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Ugg-ly Boots

Posted on October 26, 2003 by under Life, Wishlist.    

I got me some fake sheepskin boots last week.  Brian hates them and thinks that they’re ugly.  That’s what I thought at first when I saw Drew Barrymore sporting them in various magazine photos last year but, to tell you the truth, they’ve grown on me.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that all of the most fashionable celebrities are wearing them.  True to form, I got myself a pair because, frankly, I’m a celebrity in my own right!

“But they’re so ugly!”  is Brian’s initial reaction. 

“When you see them on me, you will love them!  I promise,”  I reply.  “They’ll have to grow on me, I guess.”  Whatever.  Guys are so clueless!  I told Brian, in about six months to a year when everyone else starts wearing them I will be able to tell him “I told you so.”

“If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you do it?”  Umm, probably not — unless there’s a bungee cord attached to my ankle.  Besides, they’re just boots.  What’s the harm in that?

What’s so funny is, I pointed them out to Misty a while back.  One of her magazines showed a picture of Kirsten Dunst wearing them.  “That can’t be Kirsten Dunst!” she says, “Those are really ugly boots.”  “Yes, it is [Kirsten Dunst]!  I promise!  All of the celebrities are wearing them nowadays.”

Her reaction?  “But they’re so ugly!”  There goes that word again.

Sometime after Misty goes, “You know, ever since you pointed those boots out to me I started seeing them everywhere in magazines.”

“I told you!”  I guess I’m more impressionable than Misty is because she still doesn’t think they’re “wearable.”  It’s that ugliness factor.

“I bought some,” I tell her.  They’re pretend Ugg boots, though.  Mine are made by MIA which I found at Dillard’s for a bargain $69 bucks.  “I’ll have to wear them for you.”

Not only are sheepskin boots ugly but they’re kind of pricey as well.  You don’t see cheap and Ugg in the same sentence.  And no one wants to spend a lot of money on ugly boots.  We came to the conclusion that Ugg probably got their brand name from the word ugly and laugh about it.  It turns out we were right.

Anyway, I thought they were ugly at first but I like them now.  I wouldn’t have bought my MIA boots otherwise, duh?!

So I wore them to school and work on Thursday.  “They’re actually not bad looking,” Misty says.  “They’re cuter than the ones pictured in the magazines.”  At first I think she’s just trying to make me feel better about my $70 blunder.  But then she goes, “I wonder when Payless will carry them.”  And I know it was a compliment.

Feeling brave, I wear them again the next day.  Most of the people I encounter don’t know what to make of them but one girl in Stat goes, “Your boots are cute.  Don’t let anyone make fun of you.”  She was being sincere and I really appreciated it.

Today we went to the mall to return a pair of Unlisted boots that I had bought along with the MIA boots.  I had bought them mostly to pacify Brian (because he really hated the MIA boots).  Now that I’m totally loving the MIA boots and I’ve found that I’m able to wear them with a lot of outfits, I decide to say goodbye to the more conventional Unlisted boots.

I wore a green, fitted, v-neck sweater from Hollister and my short, pleated skirt from Abercrombie & Fitch.  Naturally, or rather defiantly, I wore my MIA boots.  Brian had said they wouldn’t work with the outfit and I was trying to prove him wrong.

“So how do you like them?  And you said it wouldn’t work.  Why don’t you just admit it when you’re wrong?”

“I still don’t like the boots.”

“But don’t they look cute with this outfit?”

“You always look cute baby, no matter what you’re wearing.”  I guess I look cute despite my ugly boots.  That’s the way I took it anyway.

“Don’t I look like I just stepped out of a catalog?”

“You always look like you just stepped out of a catalog.”

Being fashionable is not a crime.  Brian has always wanted me to be more adventurous in my clothing choices but now that he is not very supportive of my so-called ugly boots, I realize that my style is just different.  I mean, what can be more courageous and adventurous than wearing boots your husband thinks are ugly?

The most satisfying compliment of all came from this cute girl at Express.  Now, she is fashionable.  Whenever we go to the Express store, she’s always in something stylish and trendy.  I know that they’re encouraged to buy their own merchandise but most of the other girls need fashion help.  This girl has found fashion nirvana.  Case in point: when we first noticed her, she was wearing a black skirt, the lace corset top (a $68 splurge that I relented to after much pressure from Brian — he really liked it — I wouldn’t have relented but it was perfect for the occasion — I wore it on our anniversary date) and a flower choker.  A flower choker!  Trust me, not many people have the guts to or can get away with wearing such an accessory!

“Cute outfit.  And you’re wearing J.LO boots.  I love your J.LO boots.”

If I needed any kind of affirmation (which I don’t because I’m truly loving my boots) on whether or not the boots are a keeper, that was it right there.  I love them because the totally clueless and unfashionable just stare at you and the truly fashionable give you their nod of approval.  In a town like Wichita, which might as well be Bedrock and where you can count the number of fashionable people with the digits on your hands and feet, you get more stares than kudos.

I’m definitely the only one brave enough to sport these boots around town.  Perhaps there are others like me but I’ve yet to run into them.

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Posted on October 25, 2003 by under Web.    

All I can say is..

No one reads my blog — and that’s a good thing.

And even if they did, at least I’m not writing about sensitive subjects.

Case in point: Easterbrook [via Dooce].  Are your opinions worth getting fired over?  Mine are not.  

