World Party Party

What do Zumba instructors do when they get together on a Saturday night? Well, we WORLD PARTY PARTY of course! LOL. Get your own copy of the game here.

P.S. There are a ton of photos so be sure to click on the left and right arrows.

Holiday Bullshit

So my favorite game, Cards Against Humanity, ran a special over the holidays where if you gave them $12 they’d send you 12 random things over the holidays. They called this promotion the 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit.

Here’s part of their plea for money:

Here’s how it works: You give us $12, and we’ll send you 12 mystery gifts over 12 days. Our accountant told us that this holiday stunt is “highly inadvisable,” so we’ve limited it to the first 100,000 people who sign up.

I’m a sucker for this sort of thing so naturally I signed up right away. Brian who is overly paranoid was really upset at first. He is very leery about this sort of thing. Specially when they sent me the following response:

Order #30131 placed on 11/13/13
Congratulations on giving $12 and your address to some strangers on the Internet. You can reply to this email if you have any questions.

He thinks I’m too gullible. However, as it turns out, the $12 was actually a pretty good investment. I got a ton of new, limited edition (since they only made 100,000) CAH cards and a bunch of other surprises. On the 12th day I got my very own card.


Okay, so some of the gifts were delivered out of order, but this card was gift for day 12. This alone was worth every penny of the $12 I gave them. LOL.

If I had to do it all over again, I’d give money to strangers on the internet in a heartbeat. Specially if these strangers are as brilliant as the CAH people.

If you’ve not yet discovered the fun game that is Cards Against Humanity, I suggest you go online right now and make one or, better yet, order it from Amazon so I can get commission. LOL.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with next year!

Grocery Shopping with Grandma

Following breakfast we took grandma to do her grocery shopping at Dillons.

Grandma said that she knows approximately what her total is each time so all three of us made our bid before check out. Guess who was the closest? We agreed that very day that, among the three of us, I would probably be most qualified for The Price is Right. LOL. Which amazes me because I rarely ever do any grocery shopping. I’m just really good at guessing prices, I guess.

Blackhawk Bowl & Martini Lounge


Blackhawk Bowl & Martini Lounge is definitely one of the best features of Hotel Blackhawk. And, Laura, our bartender, was fantastic.



I had fun hanging out with Faith and Lance and sampling their delicious martinis the first night. I didn’t stay out late, of course, because Brian and I always video chat whenever I travel. I heard that Faith and Lance had a jolly good time with Laura after I left, though. There may or may not have been sing-a-long at the bar that night.


Here are some drink photos. Why? Because you can’t go to a “martini lounge” and not have any martinis. LOL.







You can’t go to a bowling alley and not bowl either and so we did.


After seeing this photo, dad said there was probably more martinis than bowling going on. But, in my defense, I didn’t actually bowl my best game until after two martinis. Thanks, Lance!


Here’s Lance trying to figure out what to do with this split.


We played guys vs. gals. Isaac was feeling pretty confident after the first game because he and Lance obliterated Faith and me.


It was a friendly competition and both teams were cheering each other on. The guys won the first game. Faith and I won the second game, but we were still seven pins behind in overall total. That’s when we decided to bowl another — deciding — game.


Blackhawk Bowl and Martini Lounge on Urbanspoon

It was Isaac’s worst game and he wasn’t very happy. Guess who won our third and final game. Yup. Faith and I did. We’re awesome that way.

We had such a great time that it made me wish we had a place like Blackhawk Bowl here in town. The closest thing we have is The Alley and it’s just not the same. Blackhawk Bowl has a cozy, intimate feel. I love that they only have a few lanes so you don’t have to deal with huge crowds.

The only downside about Blackhawk Bowl is their rates. Five dollars per game and three dollars for shoes is a little expensive. The hourly rate of $35 is more reasonable but still up there. We were lucky that Laura hooked us up.

I’d probably go back to Blackhawk Bowl if I’m ever in Davenport again. The bowling is expensive but it’s a really cool experience. Totally worth it. If you’re ever in the area, you’ll have to check it out for yourself. Be sure to say hi to Laura for me!

