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Archive for August 2005

Early Birthday Present

Posted on August 27, 2005 by under Toys, Wishlist.    

Sony Ericsson s710a by Ching

I ended up getting my birthday present a couple of months early. For the last couple of months, I’ve been lurking around eBay in search of a good deal on the phone that I’ve been wanting.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve had my eye on the Sony Ericsson s710a after some very careful consideration. Seriously! I did phone comparisons and read tons of reviews and did way more research than I normally do. Of course, me being my impressionable self, the fact that famous photographer Robert Clark uses this phone factored into the desicion making process quite heavily. Also, I like the fact that it looks more like a camera than any other phone I’ve ever seen. It will serve as a great conversation piece and ice breaker with strangers.

So anyway, the biggest hurdle has been the cost (upwards of $700 through Expansys). You all know I don’t have that kind of money because no one will friggin’ donate to my cause. What is the deal with everyone donating to sister and not to me, anyway?

But I digress.. Getting back to the phone situation..

I’m not going to sign up for Cingular phone service just so I can get my phone for cheap. I am actually quite satisfied with the service I’m receiving from T-Mobile so I’ve been looking for deals on eBay. I’ve bid on some of the s710a auctions, but since my birthday is not until the end of October (a hint to those who want to make my day and send me a surprise birthday gift) I really hadn’t been taking them seriously. I hadn’t really won any of the auctions so no big deal.

A couple of days ago I found an enticing offer for the phone on eBay. I sent an email to the seller to confirm that the phone is, in fact, “unlocked” as advertised in the description and I could, in fact, use it with my T-Mobile phone service. The seller replied, that the phone is indeed “unlocked” and all I would need to do is put my SIM card in to start enjoying my new phone.

I think the starting bid was pretty high ($299.99) because after a couple of days there were no other bidders still. These phones have been pretty popular so that struck me as a surprise. I decided to place a bid on it this morning because the auction was about to come to close. I fully expected to get out-bid by some jerk at the last ten seconds of the auction process as I have in the past with other items that I have bid on. But, much to my amazement, I found an email confirming that I had won the item when I arrived home after my waxing appointment this afternoon.

I didn’t really expect to win the auction because I didn’t really plan on buying the phone this early. However, so as not to get bad eBay karma and so as not to piss people off, I went ahead and paid. So there you have it. I should be sporting a new phone next week.

I’m excited to get my new phone and start playing with – the only downside is that since I’m getting it early, I’m not going to get anything to unwrap for my birthday. Oh, well. Maybe some nice blog reader will send me something and I will still have something to open (hint-hint). 😉

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Yummy Mussels

Posted on August 27, 2005 by under Family, Life.    

Brian and I treated his parents to lunch at Granite City Food and Brewery today. They have had a rough couple of days so we wanted to take them out to lunch and maybe get their mind thinking more positive thoughts, like good food and good brews. LOL. I took the opportunity to try the mussels on the appetizers menu. One would think I would’ve learned a thing or two from the whole Siam Cuisine experience yesterday. But you know me, I can’t help being adventurous when it comes to food. Anyway, these were excellent! I love mussels, but I hadn’t had mussels in several years. We used to have them all the time in the Philippines, but since Brian doesn’t really like seafood we don’t ever go to any seafood restos and I don’t know of any other regular restos around here that serve mussels. I like Granite City because their prices are pretty reasonable. Our damage was well under $100. Of course, it was lunch time and no one really drank any alcohol – except for me. I had another Hawaiian vacation. I’m not sure what’s in it, but it’s so yummy! Anyway, drinking is normally what drives up your dining bill. At $8 a pop, by the time your fifth drink rolls around you can plan on eating ramen noodles the rest of the week. Ha! Ha! Ha! Of course, that just applies to us poor folk. All you filthy rich people out there who can afford to eat at Cibola once a week can bite me. LOL. Maybe that’s why I like champagne brunch at Legends so much? Those mimosas rock and they’re only like $2 or something. So for about $25 a person you eat all you want and get a good buzz going. What a way to start the Sunday weekend wrap up! Geez, I wandered off topic again! Anyway, Brian mentioned at lunch that mussels are an aphrodisiac. Too bad he doesn’t like them. Isn’t it ironic that I’m the one who loves to eat mussels? Like my libido needs any help! I ate every single one today (and then I ate pork chops; I know, I’m a pig) so now Brian is hiding from me. He’s probably worried that I’m going to rape him or something. Ha! Ha! Ha!

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New Tool for Blogger’s

Posted on August 27, 2005 by under Web.    

This is awesome; Blogger now has a program that allows you to post Blog’s directly from MS Word. It’s great. This entry is a test to see its effectiveness. I’ll post a better entry tonight.

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I Should’ve Gotten a Whopper

Posted on August 26, 2005 by under Food and Drink.    

Since I didn’t eat lunch today, I was kind of hungry on the way home from work. I was thinking, “Hmm.. How about a Whopper? That sounds good. I think I’ll get a Whopper.”

As I got closer I thought, “I wonder if I should try that Siam Cuisine place. They’ve been around for almost a year and I still haven’t tried their food. Maybe I’ll go there today since Brian won’t be with me and I don’t have to listen to him whine.”

So at the last second I decided to go to Siam Cuisine. I actually passed it and had to turn back. But that is where I ended up going for dinner. Big mistake. Maybe my missing my turn was a sign. You know, God telling me not to go there. I should’ve paid attention.

It doesn’t look too bad on the outside. The inside is furnished in your typical hole-in-the-wall resto style. There was only one other couple there. I was thinking of just getting my order to go, but then I figured I didn’t want to have to contend with the cats so despite my dislike for eating alone I decided to stay and eat there.

I look at the menu and, out of all of the food choices, my idiot self goes directly for the “Adventures” section. I ordered eggplant in black bean sauce with pork as my choice of meat. I was expecting a concoction similar to my favorite eggplant dish at PF Chang’s. Was I ever wrong! It looked and smelled scary.

I had asked her for mild, but she either didn’t understand or didn’t hear me. She seemed to comprehend and speak English fine, so it must’ve been the hearing thing. My mouth was on fire!

I’m actually quite surprised that I haven’t had to go to the bathroom yet. If I were Brian, I would probably in the bathroom right now instead of blogging. Think of Ben Stiller’s character in Along Came Polly. Thank God I have a strong constition.

I really should’ve gotten a Whopper. This is what I get for trying to be adventurous. Never again.

Siam Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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Half-Nekkid Thursday

Posted on August 25, 2005 by under Memes.    

grab6 by Ching

This is my contribution to Half-Nekkid Thursday. I may not be “nekkid” per se, but my better half is behind me! 🙂

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