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Rex Might Have Some Competition

Posted on February 25, 2018 by under Babies, Wishlist.    

Brian took Alex in to the dealership for an airbag recall last week and they gave him a 2018 RX as a loaner. He immediately fell in love and was raving about it. I asked him to send me pictures and then brought him back down to earth by reminding him that we haven’t had a car payment in years and I’d like to keep it that way.

We both agreed that we don’t want car payments. The car sure is nice, though. Check out the pics below.


The color of the exterior is the same as Alex’ exterior color.


So we would have matching gray cars.


The leather interior looks really nice.


It has a sunroof just like Rex (Brian’s RX).


Brian liked how they reconfigured the panel, which allowed for a bigger navigation display. Brian says it’s double the size of the one in his car.


I think had we been our old selves Brian probably would have traded Rex in without batting an eyelash. No offense, Rex. But we are more responsible now. We vowed never to get into debt, ever again. Plus, Rex has been super reliable. Brian might be drooling over the new and improved version of Rex but there’s really no good reason to replace him. Maybe in a few years. We will have to save up for it, though.

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Pre ZINCON Prep and Pokémon

Posted on August 1, 2016 by under Babies, Food and Drink, Games, Things to Do.    

We took last Tuesday off to get ready for ZINCON since we had to fly out at 5 AM the next day. We took the girls to the pet boarding place and then got manis and pedis and even squeezed in some Pokémon hunting.


Molly was super excited she got to drive to the pet resort. She is such a good little driver. She always looks both ways.


Before you freak out, I’m only kidding about Molly driving. We were stopped at a light when we took these photos. She looks really cool driving Brian’s car, though. Really gangsta. Just sayin’.


Then Brian and I were off to Nails and Beyond for manis and pedis.


I had my toes painted glittery purple to match my prom dress for the theme party.


After spending a couple of hours at the nail salon, we decided to head over to District Taqueria to support the Dress for Success fundraising event.


Don’t ask me what three tacos I got because I can never remember.


Brian is not a huge fan of DT. He’s more of a Qdoba kind of guy. I love the taco selection at DT, though. I also like the thick queso with kick. And, they have great desserts that they serve in cute, little mason jars (like the one the containing the queso in the picture above). We were good and skipped dessert this time, though. Plus, they were really busy. We almost left and ate somewhere else because there weren’t any open tables. I’m glad we waited a bit though, because I really wanted to help Dress for Success even though in a very small way.


We walked off our lunch by walking along Douglas and hunting for Pokémon. It was over 100 degrees that day so we were a bit nuts but we’re kind of addicted to the game. We got Rita’s Italian Ice to cool us off a bit and I actually managed to talk Brian to checking out Wichita State University campus as well.

The WSU campus was a bit disappointing. They had a lot of stops and there were five gyms but not really any rare Pokémons. Actually, there were hardly any mons that popped up for us. By far, the best place I’ve found for Pokémon hunting is down by the river. The Keeper of the Plains area is always hopping with Magikarp and Psyducks, and has been buzzing with people (fellow Pokémon trainers presumably) since the game was released last month.


Here are some pictures of us hunting Pokémon downtown. This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago at the ICT Pop Up Urban Park, one of my most favorite places for hunting Pokémon because it’s got four Poké stops all in the same vicinity. I was actually walking back and forth along the block to hatch some eggs and I ran into Rolo when I sat the the corner of Douglas and Main to take a break.


We’re going to be really busy this coming week so we won’t have time to hit the hot spots but we will definitely keep you guys posted next time we’re out Pokémon hunting and perhaps we can all meet up. Until then, have a fantastic week!

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Brian and Saki

Posted on July 11, 2016 by under Babies.    

This is what normally happens when Brian spends hours playing video games and ignores the girls. Molly doesn’t really care so she just finds a nice comfy spot and lays there. The puppy, on the other hand, is an attention whore.


Saki just has to be with her daddy at all times.



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New Pet ID Tags

Posted on April 13, 2016 by under Babies.    

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 4.19.39 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 4.19.15 PM

We got the coolest pet ID tags for Molly and Saki from Tags for Hope recently. They’re made to look like Kansas driver’s licenses and are super cute.


Here’s how Molly’s looks on her.


No live action pic of Saki’s because she chewed hers up already. I was so bummed. I couldn’t believe it. Well, I should have known it wouldn’t last but a day.

At least the nice people at Tags for Hope are sending us a replacement. Will need to spray bitters on it so that she doesn’t chew up the second one.

If you need tags for your babies, I highly recommend getting some from Tags for Hope. The tags are high quality and look great, and every tag purchased provides an animal in need with food, treatment, and shelter. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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Freaky Monday

Posted on April 9, 2016 by under Babies, Travel.    

Before I go into my Staybridge Suites review, allow me to tell you the story of how we got there. We’re in the planning stages of our Customer Information System (CIS) replacement project at work and one of the tasks we need to do in this stage is benchmark with other utilities so we can learn from their experiences. Alliant Energy in Madison, WI is one of the utilities we identified for a site visit.

Our site visit team consisted of Kim, Jerry, Mike, Ginger, and me. Kim and Jerry are from Topeka and flew out of Kansas City. They had no issues. Mike hates flying and drove. He had no issues getting to Madison as well. Ginger and I (both flying out of Wichita for obvious reasons) had all sorts of issues.

Since Brian’s office is really close to the airport, our plan on Monday morning was for him to drop me off on his way to work. We are super early as usual so I manage to talk him into stopping at Panera for breakfast. While we’re having breakfast I get this crazy idea to install the American Airlines app on my phone. We usually fly Delta so I only had the Delta app prior. Anyway, once I get the app going I get weird alert message saying I’m flying to ORD which I mistakenly read as Orlando. ORD is actually Chicago O’Hare.

