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Archive for July 2003

Dad’s New Car

Posted on July 25, 2003 by under Family.    

Congrats to dad for finally ditching is old Ford Ranger, biting the bullet and buying a brand new car. He’s now driving a more stylish, more reliable 2004 Toyota Corolla. We’ll be checking it out this Saturday. Of course, mom’s car is still much nicer. It’s a Toyota Highlander SUV they bought brand new, around this time last year, right before my wedding. This is typical for Filipino households. The woman always has the better vehicle. They were actually thinking of getting a Toyota Tundra for dad (perhaps because he is partial to trucks) but my always pragmatic parents thought that it would be wasteful to drive a Tundra to and from Houston because all of the mileage will depreciate the value right away. Brian made a really good point when we were talking the shower the other day, though. Trucks are great for moving and dad moves around a lot. I guess he will just have to either borrow mom’s Highlander (since it is an SUV and can hold a lot more than his new Corolla) or rent a UHaul trailer.

What I really find amusing about my parents is that the purchase, as usual, was totally unplanned. Matt picked up Logan one day. I guess they saw an Eddy’s Toyota (where they bought mom’s car last year) commercial ad on tv saying 0% financing on all 2003 models so they thought, we have nothing better to do, let’s go check out cars! Of course, there were no more 2003 models when the got there. How that can happen (as big an operation Eddy’s is), I know not but they ended up getting talked into buying a 2004 model with 2.9% financing. Not bad but with car dealerships, just like in Vegas, the house always wins.

I’m a little surprised that mom talked dad into it. I know it was her too because she always does this sort of thing. She’ll spend hundreds of dollars (perhaps thousands) on furniture without even blinking. She is the impulsive one. Dad used to be really anal-retentive about stuff, researching every aspect and examining every angle before he will even say yes I’ll think about it. He is more laid back now and more open to mom’s whims. Maybe he has mellowed in his old age (no offense, dad) or maybe he’s just given up the fight. If you can’t beat them, join them.. Right?

Kidding aside, mom tells me that this is a necessity because dad’s truck has gone to hell in a handbasket. It’s turned into a cash cow for greedy mechanics at the auto repair shop. So it was a spur-of-the-moment necessity purchase, if there is such a thing. Mom was really happy that the dealership gave them $2000 trade in value for the truck without even looking at it. I think they could have squeezed another $1000 out of the deal, considering that the dealer will probably sell it for $5000 on the lot, but hey dad has mellowed and mom has always been easy (no offense to either of you). Lord knows how many imaginary repairs they’ve paid for on that truck. Just kidding!

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Logan’s Birthday

Posted on July 20, 2003 by under Family.    

I’m feeling rather lazy so I’m doing this the short way.  What I mean by that is instead of posting Logan’s birthday party pictures here, I’m just sending you to the offical birthday album via the Alonso family website.  We had so much fun at Chuck E. Cheese, even though all of their games were for kids eight and under.  Brian was really looking forward to playing games but much to his disappointment he was a little too old for them.  We had a blast watching Logan play, though!

While we were outside Chuck E. Cheese waiting in the parking lot for mom and all the other guests to show up, Brian and I were really debating whether or not to go inside or continue to wait.  We were reluctant because, even though we lived less than half a mile from there for almost two years, we both have never been inside before.  Brian really told me we couldn’t enter because we didn’t have any children with us.  He says that it said so on the door.  There’s supposedly a sign that reads, “All adults must be accompanied by a child.”  Since I can’t see that far without glasses or contact lenses I almost believed him.  Ha-ha, Brian!

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Random Stuff

Posted on July 20, 2003 by under Family, Life, Poker.    

We went swimming at Andy’s yesterday.  It was a blast, specially since we spent more time swimming than usual.  Of course, since I don’t know how to swim and can barely keep myself afloat, it thoroughly wore me out.  It gave my body a major workout.  I’m yo-yoing between 108 and 110 lbs these days.  I’m glad that I haven’t gained more weight since I’ve stopped working out on a regular basis.  It just goes to show that eating less helps tremendously.

After swimming Brian and I took my car to the carwash.  It’s my car’s turn to get cleaned since we took his car to the carwash last week.  We didn’t even bother changing.  We knew that we were going to get wet anyway so we just went there in our swimsuits right from swimming with Sarah and Ashley.

