Hello, Dolly!

Reason #374 why I have the best husband ever: he agreed to see Hello, Dolly! with me at Century II. How many husbands indulge their wives in this way? Seriously? I think the typical husband would have found an excuse to get out of it. “Why don’t you take one of your friends?” some would say. Not Brian. Why? Because he is the best husband ever.

Music Theatre Wichita completed another awesome season. This year the lineup consisted of Aida; Disney’s My Son Pinocchio; Billy Elliot; Big Fish; and Hello, Dolly! I only got to see the last two shows and they were both fantastic. Though, Big Fish was by far my favorite of the two.

Last year I had the opportunity to watch the West Side Story with Brian and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with my little sister Nickira. Both shows were great too. The 2016 lineup is fantastic:

Nice Work If You Can Get It
Beauty and the Beast
Jesus Christ Superstar
Mama Mia!

Brian and I have been very impressed with the shows we’ve seen. That, and I actually want to see all of these, so we’re considering season tickets next year.

Except, tickets are kind of pricey. It’s going to cost us about $500 to get our season tickets for next year. If you would like to donate to the cause of bringing more culture into our lives, you may do so here. Think of it as an anniversary present. Or, you could also think of it as a birthday present to me. After all, my birthday is coming up in a couple of months. Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness and support. You guys are the best!

Guess What Brian Got for Christmas


He’d been wanting a new laptop for a long time now since his old laptop started going on the fritz. It took forever for him to decide what kind he wanted though. To make it super challenging for Santa, this guy didn’t make up his mind until the Friday before Christmas. Seriously.

So I quickly ordered his present. The web site told me that the expected delivery date would Christmas Eve. Guess what, it arrived one day early so he was already playing with his new laptop by Monday night.

But wait, there’s more!

I knew that he wouldn’t let me wrap the new laptop because he’d want to unbox it immediately so I also got him Bond 50: The Complete 23 Film Collection with Skyfall as a bonus surprise gift that way he’d have a present to open from me on Christmas Day. I think he was really surprised because he thought he was just getting a new laptop and that was it.

I think he really likes his bonus gift. We’ve already made plans to watch a Bond movie every Friday beginning next year. As long as we don’t miss any weeks, we should finish watching all the movies mid-year. But, you all know how busy we are, at least we have the whole year to watch the entire collection just in case.

I already know that we’re going to miss one Friday within the first month since I’m going to be in LA for the Zumba Instructor Conference. As long as we get to watch the whole collection before 2014 is up, I’ll be happy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Baby!
I hope you enjoy your Christmas presents. I love you!

Red Envelope Makes Me Happy


I always love getting presents from Red Envelope. It doesn’t even matter what’s inside. LOL. I just love the beautiful red box and ribbon. The lovely packaging never fails to pique my interest and I eagerly anticipate what’s inside.


Nothing extravagant in the boxes this time — just our personalized Christmas stockings. It doesn’t matter what you get really. I’ve never gotten anything from Red Envelope that I didn’t like. The best part is that you can get 10% cash back from Ebates for every Red Envelope purchase. If you’re not a member of Ebates and if you’ve never purchased anything from Red Envelope, you’re totally missing out.

Christmas for Eli and QQ — Done

Brian and I got PlasmaCars for Eli and QQ for Christmas. We originally found these at one of the local toy stores for $65, but I actually found them cheaper on Amazon. That’s why I love, love, love Amazon!

Anyway, we only got one for QQ at first but then they actually work great for bigger kids as well (even I enjoyed riding around in it at the store) so we decided to get one for Eli also. We figured it would be more fun if they had two of them so they could race each other. Luckily they come in a variety of colors so we got a different color for the second PlasmaCar. That way they can tell their cars apart.

Untitled Untitled

After Brian assembled the cars, he took each of them for a spin. He just couldn’t resist. LOL. These things are so fun we even considered getting some for ourselves. Seriously. Who knows. Maybe Santa will get us each our own PlasmaCars for Christmas also.

Santa, if you’re reading this, I would like the Zumba green and purple PlasmaCar please. Thank you!

Dad’s Airboat in Action

Dad brought his new airboat over this morning and tested it out in our pond. At about the 2:50 mark you’ll see video footage of the airboat in action. It goes pretty fast. Brian got to play with it some this morning. Now he wants to make one too. I told him that if everyone makes one we can host an annual race! LOL.

P.S. Brian thinks he can make one, but he’s not as crafty as dad. His birthday is just around the corner, though. Here’s one that I thought of getting for him but can’t now that we’ve bought a new mattress. I’m broke.

Anyone want to get this for Brian?

I’m So Ready for Summer

I can’t wait until summer so I can start laying out and sunbathing in my backyard. Kind of like this… (Brian says I sleep with my arms folded up like in the photo and that’s why my back is always achy. I only started doing it recently. I must already be dreaming of sunbathing. LOL.)


