Ziggy’s Pizza


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Jay and Becca fed us Ziggy’s yesterday for helping Jay bring his new toy home. I was there for moral support mostly. That, and I wanted to play with the puppies. And, I didn’t want to drive myself around. And, I ran out of Labor Run flyers already between leaving some at the Scooter’s in Andover, Pink Boa, Evergreen Recreation Center, and Sports Clips. And, I was already too late for the Zumba party downtown.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the delicious food.


Cheesy Bread


Classic Ziggy


Meat Me at Ziggy’s


Check out Jay’s new toy. It’ll be perfect for scooting to and from their office.

Friday Errands then Dinner at Sake

Brian and I had to return my folding bistro table to JC Penney on Friday after work. I thought it would be perfect for the Bradley Fair jazz concerts, but it was just so poorly constructed that we didn’t even want to risk it. The package arrived on Thursday and we took it back to the store the very next day. This is what I get for impulse shopping online in the middle of the night. LOL.

For now we shall stick with our table in a bag, which actually worked great the other day. It’s just the right height for our backpack chairs.


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Since we were already out and about, Brian and I decided to have dinner at Sake. The picture above is of my hibachi shrimp. That’s what I normally get whenever I go to these types of restaurants. Brian usually gets the chicken, which is what he had this time.

We lucked out and got Silo for our chef. We first met him when he worked at Sumo back when the restaurant was located on North Rock Road, in front of Northrock Lanes. That was like fifteen years ago. We don’t see him much anymore as we rarely go to hibachi restaurants these days. I just happened to have a Groupon this time around and we were already out so we went. I’m back to what I weighed when we first joined Genesis a couple of years ago so it’s time to buckle down again. No more eating out for a while. We’ll try not to anyway, except on special occasions.

Time to Stock Up


We picked up several bottles of wine from Grove’s the other day. Hopefully Brian will be in a sharing mood this weekend.


We drank one of them at the outdoor jazz concert the other night. This was our first bottle of Apothic Rose. We decided to give it a try because Brian loves Apothic Red. I actually think he likes it more than House Wine.

Anyway, we found Apothic White at my coworker’s liquor store in Derby a couple of months ago and liked it so when we saw this limited release Apothic Rose at Grove’s the other day, we naturally had to try it.

Setting up for our picnic.

We had a nice little picnic across the lake from the stage.


Guess who won?

Guess who won?

Brian doesn’t like the sun. Can you tell?


Speaking of Apothic White, they’re on sale right now at Extremo Vino. We may need to stop by there tomorrow after racquetball.

Dinner by Chef Jay Dill

Jay made us dinner last night. Dinner came with free cooking lessons.


Here he is demonstrating how to slice a pineapple.


He is such a show off! LOL.


Here he is slicing bell peppers…


..and chicken…


Brian was his helper.


The finished dish is a chicken stir fry consisting of bell peppers, a little bit of jalapeño, onions, garlic, and pineapple. It was actually pretty good.


Here’s another photo. (BTW, I contributed by making rice. Becca made us some guacamole which isn’t pictured. It was really good also.)


I was quite impressed. When I asked Jay where he learned how to cook, he explained that he was trained at the culinary school of “short order.” I guess he’s picked up some tricks of the trade from working in various kitchens over the past 30 years. Just kidding. He’s not that old. He’s worked in quite a few kitchens, though. He knows how to handle a knife, that’s for sure.

Thanks for making us dinner on Saturday night, Jay and Becca! We look forward to your next culinary creation.

This is How We Do Breakfast


Mom couldn’t make it this morning but we had a good breakfast with dad, Jay, Becca, and Chad. Brian made hash browns and scrambled eggs…


..and pancakes…


..and Nutella croissants.

Did someone request Nutella croissants?

I helped by frying the bacon.

Who wants some bacon?

Grand Central Hotel and Grill


We had a nice celebration lunch at Grand Central today in Cottonwood Falls. I had only dined there once before, about six years ago, with some Diversity Champions teammates. I didn’t really remember much from that previous experience other than I recognized the place when Darcy and I arrived there.


The food was actually pretty good. I had a salad before my meal, which I inhaled. I was either really hungry or it was really good. I think it’s both. I thought the raspberry vinaigrette dressing was yummy.


I had grilled chicken and beans and rice for my meal. The chicken was nice and juicy but was lacking in flavor somewhat. The rice and beans were good. Despite my slight disappointment with the chicken, the meal was not bad overall.


Darcy had the reuben.


This is Susan’s salad.


Grand Central Hotel and Grill on Urbanspoon

I’m not sure how everyone else felt about the place, but I actually liked it. I liked it enough that I’m considering taking Brian on a road trip that way. Now to just figure out what kind of sights we can see in Cottonwood Falls. LOL.

Anyone know what kind of attractions and points of interest we can see over in those parts? Suggestions of places to see and things to do would be most welcome. Please post your recommendations in the comments.

