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I Don’t Know Why I Do This To Myself

Posted on July 7, 2018 by under Dreams, Hobbies.    


A few months ago I signed up for a couple of 5Ks on whim. I don’t know why. I’m not a runner. I mean, I dream of someday being someone who enjoys running but I truly and honestly suck at it. I don’t have the attention span, nor do I have the determination to run for longer than a couple of minutes.

I had a 10K running app on my phone that I was doing for a while last year but then I just kind of fell off and haven’t gotten back on it. I was doing pretty well too but, since I haven’t been doing it, I have to work back up to where I was. With running, it seems like I’m constantly starting over.

Anyway, I joke that I have no idea why I signed up for these 5Ks. I actually signed up for the KMUW one because I love NPR and KMUW is my favorite radio station (and Brian’s too). We both listen to the station all the time. It’s about the only station we listen to on FM radio these days.


Here’s a picture of my finisher medal. I was so slow that, even though the race started at eight o’clock in the morning, I was actually concerned that I might not make my 10:30 AM Zumba class. I felt so bad for Brian who had to wait for me at the end. He had to wait for almost an hour. Yikes!

Oh, it didn’t help that I started having knee issues leading up to this event. Although, I think it was my body’s way of revolting for my stupid decisions like signing up for 5Ks even though I’m not a runner.

The KMUW run was on May 19. The same day as Logan’s graduation party. That was kind of a hectic day. We got up early and were downtown by seven-ish for the race then I had to teach my Zumba class then Logan’s graduation party then we were back downtown again for Zumba in the Square.


It was the first one of 2018 and it was a great turn out. I didn’t end up leading any songs at the event because we knew we would be coming from Logan’s graduation party and we weren’t sure what time we would be able to get away.


Fast forward to the Diva Dask 5K, which my friend Sarah posted about shortly after I’d signed up for the KMUW. It’s a fun run that benefits Girls On the Run. Since I easily get talked into things, I signed up for that one as well. Never mind that I haven’t been running at all and I suck at it. I’m such a joiner!

I could blame peer pressure but it wasn’t even that. I’m just an easy target.

I knew some people at the KMUW race but I was pretty much doing it alone. Diva Dash was the first race that I’d ever done with a group of people. I didn’t get our official group shirt. I should have so I can remember this day forever. I hate running but Diva Dash was actually a lot of fun.


I did only a smidge better than the KMUW 5K so I was still super slow. But I didn’t die and I had a blast hanging out with my Zumba besties. Incidentally, we called our team “Zumba Divas” — super fitting, right?


This is embarrassing but I’m posting it anyway just so you get the idea of how badly I suck at running. I would say I’m as slow as molasses but I think I’m probably even slower. LOL. But, hey, it was for a good cause and it was fun.


Brynden got third place in her age group without even trying. Maybe she tried but she made it look so easy. Her mom Laurie did really awesome also. She got sixth in her age group, which is my same age group. She was one of the fastest and I was one of the slowest. Ugh. Thinking about it makes me sad so we’re moving on.


Here’s a group photo of us with some princesses.

The craziest part about the races is that, besides not being a runner and completely sucking at running, I had so many excuses not to sign up. When I signed up for both of these events, the summer schedule hadn’t started so I completely forgot about my Aqua Zumba class. It wouldn’t have been a problem if I could run faster but there was no way I could complete the run and make it to Andover YMCA to teach my 8:45 AM class. Thankfully, my friend Eleanor was available to sub.

After the fact, I joked that I should have found a sub for the running and just stuck to teaching my class after I realized I had a schedule conflict because I’m actually better at Zumba. LOL. Speaking of, this is one of my life’s biggest mysteries. I don’t understand how I can do Zumba for hours on end and be unfazed and I cannot stomach two minutes of running.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’ve cured myself of my running delusion for the time being. There should be no 5Ks or any type of running events in my future for a good long while. If I get any crazy ideas, I hope someone smacks me and talks sense into me so I don’t get myself in the same situation again.

