My Favorite Time of Year is Here

Fall is my favorite time of year not just because my birthday falls during this season and I milk every stinking second of it and force everyone to be nice to me, but because the weather is absolutely perfect. It’s neither too hot nor too cold and the foliage begins to change colors. It’s probably prettier in New England but, even in Kansas, Fall is breathtaking. I love Fall!

We had some fantastic weather this weekend so we took advantage of it and drove around in Alex, the newest member of our household fleet.


Grandma was super excited to ride in Alex yesterday citing that it’s her first time riding in a convertible in all of her 92 years. Brian was like, “Had I known she we be so excited to ride in a convertible I would have gotten one years ago.”

Alex is definitely flashier than Bebot but to me, a car is a car. I actually still prefer driving around in Bebot so I’ve only driven Alex a couple of times. Brian gets to drive Alex a lot more than I do even though Alex is technically my birthday present.

I know, I know. My new Frye boots and my new iPhone were supposed to be my birthday presents but I’m milking this birthday thing, remember?

Anyway, since we haven’t given Brian’s truck to his dad yet (we promised Jenni that we would help her move so we’re hanging on to the truck until then) I’m either driving the truck or Bebot. Mostly because Bebot has great gas mileage.

My little sister Nickira noticed Alex in garage last week when we came home to say hi to Brian after spending the afternoon at the Wichita Art Museum and the Keeper of the Plains. She was curious about the new vehicle because she hadn’t seen it before and wanted to know whose it was. After she found out it was mine, she wanted to ride in it. It’s amazing to me how a ten year old can tell the difference between cars and know that one is better than the other. I suppose Bebot can’t transform into a convertible but the top was up on Alex the first time she saw the car parked in the garage yet it still intrigued her. Maybe it’s mostly that she hadn’t seen it before? Whatever the case may be, I found her reaction to Alex quite interesting.

Here are some more pictures of Alex. Enjoy!

Yes, I Caved and Joined the Other Team

Up until a few weeks ago I was a loyal Samsung Galaxy user. I finally caved and switched when the iPhone 6 was released. The timing was just so perfect. They released the phones right before my birthday month. I couldn’t pass it up.

I opted for the smaller iPhone 6 rather than the iPhone 6 Plus but I saw this hilarious post from the Onion some time ago and I just have to share it. If you still cannot decide between the two phones, here’s all you need to know.

There are significant differences in the way the two phones work, but everything that I could do on my Samsung Galaxy I can do on my iPhone and then some. I had an older Galaxy phone so my the new phone actually has even more features. I’m still trying to get used to my new phone and learn everything that it can do, though.

I’ve had my phone about a month but I still find myself trying to hit a non-existent back button, trying to save screen captures by sliding the side of my hand across the screen, swiping down to turn my wi-fi and bluetooth on instead of swiping up, etc. Old habits are hard to break, I guess.

I do love my new phone, though. My favorite part is how Brian’s beautiful face fills the screen every time he calls me.


I love this man so much, with or without the awesome birthday presents. 😉

(Oh and, as you can tell, I figured out how make screen shots.)

Guess What Brian Got for Christmas


He’d been wanting a new laptop for a long time now since his old laptop started going on the fritz. It took forever for him to decide what kind he wanted though. To make it super challenging for Santa, this guy didn’t make up his mind until the Friday before Christmas. Seriously.

So I quickly ordered his present. The web site told me that the expected delivery date would Christmas Eve. Guess what, it arrived one day early so he was already playing with his new laptop by Monday night.

But wait, there’s more!

I knew that he wouldn’t let me wrap the new laptop because he’d want to unbox it immediately so I also got him Bond 50: The Complete 23 Film Collection with Skyfall as a bonus surprise gift that way he’d have a present to open from me on Christmas Day. I think he was really surprised because he thought he was just getting a new laptop and that was it.

I think he really likes his bonus gift. We’ve already made plans to watch a Bond movie every Friday beginning next year. As long as we don’t miss any weeks, we should finish watching all the movies mid-year. But, you all know how busy we are, at least we have the whole year to watch the entire collection just in case.

