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Archive for June 2006

Remember When

Posted on June 27, 2006 by under Life, Toys.    

Two years ago I blogged about the “Seven Stages of Mourning the Demise of Your Beloved but Shitty Vehicle.” Well, guess what. I finally got a new car!

Sunny is still with us. Brian will be driving her for now. Until she dies. Then he will get his Yaris. Or whatever car catches his eye when the time comes. But for now he will be driving Sunny.

We figured it would be best to trade the Rodeo in instead of mine so that we will continue to have only one car payment. I really don’t like having a car payment but after driving the same car for ten years I figured that I was entitled to a new car.

Anyway, remember how you all helped me name Sunny way back when? Well, it’s time to name the new the car. I am open to suggestions. Leave them in the comments. =)

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Weekend Woes and the Love of my Life.

Posted on June 27, 2006 by under Life.    

Man, what a weekend!

And it’s not over yet either. We bought a new car this weekend, a Toyota Corolla. I’m happy that my wife is getting a new car and the one that she wants to boot. But I hate car dealers and the whole experience has just left a foul taste in my mouth. I have run into more people that I have known for a long time that either had an abundance of car dealer experience and had their 2 cents to put in or actually worked for a car dealer and tried to tell me ways around the system. I just want to get the car and be done with it. It’s being delivered on Wednesday and then we should only have to see the dealer for scheduled maintenance.

 Ok, enough about that now on to the love of my life.

My wife and I had a really nice talk yesterday on the way we have changed and what is important to us and things like that. I told her that before I lost my job I was always wanting everything, every little gadget, every little gizmo, I didn’t care I wanted it. Weather I needed it or not if it was cool and I could afford it (hell sometimes even if I couldn’t afford it) I bought it. Then I lost my job and left T-Mobile (good reddens). And that’s when everything changed; I realized that none of that was important. One of the reasons that I realized that it was not important was due to the fact that we had no money and we were in debt up to our eyeballs. As we talked about that time period I explained to my wife that the other thing that opened my eyes to what was important and what was not is that the last couple of months before I got another job I had realized that I was really (REALLY) close to loosing my wife. The stress of finance and the burden of me were too much, and on top of that she was in school as well. She confirmed (in not so many words) that she was indeed stressed and that she had entertained the thought for a brief period. Since then I have done everything in my power to show her the appreciation that she deserves for sticking it out, staying with me thru thick and thin and holding on to those bonds of marriage that we vowed to on August 10th 2002. I told her that I realized that nothing is more important to me than her and that I wish that I could express the feelings that I had for her more than I do right now. She says that she knows how I feel and that she is never going to leave me. However, I wish that their was a way that I could bottle my feelings and then give it to her to drink like her fruit beer or glass of wine or something like that. Then she could feel the intoxication that she brings over me and the flood of emotion that I have every day. She is the most important thing to me and every day I thank the lord that I found her. We had not really had a talk like that. I told my parents when they asked me why we were getting a new car that Ching deserved it. She is the one that worked hard to graduate from college, she is the one that contributed the most to getting us out of debt, and she is the one that works the hardest at everything she does. I told them that if any one deserved a new car it was her. They saw my point and agreed. I don’t deserve a new car, the only reason I bought that Rodeo was because I was trying to help out my brother who was fixing to have a family and needed a 4 door car. I told my dad that if it wasn’t for that I would still have my Neon and Ching would have gotten a new car long ago because I would have had the Neon paid off already. With all the events that happened with my brother, I regret ever making that offer and giving him that car.  Well I guess that’s enough for now. I started this post on Monday and its now Tuesday. Oh, and an update that you will probably be reading next from my wife. We received the car and on top of that it’s the car that we test drove on Thursday. But that’s another story for another time.

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Posted on June 24, 2006 by under Games, Life.    

This August 8, 1999 journal entry is being republished here in honor of Eli. (If asked for a password, please us reader as the username and oldstuff as the password.)

· ·· ··· ·· ·
 This is a hostage situation.

I forced Jen to play in front of the webcam with me last Thursday. As promised, here are the archived still shots..

 Jen, waiting for her cue
 Jen, aiming the gun at the camera
 Jen, pretending to shoot herself
 me, pretending to shoot Jen
 Jen, dancing around like an idiot

The pictures above were taken during the afternoon. Later that night we played a little game of charades with Eli. He was chatting with Jen via AIM and he would tell her words which we would in turn act out.

The images below have been brought to you courtesy of Eli, who has conscientiously taken it upon himself to save the funnier still shots. Many thanks, E.

 this is tennis
 oral sex

The following photos are of Jen and I, being goofy. They are still courtsey of Eli.

 more pictures playing with the gun
 more pictures playing with the gun
 more pictures playing with the gun
 more pictures playing with the gun

That’s all for now. Check back later.

 Jen, saying goodbye

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Favorite Football Movies

Posted on June 22, 2006 by under Movies.    

Since I haven’t blogged in a while I figured I would list my favorite football movies of all-time. Here they are in no particular order:

Friday Night Lights (Widescreen Edition)I really felt of Mike Winchell. I thought his situation was so sad. Besides that, Billy Bob is a pretty good actor. I like him. Other thoughts were posted on this blog entry that I posted shortly after watching the movie.

Remember the Titans (Widescreen Edition)This movie speaks about the importance of diversity. It teaches a good lesson and actually succeeds at entertaining. These days movies are either entertaining or profound. They’re hardly ever both. That’s what I love about this movie.

Jerry Maguire (Special Edition)What can you say about Jerry Maguire? Tom Cruise may be really kooky but he makes damn good movies.

The ReplacementsThis was actually pretty funny. It’s one of the few movies that Keanu Reeves was good in. Brian said that. Actually, I agree. I’m not much of a Keanu fan but I will watch this movie… which actually says a lot. This movie overcomes two major hurdles: I don’t much care for football or Keanu Reaves. For me to actually like it despite these is an amazing accomplishment.

The Longest Yard (Widescreen Edition)This has got to be the funniest football movie ever. I never saw the original but I would wager this one’s better. Adam Sandler rocks.

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Devastation, Desperation and Great Customer Service

Posted on June 17, 2006 by under Life.    

What a crazy day this has been! The day began with an early waxing appointment. I had to reschedule it from yesterday because I had a one o’clock meeting that I couldn’t miss. So anyway, after my waxing I noticed that my left earring is missing. I lingered around the room, carefully inspecting the floor and the bed to no avail. I peeked in the trash, carefully sifting through the less icky stuff on the surface – nothing.

So I told Patricia what happened and I showed her what my earring looked like and pleaded for them to call me if it is ever found. I told Brian what happened and he was really upset. It would have been different if these were just regular el cheapo earrings from Express or Target or something, but these were my Zales diamond earrings. We purchased them almost four years ago back when we were irrationally spending money like there was no tomorrow. They cost almost as much our 32″ TV in the bedroom.

I was totally devastated. I wasn’t going to start crying in front of strangers though, so we paid and returned home. We actually had errands to run but we were hoping that maybe the earrings fell in the house and we will find it on the floor somewhere. So we searched and searched. No such luck.

Brian was convinced that my earring came off during the waxing and maybe it’s in the trash. So we decided to return to Individually Yours to look through the trash in that room. I felt totally ridiculous asking for the trash but we were desperate, and desperate times call for desperate measures. (more…)


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