I had fun and I didn’t die so I guess there’s that. GNG.

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Hanging Out With Misty

Posted on October 21, 2012 by under Dreams, Things to Do, Wishlist.    

Misty came over on Saturday. We hung out all afternoon driving around town looking at houses on the Parade of Homes, which is one of our favorite things to do this time of year. There were several houses that we missed last weekend so we had to go out again. There’s usually a hundred entries so you have to be really selective. There’s no way one can visit all of the houses in three weekends.

2012-10-20 15.33.47.jpg

Sometimes, there’s a house that you want to see over and over again. There was one clear favorite among all the houses that we saw this season — the house at 2103 Driftwood in Harbor Isle, entry #41. Not that we could afford it but, in case you were wondering, it’s already sold.

Besides the huge closet in the master bedroom (which actually has enough room for all of my stuff and Brian’s stuff — too bad the price is so far beyond our reach in this lifetime), my favorite aspect of the house is the view from the basement.

2012-10-20 15.39.50.jpg

How many basements have you seen with views like this?

2012-10-20 15.40.53.jpg

The basement doesn’t feel like a basement at all. But wait, if you think the views are fantastic from the basement, then you’ll really love the views from the screened in deck upstairs. Misty and I joked about grabbing a bottle of wine before heading over and just spending the rest of the afternoon drinking wine on their deck. “Don’t mind us. We’re just hanging out. Enjoy your tour.” LOL.

We couldn’t stay at our favorite house all day so we went and looked at some other houses. Misty absolutely fell in love with Watercress Village. What’s not to love about that place, though? I would move out there in a heartbeat if it weren’t for the West side location. Brian and I refuse to move out West because neither of us want to be squinters. Since we both work downtown, if we lived on the West side of town, we’d be driving in to the sun going to work and driving into the sun coming home. That’s just too much squinting for us.

Misty and I ended the day by getting manis and pedis at Nails & Beyond. It’s been a few months since my last pedicure so I really needed it. Misty gets the shellac/gel stuff, which takes forever, so we were actually the last two people at the salon. Brian had dinner ready by the time we got back home. Dinner was great, but I think the best part was when we found out that we had a light in the hearth room. We’ve been living here for almost two months now and we’d been complaining about not having enough light because the ceiling fan doesn’t have a light kit. Guess what. It was user error.

I can’t believe it took almost two months for us to figure it out. LOL. I’m happy that we have more light in there now, but sad at the same time. We have a few more light switches that we haven’t figured out yet. I just hope that it doesn’t take a year for us to figure out what everything does because that will be really sad.

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My Very Weird Dream

Posted on December 4, 2011 by under Dreams.    

Ching Lounging on the Bed

I had a really weird dream this morning. I normally don’t have weird dreams. I blame my sister because she was talking about dreams at dinner the other night.

Anyway, I had a dream that I was walking around naked in the locker room at the gym (yes, completely naked; I had my towel in my hand, but it wasn’t covering my body) when I realized I was in the men’s locker room instead of the women’s. This really freaked me out because I have used a men’s restroom on accident before at least a couple of times in real life. Just not paying attention. So I could kind of see this happening to me.

When I realized this, I walked over to the adjoining women’s locker room. I didn’t cover up or anything. I just walked over. I know. It’s very weird. Anyway, when I went in there, the women looked completely shocked that I was in there with them.

I see lots of naked women of all shapes and sizes in the women’s locker room at the gym. It doesn’t shock me. But these ladies had a look of shock and mortification, like I wasn’t supposed to be in there with them. That’s when I woke up.

After thinking about my dream to some extent this morning, I’m still not sure what it means. I’m hoping my sister who has a fascination for dreams can help me figure it out. I’m wondering, though. I never looked in the mirror in my dream. What if I was a man and I was really supposed to be in the men’s locker room with the other men? Is that why the women were so shocked to see me? A naked man in the women’s locker room? What was wrong with me that they were so mortified?

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