Later that evening Brian and I went to his parents house to check out their new computer from Dell.  Brian helped his dad setup a network between their old pc and the new one so he can transfer all of his files.  They needed to transfer their stuff over because they plan to strip their old pc and give it to Brian’s grandparents to replace their old pc which cannot play any of the games that are available now.  It has a difficult enough time playing the games that are already installed in the system.

Anyway, I hung out with Brian and his dad as they setup the network between the two computers.  Brian shared the C-Drive on the old pc so that the new pc had full access to it.  Dave wanted to transfer his contacts and saved email messages from the Outlook Express on the old pc to the new pc and I was the right man for the job.  Transfering the contact list was easy enough.  Brian and I have done that numerous times because of all of the times that he has uninstalled and reinstalled the operating system on his computer, exporting and importing contacts from our Outlook Express and Yahoo! mail, not to mention to and from our computers.   Transfering the messages was a little harder because we’d never even attempted to do it before.  We went through the motions of importing but neither Dave nor Brian could figure out the source folder.  They both gave up pretty easily and resigned themselves to the tedious task of forwarding all those emails (hundreds of them) that they had saved over time and just retrieving them on the new pc.  Never one to give up easily, I kept digging.  I finally found the source folder on the old pc.  So we tried again.  Brian who sometimes has doubts about my abilities (but I can’t blame him because I act like a dumb blonde most of the time) goes, “If this works, I’ll be really impressed.”  Under normal circumstances I would’ve replied, “Prepare to be impressed then!”  But, as I’d never done it before, I wasn’t too confident about the process either.  Dave goes, “It this works she’s getting a really big hug.”  Guess what, I got the hug!

That’s all for now, I have to get back to playing UB.  I lost $88,000 goofing off at one of the 100-200 tables one night and now I’m back to the kiddle tables.  Brian had a really good night last night and got up to almost $300,000.  We also figured out how to transfer funds between players.  He gave me $50,000 so that I could play with him at one of the 500-1000 tables but I lost it all on ONE hand!  He gave me another $10,000 just now but I blew threw that pretty quickly too.  I’m going to have to work on getting more playchips myself from now on because Brian won’t give me any more money!  See you all in UB!  

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July 4th Photos

Posted on July 12, 2003 by under Family, Life.    

Here are the pictures that we took on July 4th as promised. They’re not all that exciting but I figured I had to get them posted because I’m running way, way behind on posting the pictures that I’ve taken. There’s still the pictures that we took on July 10th at work, for Misty’s birthday and then the pictures that we’re going to take tomorrow during Logan’s birthday party.

Someday I will find a way to automate this process. Until then, you’ll have to settle for the lag time.

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Posted on July 8, 2003 by under Life, Travel.    

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two weeks since my last posting.  We’re not even that busy!  Fourth of July came and went like a blur.  The three-day weekend was super nice but it went by too quickly for me.  A real vacation would be nice but I’ve used all of mine up already (remember when our furnace died in winter)..

Fourth of July was spent at Sedgwick County Park and then at Brian’s parents.  The Filipinos gathered at the part for a fourth-of-July-slash-despedida-party celebration for the Doronios who are moving to Kansas City.  Tita Tessie, probably the most creative person on the face of the earth, made this really cool scrapbook thing with everyone’s pictures for Tita Lita and Tito Wendell to take with them so they’ll remember their friends from Wichita wherever life may take them.  I thought that was really neat.

A Filipino party without karaoke isn’t a Filipino party at all.  So naturally, someone brought a TV and MagicSing (or Magic Mic, as I like to call it).  As they were doing karaoke, I went and played sand volleyball with a bunch of people.  That was a lot of fun.  I love playing volleyball.  Of course, Brian, who is not so fond of physical activity, just sat in the shade and watched.  I wish that he would play volleyball with me sometimes.  He did this during our honeymoon too.  I went and begged a whole bunch of strangers (well, they were on the same ship as us) to let me play volleyball with them, as he lay in a hammock watching from a distance.  I don’t know how to convince him or what to bribe him with to get him off his butt and playing volleyball with me!

Over at Brian’s parents, everyone was sitting around in their lawn chairs on their neighbor Jim’s driveway.  I think the highlight of the evening was Kevin getting shot with a beanie baby by a 120-psi air-powered cannon.  Email me if you want the video clip.

Saturday was spent laying out with Ashley and then shopping after that.  On Sunday Mom took us all out to eat at RibCrib and then we went to see Legally Blonde 2 (but only because Derby Bowl was closed for the holiday weekend).  I have some pictures but I’ve been lazy so I haven’t processed them for posting here.  I will post them next time.  I promise!

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