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Archive for April 2006

My Pot-Bellied Princess

Posted on April 29, 2006 by under Babies.    

Brian took Molly to the vet yesterday to be weighed. She is now a whopping two pounds and three ounces. That’s over a half pound more than when we first got her two weeks ago. She only weighted a pound and ten ounces then.

Anyway, she’s really playful now and she’s got lots of energy. She just needs to simmer down sometimes, though.

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Dinner with Carla and Paul

Posted on April 29, 2006 by under Food and Drink.    

Carla and Paul

Carla and Paul met us for dinner last at Red Lobster. That must’ve been the longest dinner ever! We were there from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm, not counting the 25 minute wait.

Brian said he would bring me back there again on a Monday so I can have a true crab legs pig-out!

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Brian’s Unhappy Face

Posted on April 27, 2006 by under Food and Drink.    


We went to have dinner at this new resto downtown, The Bamboo House. The place is nice enough but the food is no good.

I got the sampler platter just to try out a variety of things. Brian said the egg roll was alright but not as good as lumpias. The beef was chewy. The chicken was bland. The tempura shrimp was doughy. The crab rangoon was really greasy. It was so greasy that when I split it in half a huge puddle of grease spilled out onto my plate and also the table. (more…)

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We Have More Minutes

Posted on April 26, 2006 by under Babies, Life.    

As the saying goes, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”  Last week Brian and I were stressing about cellphone overage charges and how we were going to make it through to the end of our bill cycle without having a $200 phone bill.  We were conserving our cellphone usage so bad you’d think we were rationing water while travelling through the Sahara.

It got so bad that we started acting like those people in those silly cellphone commercials. Brian would call me and I’d be like, “Why are you calling me?  You’re not calling me from your work phone are you?”  We have free mobile-to-mobile but if he calls me from his work phone or I call his work phone then it counts against us.

See, I thought those commercials were silly before because we’d never been in any danger of overage charges.  Now that we have, I completely understand how the people the commercials feel.  We literally could not use our phone because every single non-weekend, non-mobile-to-mobile minute was costing us.  To top it off I had duty at work on Monday.  I didn’t have any calls, though.  Thank the Lord! (more…)


Molly Loves Cat Food

Posted on April 25, 2006 by under Moblog.    

Molly Loves Cat Food

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