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Archive for August 2006

My Little Piglet

Posted on August 31, 2006 by under Babies, Flickr.    

Molly is officially 8 lbs. According to her most recent weigh-in at the vet on Monday, anyway. I had no idea she would break 6 lbs. Just goes to show you how much I know.

Here are some new pictures of our baby girl. Enjoy!

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I Want One

Posted on August 27, 2006 by under Babies, Life, Wishlist.    

Brian saw this on TV the other day. I actually heard about it from Jan several months ago but I didn’t know what it was called to look it up. So anyway, now that I know what it is, I found their web site. It’s A pretty neat idea. I wish I could have thought of it. I’d probably be rich by now.

Anyway, Molly is acting more and more like a cat lately. She’s actually able to get on the cat tree now. And the boys thought they were safe! Not any more!

The other day Brian left her in the room by herself and she knocked over a cup of Pepsi. It went all over Brian’s pillow and the featherbed. We needed to replace the featherbed anyway because it’s worn so out Molly just gave us the push we needed. We went to Target and got a synthetic alternative that works just as well. What’s better is that there will no longer be feathers poking out to stab me.

Yesterday was pretty much errand day. Brian took me to my waxing and then we went to the bank to start a savings account (now that we are debt-free, we can start putting money away). We are actually saving for our home rennovations which we plan on starting in the next year. In the process, we ended up getting an account upgrade. We went from free checking to relationship checking so now we get free stuff (free online banking, free online bill pay, no more fees for using other banks’ ATMs, free feature checks, travellers’ checks, official checks, and all that stuff). Free stuff is always good, but my favorite part is that if we go over a certain balance then our money will earn interest. I know other banks do this anyway, but Intrust doesn’t offer this to their basic checking customers. We’d have to switch to another bank which is a pain so we just kind of have to go with what Intrust Bank has to offer.

After the bank I took Brian to the Anchor for lunch. He’d never been there. He actually liked it. Except for the strange people. Brian thought it was odd that this lady sitting next to us struck up a conversation with me out of the blue. I thought it was odd too, but I wasn’t as weirded out by it as Brian was.

Next stop was Target. We ended up getting two new pillow and our matress topper. We actually got a good night’s rest last night. Our first one in a long time. The new matress topper feels good.

We also stopped by mom and dad’s house to pick up Jen’s old airbed. Brian and I have been wanting to get it but we always forget to take it home with us when it’s time to leave. Now we have it and we can start having our slumber-party-movie-marathon nights in the family room again. We used to do it until our featherbed got so worn out that it wasn’t cushy against the floor anymore. I miss those nights. Anyway, hopefully I’ll have some free nights when I don’t have so much homework so we can have a slumber party night.

We got to hang out at the house for a while but not for too long because I asked Brian to go to Latin dance class. It was so much fun! I can’t wait to go again next week. Hopefully, we’ll learn some new moves and get better. I love dancing.

Today has been devoted to homework and laundry. I did get to play some poker but my poker playing days are numbered. I have a full load this semester and I’ll be lucky to come out without having a nervous breakdown.

Please bear with me even if I start blogging less frequently. I’m just busy with school. I should be able to start blogging regularly again in between semesters and during the summer. Unless we begin rennovations next year, in which case you probably won’t hear from me at all. We’ll see.

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Carla’s Birthday

Posted on August 25, 2006 by under Flickr, Food and Drink, Life.    

Scrumptious Thai Cuisine

Carla’s birthday was a blast. I meant to blog about it sooner but I’ve been busy since school has started. I’m in class every night except for Fridays. Of course, Friday night is poker night so my schedule is super tight.

But I digress.. We spent eight hours over there without even realizing it. Paul cooked a magnificent Thai feast. It was a three-course meal fit for a queen. I hope Carla felt like a queen because Paul slaved himself in the kitchen for over eight hours cooking.

He made three different appetizers with matching sauces. There was chicken satay, spring rolls and eggrolls. I was full almost before the main course. It was challenging to save room because everything was so delicious.

Paul made four main dishes: a cashew chicken dish, beef mussman, something like mongolian beef and chicken pad thai. Everything was cooked to perfection. He even garnished them!

For dessert, he baked a delicious chocolate cake and served sweet sticky rice with ripe mango slices. We call the sweet rice biko in Tagalog. I’d never met American people who ate that stuff before.. I found out that it’s actually Carla’s favorite. It was strange being in a room full of American biko eaters.

Of course, Brian was dying to get a piece of the chocolate cake. He didn’t really care much for the biko and he’s never really liked mangoes. He tried it, but he is your average unadventurous American guy so he didn’t really like it that much. Now the chocolate cake he could’ve eaten all by himself. He was polite though, and only had one slice.

It was great to meet Carla’s friends and also her adorable dogs Chewie and Endo. They are the most well-behaved dogs in the world. I love them.

We ended up playing some games after dinner. I played Parcheesi for the first time and won. That was fun. Jeff, Carla’s friend who drove in from Colorado, brought his poker chip set so we got to play some poker. Brian and I left around 2 am because we are not used to staying up so late anymore. Bobbi said that they actually kept playing until about 4 am.

Paul really did an amazing job with dinner. Jeff actually commented that he made all the other men look bad. It’s one dinner party that won’t soon be forgotten for sure.

[ NOTE: Paul, the person who created the delicious Thai feast, is Australian. ]

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He May Not Be Romantic

Posted on August 19, 2006 by under Life.    

He may not be romatic, but he sure is thoughtful. Here’s an email that Brian sent me last Thursday.

—– Original Message —–
From: Brian
To: Ching
Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2006 3:04 PM
Subject: Today has been terrible.

Today has been so busy. We have had non stop e-mail and non stop phone calls since about 8:30 this morning. I also had to configure 2 separate RMS units on top of that so that added another level of stress to the day. I barely got my lunch and I am finally completing the last of my issues for the day so that I can get the heck out of here.

I just wanted to say that even though I had a rough day. I was still thinking of you the whole time and wanted to wish you a happy first day of school. Try to relax and have fun and I will see you tonight.

I love you baby.

Is he not wonderful or what?

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Books, Books and More Books

Posted on August 17, 2006 by under Memes, Web.    

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell

First there was Tucker Max and his book I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

Anonymous Lawyer: A Novel

Which reminds me.. I still need to send him a thank you card because he managed to get Brian reading. We are talking about my Brian who doesn’t read anything that doesn’t have pictures in it. Brian and I actually enjoyed reading some of Tucker’s hilarious adventures together while laying in bed. We’ve never done that before. Simply because Brian doesn’t like to read. He still doesn’t like to read for the most part, but at least we’ve found one book that he enjoys.

Then, Anonymous Lawyer released a book also..

Now, Jen is getting in on the whole book action by publishing a book of poetry. You go, girl!

I bought the eBook version. You all should check it out.

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