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Archive for August 2003

Back-to-School Thoughts

Posted on August 30, 2003 by under School, Toys.    

The first week and a half of school has gone really well.  I can’t believe I was so apprehensive.  Brian was completely right.  I truly had nothing to fear.  Besides, I think I blend in pretty well.  I doubt anyone can tell that I’m a non-traditional (read: returning adult) student.

Other great news: we found my dream printer, the Canon i950 for almost $50 less at Sam’s Club and it even came with a free USB cable (not that I needed one, but free stuff is always good) and Dazzle 6-1 card reader (not that I need it).  The free stuff was just an added bonus.  It was the price that really grabbed my attention.  What an awesome deal!

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Posted on August 27, 2003 by under School.    

There have been so many changes since I last attended Wichita State University..  Technology in schools have advanced so much in the last four or five years.  When I registered for my classes this semester, I was amazed that I could do everything online — even get advising.  Back in the day you had touch-and-roll phone registration or you registered for classes in person.  When it was time to pay, everyone paid in person so you can imagine the nightmare.  These days many people opt to pay by mail so there are fewer people who pay in person.  The lines are still pretty bad but only because they’ve shortened the payment period.  Overall things are more efficient than they were in the past.

The improvements don’t end there either.  I love that more classes are now using Blackboard.  The technology has been around for many, many years but none of the classes I’ve taken in late 90s really took full advantage of it.  The computers have been replaced with newer ones and even the classrooms received upgrades.  Enter SMARTBoard, the technology that will render primitive chalkboards and whiteboards obsolete.  It’s great to see progress.  It’s great to see the university make an effort to keep up.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to changes that I’ve noticed.  It’s a familiar place but there is so much for me to explore and catch up on.  It’s like seeing an old friend at your high school reunion whom you haven’t seen since graduation.  I’m getting to know WSU all over again.

So I’m back to school with my old stuff.  Armed with new text books and supplies but still the same old me.  Me and my trusty leather backpack which Sarah jokingly refers to as “old school.”  And it is.  It’s showing signs of age very much like its owner.  Bought at Wilson’s for $125 at the beginning of my very first semester at WSU in 1996, it’s been through a lot.  And it endures, much like I have.

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Divina’s Wedding

Posted on August 17, 2003 by under Life.    

Brian and I attended Divina and Mike’s wedding at Saint Francis yesterday. Brian was afraid it would be super long since it was a Catholic ceremony but it wasn’t longer than the norm. I’ve actually witnessed longer ceremonies. It also helped that all the kneeling was optional.

The reception following the ceremony was held at Airport Hilton. Brian and I drove all around West Wichita in search of a Commerce Bank ATM so I could withdraw cash for the cash bar and possibly the dollar dance. We came across a Boeing Wichita Credit Union, Legacy, a couple of Bank of America locations, Emprise, Sunflower, several Intrust Bank branches and a few others but could not find a Commerce Bank at all. Finally I talked Brian into going back to West 21st Street where I knew for sure there would be one. I didn’t insist at first because he was convinced that there we would find one on the way to Airport Hilton but there wasn’t so we had to back-track. Anyway, we finally got our cash and we made it to the reception with our gift in tow: a $50 gift certificate to one of Brian’s favorite stores, Williams Sonoma, and a Nine Months DVD, which I thought would be good for a few laughs since Divina happens to be pregnant.

The reception was fun. Divina had Airport Hilton provide everything, including the cake (which was pretty good, almost as good as one of Tita Rose’s wedding cakes, so I was mighty impressed). The staff did a wonderful job. They even swept the dance floor after some of the glass from their light fixture broke during the bouquet toss. It was funny because eveyrone had to clear the dance floor and everything stopped during the clean-up so in order to fill the time the DJ started playing the “Married With Children” theme song.
I’ve got a few pictures from the event below. The quality on some of them isn’t great because my camera ran out of battery after a few shots and we had to take pictures using Brian’s new 3650. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great camera phone as camera phones go. The picture quality is way better than any of the other camera phones sold in the market that I have seen. It’s just, I would’ve preferred 4-megapixels rather than being limited to 640X480 res..

