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Archive for February 2003

On Being Sick and Being Broke

Posted on February 24, 2003 by under Life.    

All I can say is — baby, we are not alone! Can you tell that I’m bored?  We had twelve inches of snow today plus a pounding sinus headache equals just-stay-home-from-work day.  Thank god there was room for one more on the vacation calendar otherwise it would have been make-up time for me next weekend.  Not that it would have been too bad considering Brian is back to his crummy 3:30 pm to midnight schedule with Fridays and Sundays off so I could have done my make-up time on Saturday while Brian’s at work also — but I have my much needed hair appointment (cut and color, my first hair coloring ever — yes, I’m a hair-dye virgin) at 2:30 pm on that day.  What’s really sucky is that I have just enough in my checking account to pay for my hair thing so I can’t spend anything for the next two weeks — not a freaking dime!  And why is this?  Well, Brian is broke so I had to cover groceries.  We were so organized that we did a month-long food planner thing and grocery list for the next week or so.  I guess-timated about $30 if we shopped smart but you know how that goes.  You find this and that.  And then they’ve got those two-fors so instead of buying just one everything instantly doubles, which actually goes for the cost too.  Anyway, I ended up spending exactly $68.66 (more than 100% over-budget, we’d do really terrible at supermarket sweeps) but when you consider that it’s after $30.40 ($11.20 in manufacturers’ coupons, $3.70 in doubled coupons and $15.50 in store coupons otherwise known as Dillon’s Plus Card discounts) savings, we really did pretty good.  I mean, that’s $100 worth of stuff for less than $70.  Brian and I are seriously re-thinking this coupon thing: instead of being casual coupon clippers we want to go all out and start training for the next coupon olympics (although I doubt we’ll be able to get to the same level as the people on those talkshows and infomercials who have the ability to purchase hundreds of dollars in groceries for less than five bucks).  Brian is really considering subscribing to the Wednesday and Sunday editions of the Wichita Eagle (our local newspaper) just for coupons (who cares about the news anymore, it’s like the same thing over and over again).. But I digress..  I feel awful for staying home and being a bum but in my own defense I’ve been pretty productive.  We’ve restocked our refrigerator and pantry.  I did last weeks’ dishes (finally) and the rest of laundry (well, some of it is still in the dryer).  And, if I can get my but off this chair and away from the computer, I may even do some workouts!

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Mirror Project Submissions

Posted on February 23, 2003 by under Memes.    

My first two Mirror Project submissions were accepted! I’m soo happy!

I’d never ever submitted anything before because I couldn’t find any cool reflective surfaces. Some of my other mirror pictures were kind of boring. The Exploration Place offered an abundance of reflective surfaces (walls, display panels, doors and such). I was really excited! I took several mirror pictures which I’m keeping for later submissions (you’re only allowed to submit three pictures per week).

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The Exploration Place

Posted on February 22, 2003 by under Life, Reviews.    

Here’s a photo log our adventures at Exploration Place..

[ I take a picture of Kevin standing under the Red Bean’s Cafe sign while we wait for their friend Keith to show up ]

[ Brian as he waits for the restaurant to open and Keith to show up ]

[ Kevin takes a snapshot of himself ]

[ me by the fancy wire metal sculpture thingie; more pictures of the sculpture thing are show below ]

[ pretty neat, huh? ]

[ me waiting for our food ]

[ Keith Morphius ]

[ cool background-foreground picture; a picture of Brian with Kevin and Keith in the background; they were smoking outside ]

[ Keith and Kevin as we line up to for the “Roller Coaster” show in the simulation theater ]

[ a couple of pictures of the three guys: Keith, Kevin and Brian ]

[ inside the simulation theater; preparing for the show to begin ]

[ Kevin and Brian goofing off in the Explore Store after the show ]

[ Keith pretends to browse the shirts ]

[ Brian seriously contemplating whether to add another toy to his already extensive toy collection ]

[ playing with the magnetic board ]

[ can’t remember why Brian made this weird face; it was pretty funny though, so it deserves a place here ]

[ Brian playing with a couple of eyeball bouncy balls; we had a lot of time to kill before our next show ]

[ Brian and Keith head toward the cyberdome theater ]

[ Brian and Kevin as they wait for us to be led inside the theater for “The Hidden Dimension” show ]

[ inside the cyberdome theater ]

[ a picture Brian took of me as we waited for Kevin and Keith; they went for a smoke before we headed to the exhibits ]

[ Brian takes a snapshot of the two of us ]

[ Brian takes a picture of the hallway ]

[ Brian ]

[ Keith and Brian watch as Kevin tries to fly a simulation of the Wright brothers’ airplane ]

[ Kevin above; Keith’s turn to try below ]

[ Brian also gives it a try and fails miserably — twice; he just kept crashing into the sand not even two seconds after take off ]

[ Brian takes some pictures as I have go at it; I actually got it cruising until I finally got bored with it and let it crash ]

[ Brian looks for something to play with ]

[ Brian playing with the airhose which inevitably gets pointed at other things ]

[ Kevin designs an airplane ]

[ Keith ]

[ Brian and Keith ]

[ bullseye ]

[ Brian told me what these are called but now I can’t remember ]

[ playing with the simulated tornado ]

[ Brian, Kevin and Keith ]

[ Kevin ]

[ my magnified fingernail ]

[ Brian’s hand magnified; he thought it looked like an ass; what really happened was he looked like an ass doing it; just kidding, baby ]

[ Brian squeezing one last picture before the battery died on my camera ]

After lunch at Red Bean’s we watched the “Roller Coaster” presentation in the simulation theater and then “The Hidden Dimension” in the cyberdome theater. We did a little goofing off in the gift shop in between shows (as you can see above) and then afterward we walked through the exhibits. We had such a blast!

