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Posted on April 16, 2003 by under Health.    

 Ruby Rox Dress I got stuck in the dress from hell for almost two hours.  It would have been funny — if I didn’t feel so ridiculous.  My regular workouts deluded me into thinking that I can fit into a SIZE 3 again.  In my dreams! The reality of it was a total nightmare..

I was having a hissy last week so I ended up buying these two Ruby Rox party dresses from Dillard’s.  I’m partial to strapless dresses (if I could only count how many I have — different styles from different stores — yes, I’m a clothes whore — err, clothes horse) so I bought two of the same style.  I got the periwinkle one and the black and white print pictured left.  I had seen similar dresses in the Victoria’s Secret catalogs last season but they cost twice as much. Naturally, I thought the less expensive Ruby Rox dresses were a steal!

To tell you the truth, the material isn’t that great — the black and white print one is actually a white screen-print (seemed like screenprint anyway) on black fabric — it wasn’t even woven. The material on the periwinkle dress is different and, I think, is much better quality — although I haven’t taken it out of the plastic yet, so I haven’t inspected it all that well.  I can see why they are selling for a much lower price.

So anway, anytime I get a package in the mail I get super-excited (I get three times more excited these days because my mail order shopping has become less frequent due to financial woes) and I feel compelled to try on my new outfits.  I did a quick eenie, meanie, minie mo as I undressed. The black and white print dress won the toss up, so I eagerly took it out of the plastic, slid it off the hanger, untied the belt and unzipped the back.  I stepped into the dress and pulled it up only to find out that my hips were too wide.  Rather than risk tearing the dress by forcing the issue, I decided to try putting it on the other way — through my head.  I couldn’t just slip it on because the opening wasn’t wide enough (frankly a longer zipper in the back would have worked wonders) so I had to force the dress on, sliding one arm at a time.  Getting the dress on wasn’t even nearly as challenging as getting it zipped up.  Not even close!

I finally just gave up on it because I couldn’t get it zipped.  But then I couldn’t take it off! I couldn’t slip it down to my feet because my hips were too wide and I couldn’t take it off through my head because it was too tight.  I was stuck! I really wished that Brian would come home so he could help me get it off (I own a couple of other dresses that require collaboration between Brian and I to get on and off so he’s used to it) but he was running late coming home for his lunch break tonight.

Alright fine, I thought.  Since I can’t take it off, I might as well wear it. After struggling for almost thirty minutes I finally had it zipped up almost completely in the back.  Looking at the glass as half-full, I thought I might as well forget about working out tonight because I can’t take the stupid dress off but at least I had a thirty-minute workout out of the whole ordeal.

Brian finally came home for dinner (on his lunch break) at a little after nine and he helped me out of the dress before he returned to work.  Whew!  What a fiasco!

I really love the dresses and I want to return them for ones that fit better but the SIZE 3’s are just a teeny bit tight (they fit as long as I don’t wear a bra and someone else has to zip them up for me and help me take them off at the end of the day) and I’m worried that the next size up (5’s) will be too big.  It’s a strapless dress so that’s a big no-no.  I wouldn’t want them falling off (specially since I have no boobs to hold them up).  I guess just chalk this up to even more motivation to lose weight!  ~sigh~

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Mirror Project Photos

Posted on April 16, 2003 by under Memes.    

Here are the Mirror Project pictures that we took at the mall before this mean store clerk at Hotline ruined our fun and told us we couldn’t take pictures anymore.

 outside the arcade
 at The Shoe Dept
 still at The Shoe Dept
 still at The Shoe Dept
 still at The Shoe Dept
 at Hotline
 at Hotline

Have you guessed the theme? These pictures were taken the weekend that Brian and I went shoe shopping — an even that has been a major blow to my spending freeze. Once I get started, I can’t seem to stop! Hopefully, I can start taking control of my spending again..

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Militaria Show

Posted on April 13, 2003 by under Family.    

Went to the Militaria Show at the Cessna Activity Center today to show our support for the Mid-Kansas Military Vehicles Preservation Association today. It was a lot of fun! Even though Brian and I don’t have a vehicle of our own we usually come to their functions to help and hang out (mostly just hang out for me) because his dad is the president of the organization. The turn-out for the Militaria Show wasn’t great but they actually managed to recruit three new members to the club. We took lots of pictures — and that’s always fun for me! Here are some of them..