The next set were all taken with Brian’s camera phone. They were kind of blurry so I shrank them even more. Trust me, they look better as these little thumbnail images.

And, of course, Brian and I took pictures of ourselves before we even left the house.

This is the dress that I got stuck in while trying on back in April. It was pretty comical. Anyway, Brian hates the thing. I think the puffy skirt puts him out, aside from the fact that it is a challenge to put on and take off. He calls it my “June Cleaver” outfit. I thought it worked well for the ocassion because it had all of Divina’s colors: black, white and red.

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Homeless Guy

Posted on August 16, 2003 by under Life, School.    

With school starting next week I have a long list of things that I will miss: sleeping in and having Brian drive me to work and pick me up, just to name a couple.  I love it when Brian picks me up even though I have to wait a few minutes for him to arrive at my work (we both get off at 11 pm but he has to wait for all of his people to get off the phone and finish his end of day stuff and drive from the North side of town where T-Mobile is located to downtown Wichita).  I usually have a pretty uneventful wait — just the two of us, talking to each other via our cellphones until he arrives to whisk me away.  Thursday night, however, was more exciting than usual.

I looked in the alley where Brian normally comes from and told him that they are still doing construction but this time the entire alley is blocked off so he will have to go around and take Main Street instead at which point I noticed this drunk man walking in my direction.  Instictively I walked back to the well-lit front entry.  I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible but the man still found me and asked for directions (I am the last person you’d want directions from, trust me).  He wanted to know how to get to Broadway.  I always get turned around so I started asking Brian who was on the phone with me the whole time through my handsfree/headset but everytime I would say something to Brian the drunk man would start talking to me again.  I can’t really fault him for it for even sober people get taken aback when you are seemingly talking to think air because they do not see any kind of phone held next to your ear.  He was drunk so he probably didn’t realize I was on the phone.

I couldn’t get decent directions because he would keep interrupting me everytime I’d ask so I just told him to keep going in the direction that he was already going (he was walking along First Street, coming from Main towards Market).  Our entry faces South so this would actually be correct.  What I didn’t understand was he said he wanted to go downtown but he was already downtown.  He mentioned something about looking for McDonald’s but I really couldn’t understand because his speech was slurred.  I wished that I could’ve given him better directions but I was actually relieved to see him walking away.

Broadway kind of has a bad reputation, specially as you go further North.  The street is riddled with street-walkers and seedy motels.  Brian immediately assumed that the drunk man was looking for a hooker.  “No, baby!” I told him, “He’s looking for a McDonalds.” Brian goes, “He has a long walk ahead of him then.” I didn’t realize this then but Brian is right.  When he gets to Broadway, he has to walk another four blocks South in order to get there.

As we started driving home, we saw him still walking along First Street.  He had gone past Broadway and was well on his way to Old Town.  I almost made Brian stop so we could give him a ride to McDonald’s.  Brian was like, “No!  You gave him directions.  That’s your good deed for the day.”  He said “Look,” pointing to the police car driving behind us, “they’re not even stopping!”  But still I felt guilty for not being able to give him better directions.  Brian’s point was, what are the chances that he would have even understood the better directions?  “It’s not YOUR fault that he is too drunk to read the BIG green street sign!”

“But baby, you don’t understand!  What if I run into him again?  He might try to kill me for giving him such horrible directions!”  Brian’s like, “That’s why I tell you to stay inside the building while you wait for me!  I hate it when you stand outside!  It makes me worry!”  To this I always insist that it’s fine because the entry is very well lit.  Seriously though, I feel really bad that he missed Broadway.

You know what the sad part is?  I’ve been working downtown for over a year, I was completely sober and yet I didn’t know which direction Broadway would be!  It’s terrible!

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Ashley’s Birthday

Posted on August 12, 2003 by under Life.    

Here are some highlights from August 2nd when we all went out to celebrate Ashley’s 21st birthday. I’ve actually had these uploaded for a few days but I’ve been lazy and slow at posting them. Sorry it’s a bit delayed. It’s hard to keep up with multiple sites. It’s a real challenge. Trust me!

So enjoy the pics! And remember, this shit is hard work for lazy blog-slackers like me!

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