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Archive for May 2005

At the Urban League Dinner

Posted on May 27, 2005 by under Life.    

Brian missed a great opportunity to schmooze some of the big wigs from his company last night at the Hyatt. I was invited to attend the Urban League‘s 51st Annual Equal Opportunity Day Award Dinner honoring Cox Communications last night. It was a magnificent event (just like the banquets they have in soaps). Wichita Mayor Carlos Mayans was one of the dinner co-chairs along with Bank of America Kansas President Robert Allison and Wichita Eagle President and Publisher Lou Heldman. It was literally a who’s who of Wichita corporations. Brian got to miss out on the open bar (which is of no use to him really since he can’t drink), prime rib and amazing desserts. He also missed an opportunity to meet Kimberly Edmunds, the Region VP and General Manager of Cox Communications, his new employer. He hadn’t even met her yet and this would have been a great chance for him to do so. He missed out all because he read the date wrong on my email.. He read the date wrong and said he would not be able to attend so I invited Angie in his place. She had a great time. She even talked to Ms. Edmunds about her messed up Cox account. It’s awesome! Before I left, I introduced myself to Ms. Edmunds, congratulated her and told her how wonderful her company is which, incidentally, is where my husband works. It was very brief and I doubt that she will remember me. However, I told Brian that if he ever meets her, he should go up to her and tell her that his wife met her at the Urban League banquet to break the ice. I told him that she probably will not remember, but hey it’s something to say. It’s better than just stammering. Or worse yet, not even speaking to her at all. He needs to be noticed so he can advance at his job. This will require major schmoozing on his part. Hopefully, she will attend the company picnic in a couple of weeks. We can both schmooze with her then. I’m not much a schmoozer, really, but you gotta start sometime.

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I Can’t Help Myself

Posted on May 24, 2005 by under Life.    

I just crack myself up. It makes other people’s brain hurt, though. My idiotic comments seem to have that effect on people. In training class today, they made us share our special skill that no one else knows about. I was thinking that I would tell them about my one-handed juggling, but I thought Angie knew about that already and it’s not nearly as impressive or as funny as the skill that I did share. I told them that my special skill that no one else knows about is my ability to flare my nostrils at will. You know me. I’m always trying to be funny. I’m just your regular, average, everyday village idiot really. So I was thinking about the blog-worthy repartee with Brian earlier (this guy hardly ever blogs, so I was really surprised that he blogged about this; I’m always saying stupid shit, but he’s never cared to blog about those other instances before). I just discovered another skill that I possess. I have the ability to make people’s brain hurt just by saying a few choice words. Now that’s talent right there! Better add it to my resumé!

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Paying for Some Nookie

Posted on May 21, 2005 by under Sex.    

I told myself that I would be strong and resist Brian’s pleadings. I told him we wouldn’t get his birthday present until closer to his birthday. Last week he was being a whiny cry baby. He complained that the PSPs were all sold out and he wouldn’t be able to get himself one because they don’t plan on releasing any more until August. Well, they still had a whole bunch at the local Best Buy and at Wal-Mart. It didn’t seem like they were going to run out any time soon. Anyway, Brian and I were talking about it again and since we had time after my waxing today, we ended up just going to Best Buy and getting his presents. Early per usual. One day I will be more resolute and I’ll actually make him wait until the day of his birthday for his present. We got him a PSP with a Spider-man 2 movie, Hot Shots Golf, and Rengoku so he should be set for a while. Hopefully a while equates to at least a couple of months because we spent quite a bit. Oh, by the way, while we were checking out at Best Buy he actually told me that because he is so giddy someone (that someone being me) would actually get laid tonight. “That’s just really sad,” I replied. “I can’t believe I have to buy my nookie!” “I was just kidding,” he said in between bouts of laughter. “You’re not really getting laid tonight!” When he finished laughing he said that since I agreed to give him his present early, he wouldn’t deny me sex for the rest of the year. As in, I can have it anytime I want it and he won’t say no. I just laughed. I think he’s on a PSP high. He doesn’t realize what he is proposing. Two weeks from now he is going to regret ever making such a statement. Anyway, it’s like an early birthday for Brian. He got his presents and then we get to watch Episode III tomorrow. He’s going to be giddy all weekend. Of course, me being me, I’m going to take advantage and get as much sex as I can while I can still get it. LOL. … P.S. No new movie until someone guesses the last one! 😛

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He Who Has the Last Laugh

Posted on May 20, 2005 by under Web.    

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He who has the last laugh is slow at getting the joke. 😛

There has been a profound decrease in visitors lately. Perhaps the readership has dwindled because of the lack of drama of late. I should never have scoffed at the anonymous commenter, despite how much they irked me. LOL.

I told Mr. Duncan my woes a couple of weeks ago, during the height of the comment battle. At that time, I considered following in his footsteps and disabling the anonymous comments option. But then I decided, I didn’t really want to do that because I’d much rather rebut. You know me, naturally argumentative and belligerent.

I told Mr. Duncan that I’m not going to disable anonymous comments and then just forget all about it. I swore that I would fight back. I would fiercely reply to anything they would throw at me. I would make the foolishly brazen anonymous commenter think twice about leaving destructive comments in other people’s blogs in the future.

“You know the expression,” he says, “living well is the best revenge.”

“What fun is that?” I countered, “No one reads that stuff. It’s boring.” Case in point, my dwindling readership. No drama, no visitors. As you can see.

He proceeded to tell me that I sounded like Niles from an old episode of Frazier. Niles is odd, but he is funny. It made me realize why I used to enjoy watching the show on those rare occasions that I happened to be home to watch it. I totally relate to Niles. We are both odd people.

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Protected: Stupidity Should be a Crime

Posted on May 19, 2005 by under Life, Poker, Sex.    

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