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Archive for April 2005

Cosmetic Surgery for Your Vagina

Posted on April 30, 2005 by under Sex, Sponsored Post.    

File this under the list of things I’ve never really thought about. Until two seconds ago when I witnessed an episode about labia menora reduction on Dr. 90210.

I think I’m coming down with something. I was doing step class at the gym and then I got dizzy so I decided not to stay for the other two fitness classes that I normally do (high/low and PHAT). Had I stayed and not come home I would’ve continued living my life not knowing that you could have cosmetic surgery for your vagina.

I’d watched some pornos before where the women had really flappy, ugly-looking vaginas. I’ve never really looked at myself down there so sometimes I’ll comment on how gross it looks and ask Brian if my pussy is ugly like that. Brian always says no. He says that’s what happens to pornstars who have had way too much sexual intercourse. Their vaginas get worn out.

How wrong he is!

Apparently some women are born that way. And now they can do something about it. There are cosmetic surgeons today who specialize in labia reductions and laser vaginal tightening for those who want to make their vaginas less scary-looking. The idea is really foreign to me, though.. And (the practitioners of this surgery are going to hate me for this) I feel it’s unnecessary for regular people. I mean, unless you’re a pornstar who makes a living off showing your vagina and having it filmed, no one really looks at that. I mean, really.

I guess I can’t relate because I have a normal-looking vagina. If I had an ugly vagina I’d probably be singing a different tune. But then, of all the things you could spend money on, how could you justify spending money on something that only one other person will see?

I can’t even justify getting a boob job and that’s what I really need because I have none. LOL!

OMG! Speaking of things that I’ve never thought about, here’s another: bung hole bleaching.

Are you serious? This is even more outlandish than the vaginal cosmetic surgery. I just watched pornstar Tabitha Stevens have the treatment done. They waxed her ass and then bleached her bung hole.

I get my bikini wax at one o’clock today. I think I will ask Patricia if she’s ever heard of it and maybe we can try it on me one day. Just kidding! She’ll probably think I’m strange. Assuming she doesn’t think I am already.

I’ll have to ask Brian if he thinks my bung hole is too dark and if he thinks it will be prettier if it’s bleached to the same color as my ass cheeks. Ha! Ha! Ha! Only in the United States! This stuff is insane!

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Brutal Honesty

Posted on April 27, 2005 by under Life.    

This is for Bunz. In response to your comment on the blog entry from mean Ching. Brutal honesty is what blogging is all about. Why bother sharing your feelings on the web if you’re not going to be honest? I’m going to try to be as honest as I can be on here without getting myself in trouble. You can hold me to that. Speaking of honesty.. I am even :more: honest in the comments section of other people’s blogs. So if you really want to know my secrets, read the blogs that I read and look for me in the comments. 😉

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Feels Like Christmas

Posted on April 26, 2005 by under Wishlist.    

La Perla G-String by Ching

My La Perla g-string came in the mail today. How exciting! I told Brian I’m going to take a picture of me wearing it on my head and send it to my benefactor. Hey, I’m still wearing it! It may not be what he is expecting, but I am technically satisfying my promise.

Brian insisted that is too shady, though. He said I should follow through with my word.

In that case, the picture will have to wait until after Saturday. That’s when I get my bikini wax. I’m having Patricia wax it all off so Brenda will be nice and bare. Trust me, it will be a far better picture with no pubic hairs sticking out of the mesh fabric. LOL.

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Protected: Seeing Other People

Posted on April 24, 2005 by under Movies, Sex.    

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Curve Balls and Such

Posted on April 22, 2005 by under School.    

My best-laid plans are foiled again! I just found out today that we have very important training going on at work at the end of May. This just happens to coincide with the two-week pre-session class that I had planned to take this summer. So I cannot take MGMT 633 (Building Effective Work Teams). Just as well. Nine credit hours for a summer semester is a lot anyway. As it stands, I will have one Accounting class and one Management class for a total of six credit hours this summer. I just wanted to hurry and get my Management minor out of the way before the fall. I guess, I’ll just have to do some creative scheduling and take twelve credit hours this fall instead of the nine that I originally planned. Fall semester will be pretty hectic. Sigh. But I think I will manage.

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