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Archive for February 2008

African Safari

Posted on February 24, 2008 by under Movies, Sponsored Post, Travel, Wishlist.    

Brian and I watched two great movies over the last two days. We watched 3:10 to Yuma this afternoon. Yesterday we watched The Bucket List. Both were excellent movies in their own right.

Anyway, there was a scene in The Bucket List where Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman went on an African safari. It’s the scene where they are in the safari jeep singing that song from The Lion King, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” You know the scene. The landscape was just breathtaking. They were in that safari tent and it just made me want to go on a safari real bad.

Almost immediately, I hopped online and checked out flights to South Africa. It’s a shame that Brian doesn’t have any vacation time. Otherwise, that could be our anniversary trip this year. Not that we can afford to go or anything. We all know we have to finish working on the house still. But, whatever. It doesn’t hurt to dream.

Brian and I agreed that we are taking a major trip next year because 2009 marks our ten years of “togetherness,” so we have to do something big. Right? It’s got to be bigger than Jamaica. LOL.

Either way. Whether it be 2009 or later. An African safari is going on my own personal “bucket list.”

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Valentines Flowers

Posted on February 24, 2008 by under Flickr, Life, Travel.    

Flowers from Ching

Sometimes I think I am the man and Brian is the woman. I didn’t get flowers this year, he did. I guess you can say I wear the pants in this relationship. =P

While he was away, I thought I would do something nice for him so I had FTD deliver flowers to his hotel. I had them deliver it on Tuesday instead of Thursday so that he would enjoy the flowers during his entire stay.

I picked stargazer lilies because they are my favorite and I figured that they would remind him of me. I thought it would make him happy and cheer him up, but it kind of backfired. The flowers reminded him of me and made him even more homesick (or so he said, anyway).

[ NOTE: This is the second time I’ve bought Brian flowers for Valentines. The first time was in 2000, when we first started dating. I had Tillies deliver a dozen red roses to his work. He worked at Intrust Bank back then. He said he felt special because he was the only one (out of everyone, including women coworkers) who got a dozen roses, but at the same time he said he felt very, very gay because only his gay coworkers got flowers. ]

Here are some other pictures from Brian’s trip to New Hampshire:

Twin Cities Maybe Art Piece in the Middle of the Logan Airport The Big Dig More of Boston Same Building in Boston

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VistaPrint and Graduation

Posted on February 24, 2008 by under School, Sponsored Post.    

Graduation time is upon us again and that means a new opportunity for my husband to design graduation invitations for me. Last time he designed invitations not only for me but for a few of my friends as well. This time it is just for me and, since this is my last time in school and this is the big degree (Masters in Business Administration), I need to make sure that these invitations are really special.

I think this year I am going to use VistaPrint to create custom postcards that I can mail to all of our friends and family. I learned that if you use the coupon code “BlogPostcards100” at checkout you will receive 100 free postcards. This will help me to save money because I can get like 100 for a little over $20.00. So its like getting two sets for the price of one. I don’t know if we have 200 friends and family to send these out to but I am sure that we can find some people that we have not talked to in a few years. We have family out of state and out of country and that should help to thin out the stack. We will also have friends of our family that I am sure our parents will want to give invitations too.

All-in-all I think VistaPrint will do a great job in offering high quality postcards at a reasonable price. And with the bonus code, we will be able to tell twice as many people about my achievement.

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Letter from Brian

Posted on February 23, 2008 by under Flickr, Life, Travel.    

Letter from Brian, 26 November 1999

Brian and I came across this sad letter while cleaning the office today. It’s sad for two reasons: Brian was uber sappy (I didn’t really count, but I think he said he loved me and missed me at least a dozen times in this letter; and check out the poem in the closing) and it’s handwritten, therefore, he couldn’t use grammar or spell check (notice the lack of punctuation). I’m really glad his writing has improved immensely. LOL.

Jokes aside, the letter is actually very sweet. It was written back in 1999, before we “officially” moved in together. He sent this to California where I spent a couple of weeks in November that year.

The significance of this letter is that it was the first and only time we’d been apart until Brian’s trip to New Hampshire. I moved in about a month after this letter. Brian and I haven’t been apart since. That’s a really, really long time… which is why the week he spent in New Hampshire was really difficult. Anyway, I just wanted to put his sappy blog postings in perspective. In almost ten years of being a couple, it was the first Valentines that we’ve spent apart.

Back in 1999, I didn’t have a cellphone so keeping in touch was actually more challenging. During the week Brian was in New Hampshire, we talked on the phone for several hours every single night. We even watched American Idol together on Tuesday and Wednesday. I think we talked more on the phone that week than we did in the last couple of months. Thank God for free mobile-to-mobile!

With Brian’s new job at Viega, this probably won’t be the last time he’ll be asked to travel. It will take some getting used to but I think we will manage.

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Dream Office

Posted on February 17, 2008 by under Wishlist.    

This is my dream office. I saw this and sported wood. I can imagine the long hours of World of Warcraft play that could go on here. I mean this guy has everything! at least 3 separate servers, 3 Hard Drive Towers for I assume back ups, an incredible sound system. I looked at his set up and just drooled. My wife says that I am too much of a geek.

If you are a geek then you can bow to this system of the geek gods! If you want to look at all the picks you can look at this guys page here.

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