I already know that we’re going to miss one Friday within the first month since I’m going to be in LA for the Zumba Instructor Conference. As long as we get to watch the whole collection before 2014 is up, I’ll be happy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Baby!
I hope you enjoy your Christmas presents. I love you!

Christmas for Eli and QQ — Done

Brian and I got PlasmaCars for Eli and QQ for Christmas. We originally found these at one of the local toy stores for $65, but I actually found them cheaper on Amazon. That’s why I love, love, love Amazon!

Anyway, we only got one for QQ at first but then they actually work great for bigger kids as well (even I enjoyed riding around in it at the store) so we decided to get one for Eli also. We figured it would be more fun if they had two of them so they could race each other. Luckily they come in a variety of colors so we got a different color for the second PlasmaCar. That way they can tell their cars apart.

Untitled Untitled

After Brian assembled the cars, he took each of them for a spin. He just couldn’t resist. LOL. These things are so fun we even considered getting some for ourselves. Seriously. Who knows. Maybe Santa will get us each our own PlasmaCars for Christmas also.

Santa, if you’re reading this, I would like the Zumba green and purple PlasmaCar please. Thank you!

Brian’s Airboat, Courtesy of Dad

Dad made this really cool airboat, played with it a few times, and then decided to give it to Brian. Jackpot! He actually used a gift certificate to his favorite hobby store that we had given him for his birthday earlier this year. Naturally, lightbulbs came on. From now on, we’re just getting dad hobby gift certificates for all of the holidays (Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, etc.) and then hint at what we would like for him to make. Hopefully, he will end up giving it to us when he tires of it. Just like this one. LOL.

Here are a couple of videos of Brian playing with the RC airboat.

P.S. If the videos don’t show up, it’s probably because of my privacy settings.

Ziggy’s Pizza


Ziggy's Pizza on Urbanspoon

Jay and Becca fed us Ziggy’s yesterday for helping Jay bring his new toy home. I was there for moral support mostly. That, and I wanted to play with the puppies. And, I didn’t want to drive myself around. And, I ran out of Labor Run flyers already between leaving some at the Scooter’s in Andover, Pink Boa, Evergreen Recreation Center, and Sports Clips. And, I was already too late for the Zumba party downtown.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the delicious food.


Cheesy Bread


Classic Ziggy


Meat Me at Ziggy’s


Check out Jay’s new toy. It’ll be perfect for scooting to and from their office.

Dad’s Airboat in Action

Dad brought his new airboat over this morning and tested it out in our pond. At about the 2:50 mark you’ll see video footage of the airboat in action. It goes pretty fast. Brian got to play with it some this morning. Now he wants to make one too. I told him that if everyone makes one we can host an annual race! LOL.

P.S. Brian thinks he can make one, but he’s not as crafty as dad. His birthday is just around the corner, though. Here’s one that I thought of getting for him but can’t now that we’ve bought a new mattress. I’m broke.

Anyone want to get this for Brian?

Dad’s New Airboat

We went to visit mom and dad tonight so Brian had the opportunity to check out dad’s newest project: a radio-controlled airboat.


Dad built this thing from scratch. He’s crafty like that.


This is Brian drooling at dad’s new toy.


Lucky for Brian, dad’s going to bring the boat over on Saturday so they can play with it in the pond out back. We do have to bribe him with breakfast, though.

Christmas Came Early for Brian


Nothing says “steal me” like a Black & Decker box on your front porch. Good thing we had time to run home and bring the box in the house.


Brian has been wanting one of these for several months now. Our friend Feifel even tried to get us to buy an edger and blower set that they were selling at Lowe’s. We decided to hold out until next year, though. I’m really glad that we held out because we saw this one on Amazon over the weekend of Black Friday, and the price was even better. We ended up getting a bush trimmer in addition to the edger and leaf blower.


It’s pretty much got everything you need to keep your yard looking immaculate. Here’s photo of Brian modeling one of his new toys.


Brian is sooo spoiled. =P

Guess What Arrived Today

2012-06-21 16.47.56.jpg

My CD/DVD boombox arrived today! Woot! I will now be able to take my Zumba music and videos with me everywhere. I’m so excited!

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