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Archive for January 2003

Pasalubongs from the Philippines

Posted on January 26, 2003 by under Family.    

 Brian's new tie-dyed barong

And I thought mom was on crack when she was describing the barong that she had bought for Brian over the telephone! I tried to describe it to Brian and I told him that it couldn’t possibly be tie-dyed. I told him that maybe the embroidery was, but certainly not the whole barong. She sure proved me wrong! Brian and I had never seen a tie-dyed barong until now. It’s a good addition to his fledgeling collection. At least this one is a lot cheaper than the last one mom bought for him which was $100 (after you convert the currency) at SM. Mom said it was some famous Filipino designer or something. Brian and I don’t really care — we won’t know who the hell they are anyway. Brian just likes to fit in with the rest of the Filipino folk at our annual gatherings. Before she left, I actually told her to just get an “el cheapo” one. Mom’s like, “No way! We can’t have Brian wear some generic crappy barong!” It’s not like he’ll be able to tell the difference — he’d never even seen a barong until we met — but that’s my mom for you! Brian is already excited about the next June ball so he can debut his new barong!

 my fake Gucci bag

Filipinos are the bomb when it comes to making fake shit! I was actually pretty impressed with this one! It came with a Gucci zipper and everything. Hell, even the lining on the inside says Gucci all over it! All that’s missing is the freakin’ serial number! Here in the States you get fake stuff and it really looks fake. They don’t bother replicating the inside because they figure that no one will bother to look in there. It’s funny because one of mom’s friends actually talked her into buying a faking Gucci bag from one of their friends. On the outside it says: Gucci made in Italy. On the inside there’s a tag sewn into the seam that reads: Made in China. What is up with that? I checked the bag she brought for me inside and out — and thank heavens, there’s not anything like that. The metal label on the outside says: Gucci made in Italy; and the label on the inside says: Gucci made in Italy also. And yes, I checked to make sure that it was spelled correctly!

The one that mom originally wanted to give me was a replica of the original Gucci pochette pictured above. It was a pretty good replica, too! It had black Gucci fabric as the lining (just like the tan one that I got) and no “Made in China” (which is like the kiss of death in the Philippines, back there no one wants any made in China or made in Taiwan crap) written anywhere, but it didn’t have the metal Gucci label on the outside like the original. It’s still pretty good, though. I mean, how many people really know that it’s supposed to have the metal thingie on the outside? I actually wanted both bags, but mom only let me have one so I picked the tan one. I told Brian that I have to take him to meet Mama Iyay (my grandmother on my mom’s side) next year so we really, really have to save money for the trip, but I have an ulterior motive: shopping! Anyway, here’s the rest of the loot..

 paperweight and penholder from Memphis  shirt from Dumaguete

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Slumber Party

Posted on January 14, 2003 by under Sex, Toys.    

We had such a fun time at the “slumber party” last Friday! I didn’t realize how kooky some of my co-workers are. What’s funniest is that Jen didn’t even want any part of it, but yet she was the one who spent the most money! Boo-yeah! Since Katie was a no-show, Sarah was the only one who ended up spending the night. I’m glad that she did, because she really was in no condition to drive. We played DDR until 3AM — can you say addicted? Anyway, it was past 4AM when we finally when to sleep (that’s when Stacy and her sister left, they were the last people to go — Sarah was actually surprised that they were able to stay so late). I slept on the floor downstairs to keep Sarah company because I didn’t want her to be by herself. It was the least I could. She helped me pick up and straighten out the house and everything which she didn’t even have to do. We woke up the following day at around 9AM. Jen is ka-thump-ka-thumping, rushing to get ready for work. Her alarm went off at 6:30-ish but it didn’t wake her. She was running awfully late. I felt bad for waking Sarah so early — she was really hung over — but I had to go to the vet and pick up Felix (we took him to the vet the day before to be neutered) before they closed at noon. Sarah and I left and at around 11AM she called me. She arrived home safely, but I was still at the vet waiting for Felix to be released. They finally release him and it’s almost noon when I arrive home. Brian and I go back to sleep and don’t wake up until 5:30ish! Can you believe it? That’s what I call zonking out! At anyrate, here are some more pictures of our Christmas loot!

