Livingston’s Diner


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This was breakfast on Saturday — after Zumba, before the dentist and before picking up Brian at the airport. I ended up at Livingston’s Diner after driving to both The Good Egg and Jimmy’s Diner. There was a long wait at both places. I’m glad not a lot of people know about Livingston’s Diner.

Breakfast was good but not as good as Brian’s breakfast spread. LOL. It hit the spot though.

Old Mill Tasty Shop

I introduced a friend to Old Mill Tasty Shop last week.

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Faith and I were walking to Wasabi the other day when we walked by Old Mill Tasty Shop. I found out that she’d never been there so I asked if she wanted to try it. We ended up stopping eating there instead of going all the way to Wasabi.

I mistakenly ordered the regular chicken salad sandwich instead of my favorite, the toasted chicken salad club. The chicken salad sandwich was good but not nearly as good as the toasted chicken salad club.

It was my mistake though, so I ate it and enjoyed every bit. I also enjoyed the potato salad that I had on the side.

Faith really liked her toasted chicken salad club. I ordered a chocolate shake which she got to sample also. I think she liked the restaurant. We may eat there again next time since it’s so close to work.

A Sunday Without Brian

I didn’t want to mope around the house after dropping Brian off at the airport so I ended up driving to Jersey’s to watch some friends play sand volleyball. The tournament was a fundraiser for the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office Leaders Achievers and Winners (LAW) Camp.


It looked like so much fun that I’m now trying to convince my coworkers to host a sand volleyball team building event. I mean, who doesn’t like playing volleyball?

Anyway, I worked up an appetite watching Rachel, Michael, and Stephanie play so I found myself at mom and dad’s in Derby looking for food. They didn’t have anything so mom took Jenni and me to Hibachi Boy in Derby.


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Hibachi Boy serves food that you would typically find at fancier Benihana-type restaurants minus the performance and the high prices. If you need something to compare it to, it’s a lot like Emperor’s. Except I think that Hibachi Boy actually offers a better value because you get fried rice, noodles, hibachi veggies, and bean sprouts along with your choice of meat. As far as menus go, I also think that Hibachi Boy offers a much greater selection because they also serve Thai, Vietnamese, and sushi. I’m pretty sure that if it’s Asian, Hibachi Boy serves it. LOL.

Places like Emperor’s and Hibachi Boy are a great alternative to Sumo or Sake (two of the most popular Benihana-type restaurants in Wichita) if you could care less about the performance and you don’t have that much time anyway. It’s a fast hibachi meal at a lower price. Once Brian gets over his “I don’t want to eat out anymore” phase, I’ll probably bring him to Hibachi Boy.

I ended up hanging out at mom and dad’s after lunch. I figured it was better than hanging out alone at home. Jenni rented The Bling Ring so I ended up watching it with her. Did my homework and ended up staying for dinner. Mom made bok choy. We ended up visiting for a while and, before I knew it, it was almost eight o’clock.

After twelve hours away from my own house it felt so good to home. It also helped that Brian and I thoroughly cleaned the house the day before so the house smelled fresh and clean when I returned. Sometimes time away from something makes you appreciate it even more. The same holds true for people. I was so happy to see Brian when I picked him up from the airport this afternoon. Welcome home, baby!

Breakfast in Bed



This was my breakfast on my last day in Minneapolis: Minnesota Eggs Benedict, Hashbrowns, Bacon, and Fruit. I thought they were just going to give me a cup of fruit on the side. Instead I got this amazing fruit plate. The fruits were delicious!

The Minnesota Eggs Benedict is an eggs benedict with walleye cakes. Walleye cakes are like crab cakes, except instead of crab meat they use walleye. Apparently walleyes are abundant in Minnesota because they serve it everywhere. Some sort of walleye dish will be listed on the menu no matter where you go. At least that was my experience. I think the only place I didn’t see it was at the sushi place.

With the exception of the mixup with breakfast delivery my breakfast was fantastic. The Depot did a wonderful job. I just wish it didn’t cost so much. If room service wasn’t so expensive, I probably would have had breakfast delivered to my room every morning. LOL.

Nami Sushi


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Nami Sushi is a sushi joint that is conveniently located near our hotel so we ended up having dinner there on Thursday night. The decor is modern and the atmosphere is subdued.

