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Archive for July 2005

Protected: I’m a Succubus

Posted on July 31, 2005 by under Sex.    

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Protected: Finally Got My Well-Earned Massage

Posted on July 31, 2005 by under Sex.    

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Great Workout Today

Posted on July 30, 2005 by under Life.    

I had a great workout today. I almost didn’t want to go, too. I’m glad that I talked myself into going. You know how hard it is to get back into the groove of things when you haven’t been to the gym in almost three weeks? I desperately needed to get my regular, sadomasochistic workout regimen back on track again, though. So I really had to go today.

I woke up early, checked my planets on Ogame. I also checked my waiting games on RHP. Incidentally, I’m not doing too bad considering how long it has been since I played chess last. I guess it’s just like riding a bike. You can’t shake the nerd out of the girl! LOL.

Anyway, Kathy taught both muscle pump and step class today. What a great workout! When I grow up I want to be just like her. After I get my masters and my PhD and when I am finally done with school, I’m definitely going to workout almost every single day and I’m going to volunteer at the local YMCA as a fitness instructor. That will be my contribution to society.

I told Brian that I’m fat now because I don’t have time to workout, but check me out when I’m 40. I’ll look ten times better than I ever did when I was a teenager. This I promise so mark my words! LOL.

And if I fail, you can always point to this blog entry and mock me. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Guess what. I actually convinced Brian to play me racquetball today. I think it’s because I told him I wanted to play racquetball with JW. If he plays me racquetball then I won’t have to seek out other people to play with. Maybe that is the logic behind it? Either way, I’m glad he decided to do it. He hardly ever goes to the gym anymore.

He actually told me today that he couldn’t find his gym shoes. Now, that is sad. You know it’s been a while since you’ve gone to the gym if you can’t find your shoes!

He did make it and on time, too. I didn’t have to wait or anything.

He actually dropped me off at the gym around 7:30 am or so. Then he went back home to sleep some more. Muscle pump is over at 9:00 am and then I do step after that. Step ends at 10:00 am. I normally do HI/LO and PHAT until 11:15 am, but I decided to forgo those today in lieu of racquetball which is tons more fun anyway.

I went to the racquetball court as soon as I was finished with step class and he was already there. At first we were only going to play one round (best two out of three), but after the first game it was evident that I was going to whoop his butt today so we amended our wager. Instead of a full body massage (he owes me one anyway from the whole BOC controversy), I told him that we would play another round if I won and if he did then we could quit playing.

This usually makes him play better which gives me a more enjoyable time because I’m pretty competitive and I don’t like winning if I don’t have to try. It didn’t work this time, though. It seemed like he just didn’t have the gumption to play today.

So anyway, after winning two straight games we went into the second round. I won the second round in two straight games too. He didn’t win any at all today. I won all four games. While I like winning, though, I like it much better when he puts up more of a challenge.

I’m trying to see if I can talk him into playing again tomorrow, but it’s not working too well right now. I need to work on my powers of persuasion. I just might have a wager proposal that he can’t refuse, though. We’ll see.

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Brian and Ching Circa 2003

Posted on July 27, 2005 by under Life.    

Brian and I are working on revamping the website for the Mid-Kansas Military Vehicles Preservation Association (MKMVPA). My first project was to get the the 1200 plus pictures Brian’s dad had amassed from various rallies over the years into some sort of gallery so that people can view it.

I finally settled on a really basic PHP photo gallery script that automates everything. Adding more photos is just as simple as dumping photos into the designated folder of the webhost.

Totally simple. No coding whatsoever. Should make maintenance a snap.

That is my primary goal, actually. I want the website to be low maintenance. That way they can update the content whenever they feel like it and they won’t have to do any coding or FTPing. I’m still looking for a good CMS program, though.

Thinking of either Drupal or Mambo or maybe just WordPress. I haven’t decided yet. If anyone has suggestions, please feel free to leave it on the Chatterbox.

I would enable comments in this blog, but I’m tired of getting flamed. LOL.

By the way, the significance of the picture above is that I found it while browsing through the MKMVPA galleries. That was at Car Show held at Lake Afton a couple of years ago. I thought it was funny because we were just there this past weekend.

Anyway, if I come across any others I’ll be sure to share them with you all. Don’t forget to check the Flickr album — it’s always being updated!

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Poker Visor

Posted on July 23, 2005 by under Poker.    

I played at the Wheatland Jam poker tourney today and all I got was a stupid visor!

Just kidding.

We had fun today. Brian bought me the visor because the logo color matched my skirt. That, and Robin (one of our poker buddies) got one for herself. So we matched. 🙂

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