Not realizing that there’s anything wrong with my flights, I think to myself “I really need to tell American that their app sucks. I can’t believe it’s broken the very first time I try to use it.” Then it dawns on me that I should check on my flights just to be sure.

“This app says I’m going to Orlando. Can you please call customer service and find out what’s going on?” I asked Brian as I eat my breakfast sandwich while still messing with the app. “It’s asking me to accept the changes but I need to go to Madison, not Orlando! I can’t accept this!”

Brian found out from customer service that my flight has been canceled. They can get me to Madison via Chicago but I wouldn’t get there until the next day. “That’s not going to work. Our meeting starts at eight o’clock!” Brian and I agreed that this will be easier dealt with face to face so I quickly finish my breakfast sandwich and we head to the airport. In the meantime, I receive a text from Ginger confirming what we just found out.

They didn’t give us any specifics about why our flight was canceled other than “airport issues,” which made me wonder if Kim and Jerry had similar problems. Ginger and I debated whether we should still go considering we may not get there until halfway through the meeting. I tried to call Kim but her phone kept going to voicemail. They were already in the air and enroute. Mike, Jerry, and Kim will be there. We had to get there somehow. Ginger worked with the American Airlines rep at the counter and got us both rebooked on flights via United Airlines. Instead of arriving in Madison at 1 PM as planned, we’re arriving at midnight. We’re missing dinner with our hosts but at least we will get there for the meeting the following day, which was really reason for the trip.

Brian’s handy dandy travel packet that he puts together with a list of alternate flights wasn’t useful in this case. All of the alternate flights listed went through Dallas, which was the issue. None of them worked. Our new flights through United had us going through Denver instead. That was a good lesson for putting together the next travel packet. The list of alternate flights Brian had would have worked if the reason for the delay or cancelation was just mechanical issues but, in the rare event of airport issues, it’s helpful to have alternate flights listed that go a different route and even on another airline altogether (because each airline has their respective hubs which is the route that most of their flights take).

So now that we had flights for that evening, there was no reason to stick around at the airport. Brian took me back home (clear across town) before going in to work. I felt really bad because not only was he late for work that day but then he would also have to leave early to take me back to the airport later. Had things gone according to plan, he would have gotten to work on time and not needed to leave early.

Whatever. You just have to roll with the punches sometimes. Back at home, I dock my laptop and start working in the office. I recently got rid of my desktop PC at work so instead of having a laptop and a desktop PC and worrying about the files not syncing (I was having all sorts of issues with One Drive) then I’ll only have the one central repository for my files. Desktop support consolidated all of my desktop PC stuff into my laptop. That morning was the first time I was actually seeing everything together and I was doing some clean up.

Guess what. I managed to permanently delete my entire My Documents folder. It would have been in the recycle bin and could have easily been put back but I’m me. I don’t always screw up but, when I do, I screw up royally. In the process of deleting the folder, there was a pop up alert that appeared that said something like “Some of the file names are too long for the Recycle Bin. Would you like to permanently delete?” Not taking the time to process what I had just read (this would have been my opportunity to say “Oops!” and hit cancel), I clicked OK and plunged myself into the abyss.

To top it off, I somehow managed to jack up my Windows Explorer so I couldn’t even browse the other folders (that I managed to not delete). I chatted with our desktop support guy Seth via Lync. Since he still had my desktop PC, I was wondering if he could just grab the My Documents folder from it and plant into my laptop. No such luck. I think there were too many files for VPN. I really needed my laptop fixed though, since I was going to be away from the office for a few days. I thought I could just go to work and work at my desk the rest of the afternoon until I have to go to the airport. It actually works out better because instead of driving all the way home to get me and take me to the airport then Brian only has to go halfway.

Seth and I agreed to meet at my desk at 1 PM.

In the meantime, I had let the dogs out to go to the bathroom and allow them to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. I didn’t think it would take long to get them back in their crates so I ordered my Uber on my phone and then called them back inside. I was a little bit rushed and frazzled from everything else that had happened that day so I forgot to shut our bedroom door. When Saki came inside, she zipped right past me into the living room. Molly was no problem. I got her bumper collar off her and got her back in crate with no issues. Saki, on the other hand, made me chase her all around the house. I was chasing her around so much I was running out of breath.

I called Brian in a panic, “My Uber is almost here and Saki won’t get in her crate!”

“Leave her,” he said. “I will take care of her when I get home.”

Defeated, I walked back in the bedroom. As I stood there, Saki followed me in. I guess she was wondering why we stopped playing. Anyway, I quickly shut the bedroom door. It’s much easier to catch her within the confines of our bedroom so I took advantage of the opportunity. I managed to get her, get her bumper collar off, and put her in her crate just in the the nick of time. I grabbed my stuff, ran outside, and hit the button to shut the garage door. The car pulled up as the garage door closed.

Whew! What a day! And to think it’s not even over yet.

Back at work, Seth was able to fix my laptop but it took quite a bit of work because I managed to screw it up spectacularly. I really didn’t want to be seen at work because I was in travel attire (leggings and sneakers) and not work-appropriate attire but I did get a lot of work done.

Our United flights to Madison were pretty uneventful. I was a little worried about being stuck in Denver but the rest of the trip went smoothly. We arrived at the hotel around midnight and the front desk rep Nate was super nice.

Speaking of the hotel, I’m going to have to save my Staybridge Suites review for another blog post because this one is super long already. Come back tomorrow for the hotel review and pictures!

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