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Archive for July 2004

Peer Pressure

Posted on July 31, 2004 by under Life.    

I’ve got a major dilemma.  Ashley is planning this dinner and strip bar extravaganza for Erin and Jason before the their wedding.

The problem: Brian just absolutely hates strip bars.  I figured that I could convince him to go, but it’s not working out too well.  I’m thinking that he will go, if I insist, but he will be totally miserable.  If we’re lucky, that’s all I’ll have to contend with.  If we’re not, it may cause a lot of conflict between us.

To go or not to go, that is the question.

You’re probably thinking to yourself “The answer is clear, silly girl.”  Don’t go.  The more I ponder my conundrum, the more that I realize it’s the right thing to do.  I should put Brian before anything or anyone else.  He’s my husband, for crying out loud!  I can’t just force him to do what I want to..  Besides, it’s not even something that I really want to do.  Why risk conflict over it?

And you thought you wouldn’t have face peer pressure ever again after high school!  We never can escape it.  It’s all around us, in everything that we say and do..

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Busy Week

Posted on July 27, 2004 by under Life, Movies, Poker.    

I can already tell this will be a busy week.  Work has been really hectic and we’ve got a lot of things going on besides the usual bumming around that we do.  Brent invited us to come over and watch Starsky and Hutch sometime this week with him and Chelsea.  We’ve got it coming through Netflix, but it may take some time because it says on their website that there’s a bit of a wait on that title.  It would be nice to be able to just rent it and be done with so we can cross it off our movies-to-watch list.

We haven’t really done anything with Brent and Chelsea in a while because we have been really busy.  I think, before last night, the last time the four of us had dinner together was at Felipe’s Jr a couple of weeks ago.  And we didn’t even do anything.  All we did was eat dinner.

We were supposed to watch Incubus in concert for Chelsea’s birthday on Sunday but the concert has been postponed.  Brian and I ended up watching The Bourne Supremacy by ourselves because Brent and Chelsea aren’t that fond of Matt Damon.  Afterwards, Brent and Chelsea met up with us at Johnny Carino’s.  Brian bought dinner as part of Chelsea’s birthday present.  We got her the Alice in Wonderland DVD because that’s what Brent said she wanted movie-wise.  Either that or the second season of Invader Zim on DVD but we couldn’t find it.

I don’t know when we will be able to get with them to watch Starsky and Hutch.  We’ve got lots of things going on this week.  We’ve got the Keller-Williams patio/salsa party on Thursday night and then my old hair stylist Man’s (she used to work at Planet Hair) grand opening party for her new salon, Urban Image, on Friday night.  For Saturday, I traded with Seth so I could attend Erin’s lingerie shower at Yia-Yia’s.  So instead of working from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, I’m working 4:30 PM to 12:30 AM.  It’s gonna suck, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Of course, Sunday is movie day.  Brian and I will probably go see The Village.  We’ve enjoyed M. Night Shyamalan’s other movies in the past (Unbreakable, Signs) so this might prove to be a good movie also.

Anyway, if you don’t see me post anything else this week, you know where to find me.

P.S. I did really well at poker last night.  I placed 4th during the 1st session and then 3rd during the 2nd session!  Usually, I do really well one session and then really crappy the other, but I did extremely well during both sessions last night.  My poker skills must be improving!  He!  He!  

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The Bourne Supremacy

Posted on July 25, 2004 by under Movies.    

Brian and I watched The Bourne Supremacy this evening.  I loved it.  It was great.  I love Matt Damon, anyway, so he can’t do anything wrong in my eyes..  Except, of course, Stuck on You.  That was a dumb one.

The only thing I didn’t like about The Bourne Supremacy was that it had sexist undertones.  I mean, give me a break.  Pam couldn’t figure out that something was off.  Like, seriously, did she really think that Jason would leave his fingerprint?  This is a guy who is trained to be invisible.  It took a young and lowly peon to figure out that something was off.

The impression I got was that it took a man to figure out that Jason was being framed by someone else.  He was low ranking in the organization and kind of dumb but he was the first one to actually figured it out.

It took a tape for Pam to finally figure out what was right in front of her nose.  And I didn’t like that too much.

The was the only thing that bugged me.  Overall, I really enjoyed the movie.  I felt bad for Marie, though, because she didn’t play much of a part in the sequel.  Oh, well.  At least she’s still in it.

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Legends of Bartending

Posted on July 25, 2004 by under Life.    

We were watching the Legends of Bartending World Championships last night of The Food Network.  Gosh, these guys (and girls) do some pretty amazing things.  I thought bartending was bartending.  I had no idea there was such a thing as flair bartending.  After you advance to the finals (only twelve finalists get to advance), the competition has four events or rounds: speed, accuracy, working flair and entertainment flair.

 Christian Delpech interview in Las Vegas Weekly The reigning king of bartending, Christian Delpech won first place.  His brother came in second and his girlfriend came in 11th or 12th.  I can’t remember specifically, but the narrator made a big deal out of it considering it was her first competition.

You thought Tom Cruise was hot in Cocktail?  Christian makes Tom look like a chump!  Here’s a video showing some highlights of what these entertainment flair bartenders can do (it’s a large video file so it may take a while to download, you may want to skip it altogether if you’re on dialup).  I don’t know if Christian is still bartending these days.  I believe he’s retired.  If he’s still bartending, I would sure like to see him perform in person.  It’s very impressive stuff.

[update] If you go to the Flair Devils website, it says that he’s still working at Carnaval Court in Harrah’s Las Vegas.  I don’t know if that info is outdated but it sure makes me wanna go! [/update]

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Incubus Canceled

Posted on July 24, 2004 by under Life.    

I just got word that the Incubus concert for which we been holding tickets for over two months now has been either postponed or canceled.  Blah.

No one knows what is going on.  I called Dillon’s, where we purchased our tickets, and they don’t know anything either.  The guy gave me the phone number to the Select-A-Seat box office at the Kansas Colliseum but they freakin’ closed at 2PM.  The tickets are still being sold on the website.  What gives?

I guess, I will just try to Google it.  Google always has the answers.

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