Then again, we were there on a week night and we just missed happy hour. I’m sure the place is more crowded and lively on the weekends.

The sushi at Nami is pretty good, though not as good as my favorite sushi place here in Wichita. The restaurant itself is fancier, though. But everything is fancier in Minneapolis it seems. I’d probably bring Brian here if we ever find ourselves in the hip Warehouse District area.

Cadillac Ranch

Shelita, Emmie, and I worked up an appetite walking around Mall of America so, rather than going somewhere else for dinner, we decided to try one of the restaurants inside the mall. We picked Cadillac Ranch because it seemed to have the best variety.


We got there during their Rock & Roll Happy Hour so we took advantage of the opportunity to try a couple of appetizers. I picked the spinach and artichoke dip.


Shelita got the chili nachos. We thought the chili was on the burnt side. Other than that it wasn’t too spicy.


Cadillac Ranch offers several different types of burgers. This is one of them.


I felt like having seafood so I ordered the crab-crusted tilapia. It was good but nowhere near as good as the pork chops that Shelita ordered.


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Emmie and I got a bite of the pork chops and both agreed that we should have ordered it too. LOL. I think that was the best thing we had out of everything that we tried at dinner.

There are several restaurant options inside Mall of America. We just happened to try this one. It wasn’t as bad as all the negative reviews I read online as we were already sitting there waiting for our starters. LOL. The service was decent and the food wasn’t bad. Other than the burnt chili, everything else was prepared well. The potato thing that they serve as a side dish (Shelita and I both got a bowl of it with our meals) had good flavor.

Although, I’d probably try a different restaurant if I ever find my way back to MOA I really can’t complain. No offense to Cadillac Ranch but there are just way too many other restaurants to choose from.

Uncle Julio’s Mexican Restaurant

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On my first day in Chicago I asked the front desk clerk about the restaurants here. He advised me of the ones he liked and didn’t. I asked him about Uncle Julio’s across the street and he said it was just OK.

This morning I decided to get a second opinion and I asked the Shuttle Driver. She raved about it all the way to my training class. So I decided to check it out for dinner tonight.


I should have listened to the clerk from the first day. I was not impressed with their food. I got a two enchilada dish that came with rice and beans. The beans were super spicy, the rice was very dry and the salsa that was supposed to go with the chips kept its form after I took the lid off, I actually touched it to see if it was frozen and it wasn’t, nor did it move.

The enchilada was very tough and tasted like it had been microwaved too long.

I can definitely say I will not be trying this place again before I leave.

Labriola Baking Co.

Since I was in Chicago I figured I needed to try out an Italian place. There just so happened to be one right down the street from the Hotel. I walked in and was greeted by a wall of pastries.


I turned the corner and was greeted by breads that smelled delicious.


As well as ice creams and everything else you could imagine.



I decided that i wanted to try one of their Brick Oven pizzas, I could smell them cooking and they looked delicious.


The pizza was actually really good. I am not used to the ultra thin style pizza but it had really good flavor.


I just wish they wouldn’t have taken a slice before they gave it to me, just kidding.

I think I may try them again before I leave also. While I was there I watched what was coming out of the kitchen and it looked like their sandwiches were a hit. I think i will pick one of those up next time.

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DMK Burger Bar

So I had to make a trip to Chicago for some training for work. I did a little research and found that there were a lot of restaurants within walking distance.

One was a little joint called DMK Burger Bar. This is actually a really cool place. You get a selection of Burgers with different preselected flavors and then you can add-on other things like my favorite, a fried egg. Also, the truffle fries were really good, they had a lot of flavor.

Untitled Untitled

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Their gimmick is that they only server craft beers; no domestic or imported beers are offered. I had one that was supposed to mimic a German Lager, full bodied and flavorful. The beer was actually the best part.

All in all, I will definitely go back before I leave.

Chocolate Cobbler


I’m thinking of making chocolate cobbler for Brian next weekend. I love peach cobbler but he doesn’t like it. Chocolate cobbler sounds like a good compromise. He loves chocolate-y desserts. And, I got to try it earlier this week while I was in Minneapolis and liked it. There’s a pretty good chance that he will have a chocolate cobbler surprise when he comes home on Saturday. Mmmmm….

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