helpful articles about credit management, repairing your credit, credit scores, credit dos and don’ts, etc.

Anyway, it’s really good. I do not recommend getting another credit card without checking this web site first. I’m not likely to talk Brian into letting me get another credit card, but if I do I’m checking this web site for sure! They’ll help you figure out which credit card is the right one for you.

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Pictures from Memorial Weekend

Posted on May 31, 2008 by under Life, Travel.    

Here are some pictures from our trip to KC last weekend.

0_200805251553_855.jpg 0_200805251553_856.jpg 0_200805251554_857.jpg 0_200805251554_858.jpg 0_200805251555_859.jpg 0_200805251730_860.jpg 0_200805251730_861.jpg 0_200805251848_863.jpg 0_200805251903_867.jpg 0_200805251926_869.jpg 0_200805251927_870.jpg 0_200805251952_872.jpg 0_200805261126_873.jpg 0_200805261127_874.jpg 0_200805261148_876.jpg 0_200805261151_878.jpg

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Dinner and Phase 10

Posted on May 31, 2008 by under Family, Games.    

After our couples massage at Beau Monde, we picked up grandma and grandpa. The six of us (grandma, grandpa, David, Donna, Brian, and I) all had one last dinner together before David and Donna left for their Baltic cruise. Here are some pictures of dinner, and also some pictures of us playing Phase 10 after dinner.

0_200805241717_836.jpg Mac and Cheese 0_200805241731_840.jpg Pork Chops 0_200805241953_842.jpg 0_200805241953_843.jpg 0_200805241955_844.jpg 0_200805241956_846.jpg 0_200805241957_847.jpg 0_200805241959_848.jpg 0_200805242032_852.jpg 0_200805242033_853.jpg

Dinner was yummy. We had pork chops, mac and cheese, and peas. Phase 10 is always fun. Except this time David and Brian were being mean and ganged up on me. I was skipped at least once every round. Party poopers! Oh, and Scooter wanted to get in on the action also. Check him out!

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Life Lock Protects Your Identity

Posted on May 30, 2008 by under Life, Sponsored Post.    

Brian and his coworkers were talking about Life Lock the other day. I guess a quite a few people are on it. He said Daylin, the director of the inside sales department, and her husband are both on it; as well as some people in technical marketing; and some people in accounting. The service is actually taking off. I think their TV commercials have really helped to increase awareness.

Brian asked me if I wanted to get on in. I still can’t bring myself to pay for the service because we can do a lot of this stuff ourselves. I’m thinking about it, though. After all, half a dozen Viega employees can’t be wrong. Right?

Here’s how it works: Life Lock asks the credit bureaus to set free fraud alerts on your behalf. These fraud alerts are renewed every 90 days unless you instruct them otherwise. These steps are actions that individuals can take themselves, but who will remember to reset these fraud alerts every 90 days? That’s one of the benefits of Life Lock. They will keep track of these things for you.

Life Lock also requests that your name be removed from pre-approved credit card and junk mail lists and we keep making the requests as they expire. These pre-approved credit card and junk mail offers are some of the ways that identity thieves steal your personal information. This is another thing that you can do for free, but it’s kind of a hassle so it’s nice to have a third party like Life Lock take care of the details.

Life Lock also orders free credit reports on your behalf from the major credit bureaus, which are sent directly to you. This is done every year. Again, this is something that you can do for yourself unless you’re just too busy. I actually do this for me and Brian already.

Although all of these things can be done for free, the nice thing about Life Lock is their promise to do whatever it takes to rectify the situation in the event of identity theft. If you need lawyers, they’ll provide the best lawyers around. If you need investigators, accountants, case managers, whatever, they’re yours. If you lose money as a result of the theft, we’re going to give it back to you. Life Lock provides this guarantee up to $1,000,000.

Anyway, the service is fantastic and Brian’s coworkers swear by it. We’re not on it yet, but we might just be because it sounds like a really good deal. We will let you guys know what we decide.

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Bradley Fair Summer Concerts

Posted on May 29, 2008 by under Life, News.    

It’s time again for the summer concert series. I almost forgot all about it, if not for Welsly’s email today. We totally missed it last year and only got to see one the year before, but it used to be our most favorite thing to do. We would bring our picnic blankets, a couple of books, and sometimes our chess set, and just hang out on the other side of the water.

It would get pretty crowded so we’d get there early and stake claim to our spot. We’d play chess or read or just hang out while waiting. When the music starts, we’d just lay and cuddle while enjoying the music and the wonderful evening.

You can find more information and the performance schedule here. (Thanks to Welsly for emailing the file.)

June 5: Grady Nichols
June 12: Fingerprints
June 19: Greg Adams
June 26: Joseph Vincelli
July 3: Matt Marshak
*fireworks will follow at 9:30 PM

It’s a shame that we won’t be able to make the first two concerts in the series. Brian will be in New Hampshire next week, and I will be in rates school the following week. I definitely want to be there for the final concert and fireworks, though. I don’t think we have any big plans for the 4th of July because we are going to Vegas a couple of weeks after that to attend Corey and April’s wedding (more on that later).

Anyway, I wanted to share the info about the concerts. Hope everyone has a wonderful summer.

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