BTW, we finally assembled our new patio furniture. We had to retire the old one that we got from Bed Bath & Beyond three years ago. Well, we didn’t really retire it. We just moved it downstairs in the walkout pit. It’s our smoking area. Just for the record, Brian and I are nonsmokers, but we had to create a designate a specific smoking area for our friends who do.


We love, love, love the new patio furniture except we kind of overestimated the size of our deck. Mostly Brian did. I knew that the walkout pit was larger than the deck and I kept telling him that, but he kept insisting that they were the same size. It wasn’t until after we put the new patio furniture out on the deck that he conceded.


These chairs are a lot bigger in person than they look online. They make Brian look like a little kid. We could almost both fit in one. LOL. They are super comfy, though. I can’t wait to start hanging out on the deck. Now, if the weather would just cooperate…

Christmas Morning


In honor of our first Christmas at the new house, Brian and I decided to buy presents for each other that we can exchange on Christmas morning. We never buy presents for each other because we usually just get a joint gift to each other or get a couples massage or take a trip somewhere and call it our Christmas. This year we wanted to do something different.


I get a kick out of being different so I wrapped Brian’s present in a Noodles & Company takeout box.


Brian wanted a new wedding band because his wedding band has gotten too big for his fingers since he’s lost so much weight. He wanted a tungsten wedding band this time around instead of platinum.


Merry Christmas, baby! I love you!

Christmas Gift From My Boss

My boss is an awesome gifter! Check out what she got for me. I was so surprised when we saw the Cherry Moon Farms box on our front porch last week. Darcy said that Ginger got her the exact same thing.


Ginger knows that Darcy and I both really like pomegranate cocktails like the pomegranate martini at Bonefish Grill so this gift is absolutely perfect. Brian was even excited about it also.


Isaac said he got a nuts gift package from Cherry Moon Farms also. I told him she must have selected gifts based on personality. Isaac is pretty nutty. LOL.

Hanging Out With Misty

Misty came over on Saturday. We hung out all afternoon driving around town looking at houses on the Parade of Homes, which is one of our favorite things to do this time of year. There were several houses that we missed last weekend so we had to go out again. There’s usually a hundred entries so you have to be really selective. There’s no way one can visit all of the houses in three weekends.

2012-10-20 15.33.47.jpg

Sometimes, there’s a house that you want to see over and over again. There was one clear favorite among all the houses that we saw this season — the house at 2103 Driftwood in Harbor Isle, entry #41. Not that we could afford it but, in case you were wondering, it’s already sold.

Besides the huge closet in the master bedroom (which actually has enough room for all of my stuff and Brian’s stuff — too bad the price is so far beyond our reach in this lifetime), my favorite aspect of the house is the view from the basement.

2012-10-20 15.39.50.jpg

How many basements have you seen with views like this?

2012-10-20 15.40.53.jpg

The basement doesn’t feel like a basement at all. But wait, if you think the views are fantastic from the basement, then you’ll really love the views from the screened in deck upstairs. Misty and I joked about grabbing a bottle of wine before heading over and just spending the rest of the afternoon drinking wine on their deck. “Don’t mind us. We’re just hanging out. Enjoy your tour.” LOL.

We couldn’t stay at our favorite house all day so we went and looked at some other houses. Misty absolutely fell in love with Watercress Village. What’s not to love about that place, though? I would move out there in a heartbeat if it weren’t for the West side location. Brian and I refuse to move out West because neither of us want to be squinters. Since we both work downtown, if we lived on the West side of town, we’d be driving in to the sun going to work and driving into the sun coming home. That’s just too much squinting for us.

Misty and I ended the day by getting manis and pedis at Nails & Beyond. It’s been a few months since my last pedicure so I really needed it. Misty gets the shellac/gel stuff, which takes forever, so we were actually the last two people at the salon. Brian had dinner ready by the time we got back home. Dinner was great, but I think the best part was when we found out that we had a light in the hearth room. We’ve been living here for almost two months now and we’d been complaining about not having enough light because the ceiling fan doesn’t have a light kit. Guess what. It was user error.

I can’t believe it took almost two months for us to figure it out. LOL. I’m happy that we have more light in there now, but sad at the same time. We have a few more light switches that we haven’t figured out yet. I just hope that it doesn’t take a year for us to figure out what everything does because that will be really sad.

Jay and Becca’s New Patio Set

Jay and Becca's Fancy New Patio Set

Check out Jay and Becca’s new patio set. I helped put it together. Well, just a little. Golden Boy actually did all of the work. LOL.

Jay and Becca got a really good deal on it. I’ll have to remember to check out sales around this time of year next year. Way to go, Jay and Becca. Great job on your nice patio set. What a find!

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