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Archive for October 2005

The Saddest Thing Ever

Posted on October 31, 2005 by under Life.    

You want to know the saddest thing ever? I actually rang in my birthday at Wal-Mart of all places. Saturday started out really well with a good workout and a good racquetball match with Brian (which I won in two straight sets, by the way). Then we went to Philippine Grille for lunch. We went home so I could work on my MIS 610 then we ended up having sex. Sex was amazing since it had been a week since the last time. Brian’s libido has been on an upswing lately and he had attempted to make love with me all week but I have been so exhausted every night. We go to bed usually with the intention of having sex, but as soon as I hit the bed I zonk out. It has been frustrating for Brian I’m sure. I know how I feel whenever I’m horny and can’t get any release. Anyway, making love on a Saturday afternoon was great. It’s my favorite part of weekends. The only down side to having vigorous sex is I that I get so spent I end up passing out. Brian and I actually intended to have dinner at Abuelo’s that night but we got up so late that by the time we were ready to head out, it was well past eight o’clock. We still needed to get cash for drinks at Neighbors. Abuelo’s got nixed. We ended up at Chipotle which is a much faster alternative. We arrived at Neighbors with only a few minutes to spare. Thankfully we arrived with enough time to be able to sit at separate tables. I hate sitting with Brian because we always end up knocking each other out. We did extremely well early on. He was the chip leader at his table and I was the chip leader at mine. It was great. As people started to get knocked out and they began to consolidate tables, however, Brian got moved to my table. I was still doing pretty well until we both went against each other on a hand. He had pocket nines against my pocket eights. His pair held and I lost over half of my stack at that point. I got knocked out shortly after. I found Darcy at playing her favorite game, Photo Hunt, and hung out with her while waiting for Brian. He actually did really well. He almost qualified. The key being almost. He got knocked out in 9th place, one place away from qualifying for the finals. Needless to say, we’ll have to return again on Saturday to qualify. After poker we went to Wal-Mart to do our grocery shopping. We arrive there at around 11:55 pm. So that’s how I rang in my birthday at Wal-Mart. It was past 1:00 am when we finally arrived home. I tried to wake up early the next day. I wanted to hit the gym again to make up for several days (probably even weeks) of missing my workouts. We kept hitting snooze, though. It wasn’t until Jen called to greet me happy birthday that we got up. Jen arranged brunch at Legends, my favorite place to eat brunch because then I can have mimosas. I jumped up out of bed all frantic because I thought it was one hour ealier than it really was. I forgot that time went back an hour. Yeah, stupid me. I thought we only had a half an hour to shower and get there. We actually had plenty of time. Lunch was a lot of fun. Of course, mom had to make me feel bad about eating too many cream puffs and fitting into my first pair of size 6 jeans (the jeans that Sarah gave me). Jen was telling me that I was only two sizes away from being the same size as her fat friends. She thinks they are fat because she sports a super skinny size 0 figure. Anyway, my mom chimes in with “What do you mean two size? She’s actually only one size away.” Gee, thanks mom. Way to make a girl feel better on her birthday! After lunch Brian and I walked around Towne East Square for a while. I didn’t end up buying anything. I think part of it was the feeling of depression I’ve been experiencing lately due to my ever expanding figure and part of it was knowing subconsciously that we’ll end up having to fork out some money for our sugar gliders. Most of the time we spent at the mall was actually spent at Brookstone getting chair and foot massages. Brian loves that store just because of the the various massage chairs that are available for you to try. We met with the sugar glider breeder around 4:00 pm and actually spent a couple of hours with them. Brian and I pretty much decided on the spot to buy the sugar gliders. We went ahead and paid for them because we wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t get sold to anyone else. After that Brian and I finally got to have dinner at Abuelo’s like we planned. We didn’t end up going on a dress up dinner date like I wanted though. I guess we’ll have to do that some other night when we have more time. We still had a good time at dinner, though. Abuelo’s has great food. We were relieved to be able to finally come home after a long day of being out and about. It was a good day, though. Anyway, Brian and I are super excited about our sugar gliders. You’ll see pictures of them on my Flickr account. Brian is so excited that he actually cleaned out the spare bedroom just so we would have room for their cage. He also went to Gupton’s to buy the cage (or cages since we had planned on buying two and just putting them together to make a big one) only to find out that they’re closed on Mondays. It worked out okay because I actually found a better cage online. We ended up just ordering that one. Hopefully the cage will arrive soon so our sugar gliders will have a new home. We still need to get a wheel and some toys, though. Anyway, it’s time for bed so I’ll just update you guys again next time. I’ll try to keep up with posting entries better. I’m sorry I’ve been busy. Thanksgiving break is coming up (a whole whopping two days of it), though, and I should be able to post more regularly then.