 Dave inside the ferret
 Brian checks it out
 Dave from the side
 not the furry mammal you expected
 Dave's M151 A1 jeep
 getting into the ferret
 geared up like a soldier
 another ferret picture
 Don putting his flag up
 everyone getting setup
 one of the humvees
 Bob's duece and a half
 grandpa and grandma in the jeep
 grandpa and grandma in the jeep
 another picture of Bob's duece
 check out all those jeeps
 check out the cute ferret
 the radio compartment in Don's truck
 here's the ferret again
 the engine in the ferret
 another picture of the ferret
 Jim Lynn's time machine
 another jeep
 magnetic sign used by members to protect their vehicles
 Dave's M151 A1 jeep
 inside a V6 powered jeep
 an older model jeep
 inside Bob's duece
 shot of some of the vehicles displayed
 some of the members
 more club members
 Don Low
 Don, Bob and Brian
 one of the club members' grandchildren
 Brian chillin'
 another picture of Dave's M151 A1
 members hanging out in the shade
 picture of grandfather and grandchild
 Ching on the ferret
 Brian again
 and again
 getting ready to leave
 getting ready to leave
 front-view of the ferret
 a closer picture
 taking pictures of myself
 another picture of myself
 and another one
 driving home on the M151 A1 and the ferret following behind
 driving through the neighborhood

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Weekenders Party

Posted on April 9, 2003 by under Family, Life.    

I left my burgundy-red AE leather jacket at work!  It wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be so I didn’t even think anything of it.  I hope it’s still there tomorrow.

Just kidding!

I’m sure it will still be there.  There aren’t any kleptos at work — it just that lately there’s been things disappearing from my drawer (food), desk (activity schedule) and bookshelf (my Nerve Full Frontal Fiction book).  Whatever.

I don’t really care.  They are merely material things.

They can take away my stuff but they cannot steal my mojo!

Anyway, I’m going to wear something neutral tomorrow so I can wear my red leather jacket home without looking terribly retarded.  I figured I would wear my white tweed linen pants which I bought at my mother-in-law’s Weekenders party and one of my black button-front blouses from Express.  I hadn’t worn the pants yet because Brian told me I looked like a thirty-year-old woman when I tried them on (they’re not the most flattering).

Why in the world would I buy such unflattering clothing, you’re probably wondering.  Well, my mother-in-law invited me to her party (it’s kind of like a Tupperware party but only for old-lady-type knit clothing) and I really had no business going because I’ve been broke for the last few months now (I may never recover from this state).  Brian insisted that I go to lend moral support to his mom, so I did.

I was hoping that lots of people would show up and that I wouldn’t have to buy anything but, as luck would have it, only two other people showed up so it was kind of hard to blend in.  I felt really sorry for my mother-in-law because of the poor turn-out that I felt I just had to buy something.  Anyway, I didn’t even have a credit card with me (because I didn’t think I was going to buy anything) so I ended up using “invisible” money from my checking account.

Those things aren’t cheap either!  I ended up spending $100 on a drape-neck tank top and a pair of pants that make me look like I’m ten years older than I really am.  Fucking beautiful!

I could have spent the same amount of money at Old Navy and ended up with a closet full of clothes.  What’s worse is that I had to spend “invisible” money that I had set aside because I had been saving money (little by little each paycheck; I only have a few more paychecks to go before his birthday and I don’t think I’m going to have enough saved for his birthday gift; life without the ability to use your credit cards is really hard) so I can get Brian a PDA for his birthday.  He can kiss that goodbye!  If he gets one, I’d have to charge it — and I’m really against charging stuff right now.  Although after my mini shopping spree over the weekend I can feel my disease (as Brian puts it) returning.

So we got there at around 7:30 pm.  Brian and his dad decided to watch Dreamcatcher while us girls were doing our thing.  Since there were only five of us (including the clothing distributor), the whole thing was over before their movie even began.  I told Brian later on that I thought I got the raw end of the deal.  I would have much rather spent $10 on a movie than $100 on ill-fitting clothing.

Sometimes it’s just easier being a guy!

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Mirror Project Photos

Posted on April 6, 2003 by under Memes.    

Here’s a recap of some of the pictures we’ve taken for the Mirror Project. Some of them have been submitted (these are linked), while the rest haven’t been. I’m putting them all up here for shits and giggles.

The first set of pictures were taken at the Exploration Place when Kevin, Keith, Brian and I went in February.

The next set were taken at Bradley Fair when we had a brief warm spell. It was the perfect day for a picnic and so Brian and I took our picnic blanket, bought some Taco Bell and, armed with my digital camera, we drove to our favorite spot.

These two were taken just this morning. I submitted them just now but I don’t know if they’ve been accepted yet. I guess we shall see. [ update: The last two just got accepted so I added the links! ]

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