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Ultimate Bowflex Update

Posted on January 12, 2003 by under Life.    

The Bowflex came on Monday — way earlier than expected. They said five weeks and it came in two! I couldn’t believe it. I was figuring that with the holidays we probably wouldn’t be seeing it until the end of the month. Anyway, it came in four boxes and when we first started opening them up it really seemed intimidating. “Some assembly required” is truly an understatement. You know how they tell you that you’ll see results within six weeks? Well, that’s because just putting it together is a workout! We didn’t get started until almost eleven (after Brian got home from work and had a bite to eat) on Monday night. Brian tricked Kevin into coming over and helping us assemble it after he got off work at midnight. By three in the morning they were playing with it already. Too bad we all had to go to work the next day!

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Things I Learned Today

Posted on January 5, 2003 by under Movies, Toys.    

THINGS I LEARNED TODAY: (1) The Dixie Chicks did a remake of my all-time favorite Fleetwood Mac song “Landslide” and it is absolutely awful!  It has now officially joined the ranks of the most re-made songs of all time.  I like the original.  I love the Smashing Pumpkins version in the Pisces Iscariot CD..  But I hate the Dixie Chicks version of the song.  Gag! I heard it for the first time on the way to Derby this morning.  I made the mistake of tuning to 107.3 KKRD at just exactly the wrong moment.  I am scarred for life! Kidding aside, I had to freaking drive all the way to Derby to return Jen’s car keys which I accidentally picked up along with my bundle of keys on my way to get Brian from work last night.  I didn’t realize it until after we got back in the car after stopping at Hollywood to pick up some two for $20 DVDs (our booty? A Beautiful Mind, The Time Machine, Zoolander and Black Hawk Down — not bad for a meager $40 bucks).  Anyway, it was almost midnight and I was yet to cook dinner.  Brian and I were both starving, but I decided to call her anyway and let her know that I had her keys.  I call her up and ask her what she’s doing the following day.  She’s like, “I don’t know.  Why?”  I tell her what happened and she demands that I return the keys right then.  I’m like, “No!  It’s late.  We haven’t eaten.  I can bring them back to you tomorrow.”  She wasn’t doing anything anyway!  She just wanted to be difficult.  I told her I could bring them back after 2PM (because Brian’s dad was coming over to help hang the potrack from Pier 1 that they had given us for Christmas).  She tells me that she had errands to run that she wouldn’t be able to do during the week.  I was all, “Oh, yeah?  Like what?”  She’s like, “I wanted to get my nails done!”  I go, “You can get that done after two when I bring your keys back.”  She promptly threatens to call dad and tell on me (which I knew she was bluffing, because I know Dad and he will be royally pissed for getting bothered by an overseas, long-distance phone call over a stupid tiff).  You know the saying “don’t shoot the messenger”?!  Well, that’s exactly what dad would have done to her!  So I knew she wouldn’t do it.  So you know what I did?  I go, “You’re such a bitch!” and hang up on her.  She tries to call back, but I decline the call and promptly turned my phone off after that.  She is so spoiled, I swear!  She doesn’t know how to be nice to people!  I tell Brian, she can’t yell at me and tell me that I have to drive all the way over there just to return her car keys which she doesn’t even need (not until Monday anyway).  Besides, she could have been nicer about it.  I would have taken a reasonable request a lot better.  As I told her on the phone, at least I had the decency to call her and tell her exactly what happened.  If I hadn’t called, she wouldn’t have known any better.  She justs fires off a rude, “So you called..  So what?  You want a cookie?”  That’s really what threw me over the edge.  Just because she can talk to mom like that, doesn’t mean she can do the same to me.  I told Brian that I was bringing Jen her car keys tomorrow as I told her on the phone and not any sooner despite what she says.  She’ll get them back when I feel like bringing them back!  She needed to learn her lesson and be put in her place! Lucky for her Felix, pissed on the duvet.  Brian was really peeved, but it worked in Jen’s favor because I ended up going over there first thing when I woke up at 10AM.  I figured I was going to be up washing the duvet at the laundromat anyway, I might as well go over there and bring her the car keys.  So 2PM became 10AM and she could go get her nails done or whatever she wanted to do, although I seriously doubt that she really had to go anywhere.  Even though I really didn’t want to bring the car keys back (because of how bratty she is) or bring them later in the day (at least 2PM or later even), I am –after all– a practical person. Sorry for getting off track, (2) they have Galaga at the laundromat!  I love Galaga!  It’s one of my favorite arcade games of all time.  I actually have to fight the crowd at the game room at 13th Avenue Warren (the only other place that I’ve seen the game at).  If I ever find it on eBay, I’d probably have to eat my words (I swore I’d never buy anything off eBay).  That’s how much I love that game! The one at the laundromat is an older unit with a smaller screen, but it has an outstanding fire button.  The one at the Warren, you have to keep tapping the fire button super-fast because if you just press on it and don’t let go it fires really slow.  The one at the laundromat –I found out several stages into my first quarter– you can just keep the fire button pressed and it keeps firing rapidly.  So cool!  It makes the game so much easier to play. My second try yielded better results and, even though I know that I am not the best Galaga player the world has ever seen, I’m proud to say that I have the highest score of all the people who have ever played Galaga at that laundromat!  I got to stage sixteen, past the 4th challenging stage — something that I’d hadn’t done since I was ten years old (I used to play Galaga on our Nintendo Family Computer, the Philippine-slash-cheaper version of the then-popular NES).  I’m going to drag Brian back there one day, so he can try and beat my score! The last thing I learned today, (3) Brian was the one who let out that stinky fart in Eli’s apartment.  We went over there to return his Requiem for a Dream and Pi DVDs, which we’ve had for almost two months now (maybe longer).  Anyway the fart was an SBD (silent but deadly) variety.  I smelled it and thought it was Eli who farted, but –he being our host– I didn’t want to say anything.  As we were leaving, Brian goes “I had to get out of there because I let out this really stinky fart!”  So there you have it!  It was Brian all along!  I should have known.  He is the king of SBDs!

