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Archive for March 2006

When WOW gets Dirty.

Posted on March 30, 2006 by under Games.    

I found this to be incredibly amusing. This is the product of Geeks with raging hormones and WAY too much time on their hands. They have put together their own little dirty music video and its funny as hell. You have to have flash to watch it but its worth it.

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Posted on March 30, 2006 by under Life.    

I hope someday we’ll have the luxury of doing this.  So I increased my 401k contributions effective today.  Brian doesn’t mind.  He’ll be benefitting from it, too.  Someday.

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At Yappy Days

Posted on March 25, 2006 by under Babies.    


Brian and I decided to go to Yappy Days today to do some field research. We wanted to know what kind of dogs people owned and what they are like.

It felt kind of weird going since we don’t own a dog of our own. I almost wanted to borrow someone else’s dog. I was telling Brian it felt a lot like the time we went to Chuck E. Cheese to attend Logan’s birthday. All the other grownups that were present had kids of their own. You kind of feel a little of out of place.

Anyway, eveyrone was really nice. We got asked if we had a dog more times than I could count. We kept having to explain how we were thinking of purchasing one. It’s a real same that there weren’t any puppies for sale at the event or we would’ve come home with one right then.

The experience was pretty interesting. Some people were helpful and informative. However, I think we are still leaning towards the same breeds that we were originally considering namely the long-hair chihuahua, pekingese, pekepoo, maltapoo or pomeranian. We want a little dog that is furry and huggable. The flatter the face, the better.

If you know of any breeders of these please drop us a line. We are ready (and eager) to add to the family.

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Posted on March 24, 2006 by under Moblog.    


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My Carafe of Sangria

Posted on March 23, 2006 by under Moblog.    

My Carafe of Sangria

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