Birthday Scrabble


Jenni celebrated her birthday at John Barleycorn’s last week. It was a subdued birthday party. We just hung out and played some Scrabble. It was the first time I’d ever played Scrabble at a bar before. I don’t generally hang out at bars, but if they offered Scrabble I’d probably visit more frequently. LOL.

The Bigger, Blacker Box


My box expansion for Cards Against Humanity arrived yesterday. Complete with foam blocks and other surprises.


There’s a bonus card hidden inside the lid.


I think that is the best part really. It only came with 20 new cards and they’re not as good as the cards from the original game and the first three expansions. I mean, they’re about boxes. Blech. However, the web site advertises that I can use the big box as a bludgeon. So that’s something. Though I haven’t tried it — yet.


Speaking of games, Brian and I learned a new game yesterday. It’s called Nertz. It’s the party game of choice at Brian’s work Christmas party, which we’ve missed for the last couple of years because it always falls on the same night as my work Christmas party and we always end up going to mine. This year we are fortunate that the two Christmas parties are on separate weekends so we can finally attend. Anyway, we just learned about the game yesterday so we’ve been practicing. We’re not very competitive. Can you tell?

Oh, Brian wanted me to point out that he won every single round we played tonight. I think it’s his Brian pills. He has an unfair advantage. Lucky for me, we’re playing on the same team come the night of the Christmas party. We’re taking this baby down!

Cards Disasters


I’m thinking we are going to lay off the Cards Against Humanity nights for a while because every single time we’ve had it there’s been some kind of disaster. The first time we had it, Brian repainted the tango bathroom with his vomit. The second time we had it, Hideki got Andrea on her injured leg. The most recent time we had it, Brian spilled Apothic Red all over the cards. So yeah. No matter how much fun it is, probably no Cards Against Humanity for a while.

Cards Against Humanity Night


We had such a blast paying Cards Against Humanity last weekend. We played two games (which I won both times) and blasted through all the card so now Brian and I are ready to purchase the expansions.


I think I had an unfair advantage because I knew everyone, where as the others only knew me and Brian prior to that night. It was super hilarious though and, I think it’s safe to say, that we all got to know each other pretty well that night. Apparently, no one had any idea of my sick and twisted side. Not even Brian.


Here’s a sample round.


Here’s video of Hideki as the Card Czar reading us his choices for the question, “What do old people smell like?

“Self-loathing” won that one. Here’s Todd as Card Czar.

We quickly found that “8 oz. of Mexican black tar heroin” is one of the trump cards. You can pretty much play it on just about anything and it will win. LOL. You have to know your judge though.

I won this one with “funky fresh rhymes” although there were some really hilarious (and horrible) ones that were played.

Cards Against Humanity has got to be the most fun game we own hands down. I can’t believe we only heard about it this year. Seriously. Anyway, the expansions are coming so we’re having another Cards Against Humanity Night very soon. We’re raising the bar this time and turning it into a drinking game so come ready to drink!

Birthday Festivities Continued

Brian and I hosted his parents for dinner on Saturday night to celebrate my birthday. We celebrated multiple times this year (Chapada, Bite Me, Carrabba’s). Not so much by choice, but just how things worked out because that’s when people were available.

Iron Chef Brian is making dinner for us tonight.

It was fitting that the Food Network had their The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs marathon that day because Brian was playing chef at home. He prepared apricot pork roast and German fries.

I won’t explain the foods. Brian can do that for you guys in the comments. However, I will share some photos with you all…

2012-11-03 17.30.43.jpg

The German fries turned out really well. Brian did a great job.

2012-11-03 18.05.46.jpg

Here’s the pork roast…

2012-11-03 18.06.57.jpg

Brian’s mom brought over chocolate mousse cheesecake that she made for dessert. It was super yummy.

2012-11-03 19.13.02.jpg

For my birthday, they got me the Words With Friends board game, which really made my day. Brian and I played right away.

2012-11-03 17.41.08.jpg

2012-11-03 17.50.03.jpg

I had uninstalled the game from my phone a while ago, but I had to reinstall it because it’s got a scoring tool and word checker for the board game. So I’m back to playing WWF again. Challenge me!

Taquito is Not Acceptable

lolI tried to bingo on Chad Molen by playing the word TAQUITO. Fortunately for Chad, it’s not acceptable. I give it five years. It will be in the dictionary soon enough. LOL.

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