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So Far So Good

Posted on October 29, 2005 by under Poker.    

I played poker last night at APL. Brian was picking on me because I was supposed to be on an APL boycott. In my defense, I didn’t specify exactly how long the boycott would be. A week is long enough. So the boycott is now oficially over. Anyway, I got to the final three tables. I didn’t quite make it to the final 16, but I got pretty close. We were at $5K and $10K blinds when I got knocked out. I was pretty short-stacked with only four red chips ($20K) and I was first to act after the big blind. I had AQ off and I decided to take a chance. The troll guy (this isn’t anything derogatory; I call him that because he always brings his little troll dolls for good luck) next to me who had like $100K in chips pushed all in behind me. DSC00169

That kept all the other people from playing, which was fine with me because I really didn’t want to go up against 10 other people. Since no one else called so we rolled up our cards. I find out that I’m up against ducks which makes me feel pretty good since I’ve got two overs, but guess what. The ducks held. I could not catch an ace or a queen to save me. It wasn’t too bad, though, because it already past 9:30 pm and Brian gets off work at 10:00 pm so the timing was just perfect. I caught some good hands, had some fun, lasted longer than I anticipated and then it was time to leave. I stayed up late last night to work on my transaction management homework for MIS 610. It was being stubborn so I finally just gave up and went to bed. Woke up early this morning to work out. I did muscle pump and step and then played racquetball with Brian. I totally whooped his ass: 15-13 and 15-0. The weekend is off to a great start so far! Oh, and guess what. My birthday is tomorrow. Of course, I’ve already got my big ticket item for my birthday. Remember? I got my new phone early because of having won that eBay auction that I didn’t expect to win. I have a new memory stick for my phone coming in the mail, though, courtesy of Jody. I just found that out today. I should be getting that sometime this week. Thanks, Jody! Now I can have more than four songs stored in my phone. Yay! Right now I don’t really use the mp3 player function much because I only have four songs and it’s pretty boring to listen to the same four songs over and over again. That will change when my new memory stick arrives, though. Hopefully, I can get my homework done this afternoon so we can check out the Asian Festival downtown and meet my parents for dinner. And then I can play poker. Homework has to be done first, though. So anyway, it’s back to the grind for me. More fun ASP coding. Not.

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I Found My New Car!

Posted on October 29, 2005 by under Wishlist.    

That’s right. I found my new car. Its made by Mercedes Its compact and not in the US as of yet. But you can order them from Canada. They get about 60 MPG and its not a Hybrid, just straight fuel. I love it!

And to top it off, its small enough that if I get into a major wreck; it will double as a coffin!

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Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Posted on October 28, 2005 by under Life.    

This is Rush as Sticker Man. He actually won a prize for most creative Halloween costume at Cox Communications last year. This is year he’s leading the activities committee at work and they’re doing a costume contest on Monday. I don’t know if I can come up with any costumes appropriate for work. It may be time to recycle some of the old costumes. I could always dress as a soldier again (see below). Incidentally, the photo below wasn’t taken on Halloween. It was taken at one of the Mid-Kansas MVPA rallies. I did dress as a soldier for Halloween one year, though. I think that might have been in either 2001 or 2002. The first time Brian dressed as a woman. The second time he dressed as a woman, he wasn’t just any type of woman. He was a school girl!



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New on the Want List

Posted on October 26, 2005 by under Wishlist.    

Remember how I said I wanted a Canon SD550, which just happens to be on my Amazon wishlist for those of you who are feeling generous (it is only four days until my birthday after all) for my next camera? Well, I take that back. I really want a Casio Exilim EX-S600.

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