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New Camera

Posted on October 24, 2003 by under Wishlist.    

Do you think they’re trying to tell me something? (hint: check the estimated release date)

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Topeka Trip

Posted on October 19, 2003 by under Life.    

Has it really been ten days since my last blog post? It feels like time is flying by. I’m supposed to be writing a term paper that is due on the 24th but I’m experiencing writer’s block to the extreme. Term paper on hold, what better way to procrastinate than by blogging? Actually, my procrastination method of choice yesterday was online shopping but after having spent almost a grand I thought I’d better find another way to procrastinate before Brian kills me. This writer’s block thing sucks! I better find inspiration quick or else I’m dead.

Speaking of dead and killing, I saw this killer movie last night. Brian (who will be glad to know he isn’t the only one enamoured by Gogo) took me to dinner and a movie. Our movie of choice? Kill Bill Vol. 1, of course. Did you expect us to see anything else? The movie was so Mortal Kombat gory that all of the blood and gore seemed comical. I’d never thought I’d find so much death and dismemberment fun and entertaining. This is going on the “movies to own” list.
Anyway, for more goodies visit the A Band Apart website. I’ve got other business to attend to — that is, sharing some pictures that are getting stale from storage. Enjoy!

This would be Brian on the way to Topeka. We were driving there for the company bowling championships.
Brian at the Westridge Mall food court. He was waiting for me to come out of the restrooms. It wasn’t a short wait either.
This would be me, feeling much better after pooping. I tried to talk Brian into renting a room so I can unload in peace but he said that we would have to pay for the entire night/day even if we were just staying for a few hours (yes, pooping can take hours for me sometimes). I was like, “Whatever happened to them hooker rates?” I guess nice hotels/motels don’t have hooker rates. Brian was like, “What are you trying to do? Get me arrested?”

Not really. I just want to poop.

Brian goes, “I can just see myself trying to explain it to the police officer: SHE’S MY WIFE, I SWEAR!” A night in jail would make for a truly eventful trip. Not that the trip wasn’t evenful enough.

Luckily we found the mall and malls have restrooms. So there I was in the restroom at ten in the morning trying to unload, except that everyone and their freaking dog was in there with me. You’d think that there would be more peace and quiet as early as it was. But no. Of course, not. There was so much racket I couldn’t concentrate. It think it was partly my subconscious too. I hate having other people hear the plop sounds of my turd as it hits toilet water.

Much to my relief they finally left. But then I couldn’t complete my task because I was too warm (I always have to poop naked, don’t ask why). So I had to take my socks and pants off (I kept my shirt on, thank you). I come out feeling so much better a half an hour later.

Word to the wise: Do not grab breakfast at QuikTrip. The gas is good, but the food is not. Trust me on this one. I have the most resilient stomach ever. Brian can attest to this. If my stomach cannot hold it, yours won’t either.
Here are more serious pictures.
Saving the best for last..
Sunset pictures taken during the drive home.

Are you ready for some more? I’ve got so many pictures to share and they’ve just been collecting dust. This next set were pics I took on the way home from Bailamos at Wichita State. A WU-cop pulled Brian over because of the green lights on his windshield washer squirter thingies.
I would’ve much rather not been pulled over but at least he was cordial about it. And he didn’t mind having his picture taken either. So that was nice.

Here are some pics of us at Carrabba’s.

I know I said we were boycotting Carrabba’s but they have good food. What can you do?

And then these are from last night at Sumo.

Dinner and a movie. It felt like we were dating again. Dinner was great, albeit expensive. And the movie was great. Plus we were both looking very stylish with our fashionable clothes and Brian’s new truck. If people thought we were absolutely perfect before, they’re going to be thinking it even more now. Just don’t let them see the condition that our house is in. Because we are truly very ghetto.
Speaking of Brian’s new truck. I’ve got some pictures of it, too. It’s a 2002 Rodeo Sport. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. It’s the first of its kind I’ve ever seen.

The last picture was taken last week when it was sunny and somewhat warm. We rode it top-down. I like his new car a lot. It suits him well.
The last set of pictures are pictures that were taken by Brian to profess his undying love for me. You’ll see what I mean when you see them.


Canon Powershot SD10

Posted on October 7, 2003 by under Wishlist.    

Okay, I’ve got some pictures but they will have to wait.  Kind of busy with school right now, particularly with my Saturday classes.  Normal, semi-regular blogging will resume in November.  In the meantime, I’ve got something new to share on the “want” list.

It’s the new Canon SD10 ultra-compact set to be released on Thursday.  You can preorder on Amazon now but if you’re preordering one for yourself, please remember to order two (one for you and one for me, heh).  Seriously, though..  It kicks ass.  I want it as a supplement to my clunky but bad-ass G3.  Forget the Nikon SQ!  LOL!

[ I had some pictures here but dpreview doesn’t allow hot-linking so they are off now.  Just go to the link above to look at the pics of the SD10.  Thanks! ]

It comes in four so very stylish colors and you can even get a waterproof case!  Have you ever seen anything cooler?!  I’m orgasmic just looking at pictures of it on the internet.  Can you imagine what I would if I actually had it?  I would explode!

P.S. It also happens to be $100 less than the Nikon SQ that I initially wanted.  Good thing I haven’t bought it yet.  It just goes to show that it really does pay to wait.

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