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Archive for February 2005

Do Not Disturb

Posted on February 28, 2005 by under School.    

I’m skipping ACCT 560 (Accounting Information Systems) today to study for my BLAW 431 (Business Law) exam. I was supposed to study for it on Friday (but I went to play poker at APL HQ instead; then when we got home, Brian and I watched this Katie Holmes’ flick Abandon). I tried to study for it again on Saturday after working out, but I ended up reading more of my new favorite blog Return to Happiness. Then I blogged some and then it was time to go to our couples massage. Afterwards we grubbed at Wildfire Diner, this new diner that Brian’s parents discovered a couple of months ago. We were going to see Hitch, but decided that our favorite balcony seats (A6 or A7) were probably sold out at the theater since it’s date night and it was already almost 8p. I didn’t want to have to sit anywhere else so we nixed that idea. We just ended up going home and watching Saw (that movie is messed up; good plot twist, though). I decided I would go to bed right after the movie so I could wake up early the next day to study. I planned to study before my workout this time. Didn’t work. I was able to get up early as I planned. That’s not the problem. It’s just that whenever I get on the computer I always find ways to procrastinate. My procrastination method this time was reading more Return to Happiness. I did pay bills though, so I got those out of the way until my next paycheck comes. Anyway, pretty soon it was time to go workout. By the time I returned, I just had enough time to shower and then go to dinner at my in-laws. Dinner, which normally is a two-hour affair, lasted almost four hours. We were there from 5p to a little after 9p. Jason was there so we did a lot of yapping before, during and after dinner. And then we played Phase 10 as I mentioned in the previous post. We got home at 10p and by then I was too tired and sleepy (we had lasagna and pasta always makes me feel sleepy afterwards) to even attempt to crack the books. I thought I would have a few minutes to study at work today but work was really hectic. I barely had time to think! I have lots of things on my to-do list for tomorrow so I really have to study tonight. My only option is to skip ACCT 560, which is okay because it’s a kind of boring anyway. Besides, Jen won’t be there and without her to entertain me I’ll zonk out for sure. She brings crayons for us to draw and doodle with during the lecture. It helps keep us both awake. Anyhow, since she’s not going to be there with her crayons and good humor (yikes, that sounds like ice cream; no she doesn’t bring any ice cream to class; although, that might be an idea for next week), I figured I’d be better off staying home. I know I need to study tonight, but whether or not I get around to actually studying… Well, that’s another question altogether. I’ve already killed much needed study time by posting this blog entry which, incidentally, was only supposed to take two seconds but I ended up writing a whole bunch!

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Family Dinner

Posted on February 28, 2005 by under Family, Life.    

Jason went to family dinner with us at Brian’s parents’ house last night. As I expected, he charmed the pants off everyone with his sharp wit. Brian’s parents even proclaimed that they’re ready to adopt him. There was mention of him replacing Kevin, Brian’s excommunicated brother. But then David and Donna liked Jason so much that they even joked about him replacing Brian. At any rate, dinner was lively with good conversation. Everyone shared stories. Most of the storied I’d heard before, but it’s always nice when there’s someone new in the group because it’s a fresh story to them. And sometimes they bring a fresh perspective so the same old story is funny all over again. I’m not much of a story teller so I just listened in amusement. Jason kept everyone entertained with his own jokes and childhood stories. Grandma kept Jason on his toes with her own quips, which caused Jason to dub her a “verbal ninja” for witticisms that unexpectedly strike out of nowhere. We tried to play Phase 10 to completion but it was getting late. We decided to quit before actually finishing the game with dad and Brian tied as winners. They were the only two to reach the seventh phase. If you ask Jason, though, he will tell you that he would’ve won had grandma and I not ganged up on him with all the skip cards. But I was merely getting even for he did his fair share of skipping me. I think it’s great that Jason fits in so well and that he gets along with the rest of the family so fabulously. I fear that this might be the beginning of the end, though. Usually, after Brian takes one of his friends to meet his parents he quits communication with them (or vice versa) shortly after. I really hope that’s not the case with Jason. I could see us being friends with him (hobag or not) for a long, long time.

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Working Out

Posted on February 27, 2005 by under Life.    

I’m going to the Y to workout for a couple of hours. I need to vent some steam. I think I’m going to start immersing myself into regular workouts again so I can take the focus off my shitty homelife.

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Return to Happiness

Posted on February 27, 2005 by under Web.    

Return to Happiness is my current blog addiction. This guy is amazing. Not only does he have an enormous cock (which he has described in a few entries, and other people have described, and has gotten me so curious that I am :this: close to asking for a picture) but he can write as well. His blog entries are long, colorful narratives that just draw you in and make you want to read more. My current endeavor is to read through all the archives. I’m starting with day one of The Good Husband (his previous blog, before Return to Happiness), just as I had done with Kathy’s blog, so I can learn more about the events in his life that led to where he is now. Here’s an excerpt from The Good Husband to whet your appetite:

At about two in the morning I woke to find Wife’s hands in the front of my shorts stroking me. My hands were on her breasts and we were kissing. I didn’t know how it started and my first thought was that Wife was trying to show me that things would be OK. It was two in the morning remember. We kissed and fondled and were closer than we’ve been in a while. I remember regretting that I’d called my sister and my brother; a false alarm that’s going to cause some embarrassment. Maybe things were getting better. Wife rolled onto her back and lifted her shirt a bit. I took it up over her breast and took her nipple into my mouth. She whispered into my ear. “What if Chris comes home?” (Chris being me, so now you know my name) And then I knew that it wasn’t me. She woke with a start and sat right up. She looked at her clock and at me and in the dark I imagined she looked panicked. The clock was blinking; I guess the electricity must have flickered. She set her clock and lay back down. Her arms were under her pillow and not around me anymore. I fell asleep at three in the morning alone and scared.

It’s good stuff, isn’t it? A real life soap opera? Now do you see why I’m hooked?

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Random Stuff

Posted on February 26, 2005 by under Poker.    

To the guy who was entering North Y as I was leaving today: You’re working out, not going out. Lay off the cologne. A dab will do. You don’t need to bathe in it. As congested as I was I could still smell you. That’s not a good thing. To APL: I wish that the January 2005 Regional Championship Event (search for Cherrie; you’ll find me easily that way because I’m the only Cherrie right now; 2610004071) wasn’t today of all days. We have a couples massage today at 4:45 PM. I get invited to play in the championship tourney which is at 4:00 PM. Both are equally excellent, can’t-miss events that I would love to participate in. Brian and I had to book our massage four weeks in advance. I had to get lots of points in order to be invited. I wish I could make it, but Brian will kill me if I skip our massage for poker. Now that I know there is a possibility that I could qualify for these things, I’ll try to work my schedule around the tournament dates because I know that you won’t change the tournament schedule even if I ask nicely. To Wayne Brubaker: Why did you register through 2012? I will be dead before it becomes available again and that’s if you don’t renew. Alright, Brian is hungry so we have to go. The rest of the afternoon will be spent at Healing Waters getting massaged. I bet you’d like to be in my shoes right now.


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