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Krispy Kreme Donuts

Posted on February 21, 2003 by under Food and Drink.    

Dunkin is out, Krispy Kreme is in!  Welcome the new era of donuts.. I remember back in my high school days in Las Pinas, my friends and I used to hang out at the local Dunkin Donuts.  We used to call it D2 (read D-squared).  We were nerds like that.  We shared a lot of fun times there.  And even just watching my friend Mickey eat a whole box of munchkins (the little donut middles; I don’t know what they’re called, I just always called them munchkins).  I don’t even know if they make those anymore. Anyway, Brian and I will just have serious donut cravings from time to time and the generic grocery store variety ain’t cuttin’ it anymore so we had to look for a good donut place.  Did you know that all the Dunkin Donuts in town have vanished?  I don’t know what is up with that..  I didn’t think they were that bad.  But I guess Krispy Kreme has ushered in a new era of donuts.  Shoot we really didn’t care where we got our kicks but I gotta admit Krispy Kreme has a lot of plusses. First off, the best time to go is right when they close (they used to be open 24 hours but I guess they didn’t find that profitable), from 10:30 to 11:00 PM.  Brian and I have found the few times that we’ve gone around this time that the red sign outside has been lit.  You know what that means.  Free donuts baby!  Well they give you a free glazed donut (pictured left) anyway.  Last night we had talked about just going through the drive-thru but when we got there the sign was lit and Brian got all excited.  He goes, let’s go in!  I gave in.  Who cared if I looked like crap from hanging out at the house all evening?  Free donuts is free donuts. Their store is actually pretty neat.  Brian and I discussed actually bringing our camera to take pictures next time we go.  Yeah, we’re real nerds like that.  But it’s so cool.  Have you ever seen a donut being manufactured before?  It’s really neat!  You get to watch everything right there as it happens. And then of course their donuts are the best!  When they opened their first store in town there were lines out the wazoo and I didn’t know what the fuss was all about.  To me, donuts were pretty much all the same.  But then I had their donuts, which are just melt-in-your-mouth (literally) delicious!  I was hooked ever since.  Our favorite is the chocolate-glazed custard-filled variety, shown right.  Brian and I are so compatible we even like the same kind of donut.  They have lots of other great flavors but this is the one that we always order.  We’ll eat the free donut of course but we only buy the chocolate-glazed custard-filled kind. So anyway, I had a couple of donuts last night and another two this morning for breakfast (if you want to know how much damage that’s done, check out the Krispy Kreme nutritional fact sheet and feel sorry for me).  I didn’t work out at all this week like I was supposed to so you’ll probably hear me whine about being fat for the next few days.  I’ll try not to blog about it but I’m not making any guarantees!

Krispy Kreme on Urbanspoon

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Online Auctions

Posted on February 19, 2003 by under Web.    

I summoned all the courage that I had and ventured (albeit rather timidly) into the world of online auctions.  I’ve never even bought anything from an auction before but a couple of my friends, namely Sarah (experienced buyer) and Lindsey (experienced seller), practically live on eBay.  Lindsey has only positive things to say: mostly how it has improved her cashflow and such.  Sarah, who represents the other side, has experienced both ups and downs.  You get good deals and you get ripped off too.  It’s a fact of auctioning life that buyers just have to accept.  Needless to say, I know enough to proceed with caution.  Right now I’m making baby steps. While I know that it may take years before I start bidding on stuff online, I recently posted my very first auction.  I figured that less risk is associated with selling.  I minimized the risk even more by reviewing and comparing almost every detail of eBay auctions versus Yahoo! auctions (mostly comparing the fees) until I finally decided to start with the latter.  I don’t think there is as much action on Yahoo! than eBay but, then again, I’ve got very limited experience in this area.  Anyway, I figured if I have a good experience with my first auction I may just sell everything in our house (I’m exaggerating, of course). Lindsey tells me that whenever she gets bored or is broke she just goes through her closet and starts listing stuff.  From what she tells me, the revenue it generates is pretty good.  My cash flow (or lack thereof) needs all the help it can get right about now so I went ahead and gave it a try.  Of course, I’m super-eager and I just have to check my (one and only) auction every single day.  Anyway, everytime I check my auction my enthusiasm is constantly met by disappointment because I’ve only got six days to go and I still have no bids! Sarah tells me that it’s normal.  She says that people usually don’t bid until the auction is almost over but you know what– I don’t think I have any page views either!  I feel like crying.

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