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Archive for January 2005

Free Poker Addict

Posted on January 28, 2005 by under Poker, School.    

My gambling addiction is ruining my life!!


Skipping class last night to play the invite-only poker tourney at Heroes was the dumbest idea ever! I was no where near the money! I should never have skipped class! Ugh.

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Mom and Seleste

Posted on January 25, 2005 by under Family.    

mom and seleste at cheesecake factory
Originally uploaded by

Here’s a picture, that I took using my camera phone, of Mom and Seleste at Cheesecake Factory over the weekend. I think I may have posted this picture before straight from my cellphone at the time it was taken. Anyway, since I’m blogging about someone specific, I figured that a picture would be helpful.

Seleste is mom’s cousin who is only a few months older than me. I always thought she would be considered my aunt, but Brian says just because that she and mom are cousins doesn’t mean that we are actually related. She’s got a pretty successful career as a programmer. She’s a computer professional just like dad is and she’s currently working in Saint Louis, Missouri on a project for SBC. She’ll be here until the end of February, I think.

Mom is thoroughly impressed with her. I guess I am, too. I mean, she has a really great career, that pays really well and that allows her to travel to various countries like Finland, Germany and the US. I’m thinking, wow! Travel would be a great perk! But then, while I would love to have a job that allowed me to travel extensively, I think I’d hate it at the same time.

Her job requires her to be away from home for months on end. I don’t think I could do that. I mean, Brian is here. He’s my primary supplier of booty. That would mean no sex for several months. There’s no way I could handle that. The only thing that would change my mind would be if I could bring Brian with me in my travels.. That or, if they guaranteed me booty wherever I’m assigned! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Just kidding, baby!

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All Hail Ching

Posted on January 21, 2005 by under Poker.    

Bow before me for I am a poker goddess!

Dudes!! You won’t believe this!! I had two $5K chips left going into the final table… I was freakin’ short-stacked.. The odds were completely against me… And I took first place!! Even I couldn’t believe it! I am totally on fire this week.. I should go buy a lottery ticket!!

The “I wanna go home” lucky saying has just been surpassed by the “I gotta go pee” lucky saying. Ever since I realized that I had to go pee really bad and I kept going all in, all the cards kept going my way and I kept doubling and tripling up. It was insane.

The dude to my right who eventually took third place even exclaimed, “I think your best characteristic right now is your bladder.” To which his buddies who were huddled watching promptly made fun of him for.. And then I heard the “beautiful bladder” joke the rest of the time.

Finally, dude gets knocked out and it’s heads up. I had a three to one chip lead, but the guy wanted to cut a deal. He proposed that we split the prize money $35 to him and $40 to me. I had to go pee really bad but I wanted my points and I wanted first place bragging rights.

He’s like, “You can take first place and I’ll take second and we split the money.”

“Can we do that?” I asked Brian (not Brian, my husband, but rather Brian, the tournament director).

He’s like, “Sure whatever you guys want to do.”

I was about ready to explode, so I agreed. In reality though, with all the chips I had and with the luck I’ve had that night, I could’ve taken him for sure. He better be grateful for my $10 donation to his pocketbook. Ha! Ha! Ha!

So far this week I have won two tickets to a Wichita Thunder hockey game, $10 gift certificate to Whiskey Creek (which incidentally we are using on Sunday), $40 for taking first place at the Dill’s during our third session on Saturday night (more like Sunday morning because this was around 4 AM), $75 for taking first place at Jason’s during first session of our regular Tuesday game, silly ass points for taking 12th place during second session at Heroes last night, more stupid points for taking 9th during first session at The Loft earlier this evening and then $40 (it would’ve been $50 but I cut a deal with the other guy because my bladder was about to explode) for taking first place during the second session at The Loft just now.

I’m starting to reconsider my day job. What if I could be the next Annie Duke? That would totally rock!

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Crazy Weekend

Posted on January 16, 2005 by under Life, Poker.    

The last two days have been pretty eventful.  And fun.  After two weeks of work-school-work-school and then the crazy storm crisis, I think I deserve to let loose a little.

Diane let us out early on Friday after our last exam in IB.  It was quite a relief to finally be done with my pre-session class.  Almost five hours of class after being at work for at least eight hours is pretty stressful.  And then there was that one day when I had to work from 8 am to 5 pm, class right after until almost ten and then I had to go back to work for a 12 am to 8 am stint.  I felt like crying.  Plus, having had to work last Saturday and Sunday (because of the storm crisis) made things even worse.  I didn’t get a day off until yesterday.  Working twelve days straight can make anyone go postal.  I was :this: close.  Ask Brian.  I was totally bitchy.

So on Friday night, Brian and I decided to eat at Felipe’s to celebrate my brief freedom from school.  It’s brief because the regular semester classes start on Monday so I’ll be busy again.  After dinner we went to his parents’ house nearby because he had to use the restroom.  You can’t play poker on an upset stomach!  LOL!