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Shipping Our Wedding Video

Posted on January 4, 2003 by under Family.    

You have no idea how much it costs to ship an expedited package internationally!  Err — I had no idea how much it costs!  On the up-side, I now have a FedEx account! “What in the world am I trying to send?” you might ask.  “And what’s the rush?” I never wrote about it before because I was too upset but, now that we have the wedding videos, I’m not upset anymore.  Anyway, we were promised the wedding videos before Christmas so that mom and dad could take a couple to show our relatives back home.  The videos didn’t get done in time so mom and dad left without it.  We finally got them back and I want to ship their copy over there so they can enjoy watching it with the grandparents etc. I, being Filipino and all, immediately think DHL.  I spoke with Dad just a couple of hours ago and he actually suggested the same thing.  We used to get a lot of DHL packages in the Philippines.  I am so glad that I comparison-shopped!  In order to get the package there within five days, DHL was going to cost $60 while FedEx would cost only $45 approximately.  Needless to say, I signed up for a FedEx account.  I even signed up for the super-saver thing that gives me a 10% discount on all my shipments.  Neat, huh? I have all the stuff at my desk (at work) already.  I got some mailers and waybills from the drop box in the Commerce building so I’m good to go.  I don’t even have to write my credit card number on the waybill, just my FedEx account number.  I’m so excited!  I can’t wait to start shipping all sorts of FedEx packages (hopefully not too many international ones) already! Gack!  How pathetic is this?  Getting excited about shipping a package?  Wait till I write about the antenna that Brian got me for my small TV at work!  It’s disguised as a picture frame!  I’ll spare you the details, but you better believe you’ll be seeing a picture of it here soon!

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