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Archive for June 2004

No, Really

Posted on June 28, 2004 by under Life.    

Did you all know that Girlfriends LA went out of business?  And I thought they were doing really well.  I mean they’re they only catalog I knew of that catered to fat teens.  Everyone else ignored the plus sizes.  Anyway, all that is left there now is a link to Alloy and a link to Delia’s.

Sorry, I’ve been out of commish lately.  We’ve been really busy.  On top of that, we are addicted to a new game that we learned from one of our poker-playing buddies.  It’s gin.  As in gin rummy?  I was told the two are actually similar but separate games.  I always wondered about that because I would alway hear the words together and not separate.  So we learned to play gin and it’s quite addictive.  Brian tells me it’s an old person game but I don’t care.  If it’s fun, I will play it.

By the way, we recently bought Brian a new brand of perfume to try. He used to wear EBTek a long, long time ago (I used to work for Spiegel so I got discounts on Eddie Bauer merchandise).  Then we switched him to Aqua di Gio, which I still really love. He’s also tried the AE and AF both.  His last brand was Lucky You which he used for over a year because we really liked it; and it’s fairly cheap so we continued to buy it.  But we both decided that it was time for a change so after getting a major headache from smelling almost all the men’s fragrances offered at Dillard’s we decided on Cologne by Thierry Mugler.  It came in this alien green box which was right up Brian’s alley.  The smell is fresh & citrusy and seemed to have great staying power.  But what really tickles me is that it’s called Cologne.

I imagine people asking Brian what scent he is wearing and he’ll go “Cologne” and then they’ll go, “No really. What brand?”  It cracks me up every time.

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Sarah’s 21st Birthday

Posted on June 17, 2004 by under Life.    

Here are some pictures from Sarah’s 21st birthday celebration at PF Chang’s last Saturday..

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KC Trip Photos – Final Installment

Posted on June 8, 2004 by under Life, Travel.    

This is the final installment of our KC trip pictures. Enjoy!

Click here for part 1, here for part 2, and here for part 3.


KC Trip Photos – Part Three

Posted on June 7, 2004 by under Life, Travel.    

Kansas City pictures part three.. These are a combination of pictures we took at Country Club Plaza and Westport. I’ve got one more set coming after this. Enjoy!

 yuppy bikers in front of LATTéLAND  the Oscar Mayer weiner mobile  more yuppy bikers  more yuppy bikers  Valencia Place parking garage  hummer at Westport  Brian testing a massage chair at Sharper Image  view from our table at Cheesecake Factory  view from our table at Cheesecake Factory  that's PF Chang's across the street, by the way  Brian browsing the Cheesecake Factory menu  must be a really complicated menu  Brian and Ching at Cheesecake Factory  the yummiest mango drink ever  artsy picture of forks  the most delicious chocolate mouse cake ever  a Westport hat shop  a Westport clothing store  graffiti or wall art, your choice  inside Freaks on Broadway tattoo shop  inside Freaks on Broadway tattoo shop  Brian looking at tattoo designs  stairway leading to Freaks on Broadway tattoo shop  hallway leading to Freaks on Broadway tattoo shop  Brian putting on new earrings  bronze sculpture at a Westport intersection  random picture  some kind of bistro  Brian  Brian  Murray's  Streetside Records  heading back to Country Club Plaza  Canyon Cafe  UNO Chicago Grill  Baja 600

For more pictures from our Kansas City excursion, click here for part 1 and click here for part 2.

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KC Trip Photos – Part Two

Posted on June 7, 2004 by under Life.    

The set of pictures you are about to view were taken in our room at The Raphael. It’s a little hotel located right in Country Club Plaza. I think the main advantage we found was that we didn’t have to drive or find parking. We just walked from our hotel to everywhere we went at the plaza. The only times we really had to drive were when we went to Westport and to Union Station.

 Brian unpacks our stuff  the living room part of our suite  mirror picture  laying in bed  Brian watching TV  contrary to what the cordless keyboard says, it really is more like snail-speed internet access  another mirror picture  and another one  chocolate mints  they made our bed, yay  view of the plaza  from our window  more pictures taken from room  more pictures taken from our room  more pictures taken from our room  more pictures taken from our room

Click here for pictures taken during our first day at Country Club Plaza. Day two pictures are coming soon.


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