The People of FourSquare Let Me Down

Whenever I try a new place, I can usually rely on the recommendations and tips of FourSquare users. Not so much this time, though.


Brian and I decided to try Doo-Dah Diner after church yesterday. I’d heard so many good things about the restaurant that I had such high expectations.


Brian got what he usually orders at most breakfast places: biscuits and gravy, hash browns, and two eggs fried hard. He was disappointed that his biscuits were hard as hockey pucks. He said they weren’t fresh by any means. The sausage gravy was okay but bland as with the hash browns and eggs.


I ordered the country fried steak dinner which came highly recommended on FourSquare but, like Brian’s meal, everything on my plate was under seasoned. It’s like they ran out of salt in the kitchen or something.

Doo-Dah Diner on Urbanspoon

I’ve had some friends who have had wonderful dining experiences at Doo-Dah and some who haven’t, but the general consensus is this place serves great food is awesome overall. Our server was definitely friendly. Although, I wish the quality of the food lived up to the restaurant’s reputation. Perhaps we didn’t order the right things. This just goes to show you can’t always believe what you read on FourSquare.

Hideaway Steakhouse

Pictures from our dinner at Hideaway Steakhouse in Westminster.


This is their menu. Prices are kind of high and your bill will add up since the items are a la carte. Lucky for us, Avaya picked up the tab.


Darcy and I shared a crab cakes appetizer. Their crab cakes are decent, but not great. I still think that the crab cakes I ate at Skipper’s Dock were better.


This is the escargot, which I didn’t try, but everyone else said it was very good.


The roasted portabella mushrooms above were very good. That, I can attest to.


I skipped the fresh oysters also. Oysters just don’t appeal to me.


Several people ordered salads to go with their meal. This is the iceberg wedge. I decided to skip the salad because I had my fill of the appetizers and was already worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish my entree.

If I were inclined to order a salad I would have probably picked the same thing. The other choices were Caesar, spinach salad (with fresh seedless watermelon, toasted pistachios, Bermuda onions, haystack mountain goat cheese, and honey balsamic vinaigrette), tomato caprese (with artisan greens, beefsteak tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, and aged balsamic vinegar), and house salad. Although, the spinach salad sounds pretty good too.


Darcy ordered the scallops for her dinner, which she said was very good, though not quite as good as the ones she had in Seattle when she and Ginger were there for the ICMI conference the previous week.


Jay, one of the Avaya reps, got lobster. It was huge!


Ginger got a filet mignon.


I got the fish special, an orange roughy. It’s a white fish like tilapia and the texture is very similar. Except, I think orange roughy is a bigger fish so the filets are bigger and meatier. It was good, though I have a feeling they serve this better at Bonefish Grill. I will have to try their orange roughy there for comparison.

These were five of us from my work and I think five reps from Avaya at dinner but these were all the pictures that I took. I didn’t want to get up and go around the table to take pictures of everyone’s food. They were already picking on me as it were.

Hideaway Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

I really, really wanted to get a picture of the prime rib because everyone on FourSquare said that was the thing to order. No one in our group ordered it though. However, Jay said that he’s had it before and it is pretty good. Oh, well.

The food at Hideaway doesn’t photograph that well, though. For such an expensive restaurant, their food presentation is a little on the sloppy side. The taste of the food makes up for it some but, when you’re paying that much for dinner, you kind of expect perfection.

Overall I think Hideaway is pretty good. We had good food and good service. However, when you factor in the price you’re paying and consider it with the quality of the food, there’s really other places to eat that probably would be better.

The atmosphere is nice, though. I imagine that’s one of the reasons why it seems to be popular with corporate types. I had a good meal and enjoyed a wonderful dinner with my colleagues. As for simple people like Brian and me, if it were just the two of us dining, this probably isn’t our kind of dinner joint.

Bonefish Grill

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We had a wonderful dinner at Bonefish Grill last week with Cari, Stacy, and Misty. Brian and I enjoyed their wonderful company and also some of our favorites at Bonefish: bang bang shrimp, lump crab corn chowder, and bang bang tacos.

I forgot to post the food pictures sooner, but here they are now. Enjoy!




Oh Yeah, I Have Missed You



Oh Yeah China Bistro on Urbanspoon

Oh Yeah China Bistro is one of those restaurants that really make me want to shout, “Oh, Yeah!” Their food is so good that I can’t even call it Chinese food. Why? Because Chinese food is not what I picture when I imagine myself eating one of their delicious dishes. I picture nirvana and the inevitable food coma.

We don’t live in the Northeast part of Wichita anymore (Thank, heavens! Or we would both weigh 300 pounds.) so we rarely get to eat at Oh Yeah these days. Although, if I could eat there everyday I would. Everything on the menu is delicious, even the meatless options. You gotta try this place.

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