The APL headquarters is pretty intimidating.  It was our first time there and my first time playing with more than 100 people.  They had 20-25 tables set up.  I believe there were about 180 players that night, invitees and wild cards alike.  I was on the invite list this time.  Brian has been holding that above my head for the last two weeks and now he can’t because this time I got invited and he didn’t!

Becca and I ended up outlasting everyone.  We both made it to the final table together, which was really cool.  In my quest to the top, I ended up knocking out Becca.  I was totally “river rat-ing” it all night.  I got lucky so many times and had so many close calls, I couldn’t believe I got as far as I did.  Of course, as you all know, I only placed second so I didn’t end up winning the trip to Vegas.  But that was still a really impressive finish.  I bet I made mad points that night.

The next day, I was supposed to work out at 9 am but missed step class because I wanted to eat breakfast.  I did hi/low and PHAT, worked out on the ellypticals and treadmills with Sarah and then played racquetball with Brian.  We would’ve played five games but he beat me two out of three games and the bet was that we would quit if he won.  Quite a bit of whining ensued before I finally relented.

“But you promised.  You have to keep your word.”

“Yes,” I said meekly, in that pouty puppy-dog way that only I can do.  “But that’s because I thought I would win.”

Boo hoo..  Waa waa waa..

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching Elektra and napping.  I’m so glad that we watched a matinee.  I wouldn’t have paid eight bucks to see that movie.  It was a total disappointment.

When we came home, we set our alarm for 9:30 pm so that we could get up and be at the Dill’s for the ten o’clock money game.  I was so out of it and so disoriented that when the alarm went I thought it was the next day already and we had missed poker!  And you know, I can’t miss poker!

The first session was $10 buy-in.  Brian and I both lost.  Second session was $5 buy-in.  There were ten players.  Second place got $10 and first place won $40.  Brian took first so we actually made $10 so far.  Brian was playing in that questionable Gus Hansen style of play that he does it was aggravating me so I quit paying attention and started taking pictures with Corey’s phone.  I took pictures of the “loveseat orgy” that ensued because everyone else was bored.  I mean, Brian drug heads up for a long, long time.  And you know even if you combine all of our attention spans, it wouldn’t equal that of a fly’s.  That’s what the pictures that you saw on here were from the wee hours of the morning.

After second session, the ten of us decide we should all go to breakfast at IHOP.  Brian and I made ten bucks, so we figured – sure, why not?  On the way there Jason commented that we would be there just around the time the freaks start coming out of the woodwork.

I was like, “No.  The freaks don’t show up until about three-ish.”

“Well, it’s two o’clock now and by the time we get our food, the freaks will have arrived.”

“I guess you are right,” I reply.  “But what are you worried about?  We have a whole posse tonight.”  Usually it’s just Brian, Jason and I so we are always outnumbered.  That night there were ten of us.

It was pretty crazy.  People were throwing half-and-half at one another.  Jason Dill chugged a whole carafe of maple syrup.  We were so loud that we could be heard all the way to Sam’s Club.  I don’t know what Jason was worried about.  WE WERE THE FREAKS THAT NIGHT!  Thankfully, despite all the shenanigans, the waitstaff was patient with us and we didn’t get kicked out.  It would suck to be kicked out of our favorite after-poker hangout.

Anyway, it must’ve been all the sugar from the syrup because after eating we all decided that we wanted to play another $5 session.  So we all drive back to the Dill’s, setup the poker table and the chairs that we had already put away and start another game.  I won the third session.  Go me!

Jason came home with us afterwards to play Need for Speed Underground 2 on PS2 with Brian.  They always end up playing until the wee hours of the morning so I ended up going to bed by myself.  When I woke up the next morning, I asked Brian what time Jason left and he goes, “He’s still here.”  He ended up sleeping on the lazy boy in the office – the poor guy.  But then we couldn’t exactly invite him into bed with us.  LOL!

By the way, if you were wondering why there was just nothingness on the webcam this morning, that’s Jason’s fault.  For some reason, he’s now decided to be camera-shy.  I think he’s freaked out by Brian’s stalker.

Brian started getting these crazy text messages from this person who goes by the alias “Swimfan” and it’s actually started creeping Brian out.  The messages imply that they’ve been watching him on the webcam.  He’s gotten them at all hours: 10 pm, 2 am and even 4 am from that night that I worked 12 am to 8 am at work and he and Jason stayed up with me.

For the record, no one would want to stalk you Jason so just chill out, okay?

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My Second Place Finish

Posted on January 15, 2005 by under Poker.    


Bunz wrote, “If the movie sucked why would you want to be her for halloween? 

Ching wrote, “Because the costume is hot! And I think it will be pretty easy to copy. And I’ve already got the hair. All I need is bangs, which I’m getting today. 
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my winnings

I placed second out of a hundred and eighty people at the APL headquarters tonight. I almost won a trip to Vegas. I totally rocked!

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