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Help Us Light Up Edgemoor

Posted on May 25, 2019 by under Outfits, Projects.    

A pickleball friend is selling t-shirts to help raise money to get lights installed at the Edgemoor Park outdoor pickleball courts so we can start playing in the evening (when it’s cooler). I bought a couple — one for me and one for Brian — to support the cause. Except, I can’t leave shirts as they are so I had to customize mine.


I turned it into a super cute tank top.


The shirts are super soft and amazing. They’re perfect for cutting and customizing! Anyway, Brian doesn’t play as much as I do so he ended up giving his shirt to me so I customized that one as well. I will try to get a pic of it next time I wear it.


This is what the shirts actually look like. I’m not sure if there are any left but, if you are interested in purchasing one for $15, please email Kathy Huschka at

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I Don’t Need to Buy More Clothes

Posted on April 20, 2014 by under Outfits, Shopping.    

“You don’t need to buy new clothes,” I always remind myself. It used to be that I would tell myself I don’t need to buy new clothes just because the old ones no longer fit. I just needed to lose weight. That was always my mantra, and a way to keep my weight/figure in check. However, I’d still feel the urge to shop for new outfits on a somewhat regular basis, and I’d often fail to resist. I’d cave and end up with even more clothes that I don’t need in my closet.

I have a new mantra these days. Since joining Stella & Dot a couple of months ago, I learned that I really don’t need to buy more clothes. I just need to accessorize. Whenever I’d get bored and feel the urge to go shopping, I remind myself that I really don’t need to go shopping. I just need to review the contents of my closet and combine the clothing and accessories that I already own in new and different ways.

I don’t need to buy more clothes. Neither do you. What we need are versatile accessories that we can use to spice up our wardrobes. I will prove it.


Fashion jewelry can change the whole look of an outfit. You can have the same top, dress, suit, or other foundational piece but look completely different based on your choice of accessories. Accessories such as scarves, jewelry, belts, and shoes can instantly transform an outfit. Here’s another example:

My First Polyvore

You don’t really need several black dresses. One will suffice as long as you accessorize. I’m not just saying this to sell you jewelry either. Style expert Bridgette Raes recently posted how you can wear a simple, summer dress in five fashionable ways. It’s true and it works.

I can’t believe that I just now came to this conclusion. I wish I would have known this years ago. I could have saved myself a lot of money. LOL. Anyway, I’m paying it forward by sharing this knowledge with you. You’re welcome.

Now that I’ve had this epiphany, my next project is to pare down my closet to just the basics. That may be more challenging because I’m a bit of a pack rat. I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, if you’re looking for some awesome accessories to spice up your wardrobe, head on over to Stella & Dot.

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The Changing Times

Posted on January 26, 2014 by under Life, Outfits.    

Many years ago before I met my wonderful wife, back when I didn’t know any better. I professed that I would never own a suit. Back then I never thought I would ever need one. I had not needed one in the past and I never saw myself in a career path that would require me to wear a suit every day.

Fast forward to a few years after we get married. I find myself in a position that I need a suit. My wife, a firm supporter of the “Dress for the job you want” philosophy in life, persuaded me to finally “Man Up” and get a suit, and I did. I now own three suits: a dark gray one, classic black, and a pin-striped one. And, I can tell you with the upmost certainty, I look fantastic in my suits!

Now fast forward to present day. My wife has again persuaded me to do something that I told myself I would never want, need, or desire ever in my lifeā€¦ buy a tuxedo. Today I get to go and get fitted for a tux for an upcoming black tie event. I spent a good deal of time last night trying to convince her that I do not need a tux, that I can just wear my black suit and get a black tie (get it, black tie event, lol) but after a few moments and several web page searches that defined black tie attire, she made the decision that we would buy me a tux.

This morning I told her that when I’m 50 will probably be the next time I wear the tux and I will be one of those old guys that suck in his gut and are proud of the fact that they can still fit (though barely) into their old tux.

I guess I need to embrace change instead of fighting it. So in order to embrace this change, I’m going to take a series of James Bond inspired pictures when I get my tux. Stay tuned!


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My Patriotic Earrings

Posted on July 4, 2012 by under Outfits.    

2011-07-04 08.43.56.jpg

I should have worn my patriotic earrings today. If only I knew where I stashed them. Don’t you just hate being so organized that you can’t find stuff? LOL.

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Date Night

Posted on April 13, 2012 by under Food and Drink, Outfits.    

Jenni gave me back one of my old dresses a few weeks ago. It’s been almost a decade since I last wore it. I couldn’t believe I could fit in it again. To celebrate, Brian and I decided to have date night.

2012-04-07 18.29.42.jpg 2012-04-07 18.30.31.jpg

We went to Luca for dinner. It was fabulous, as always. The food was delicious and our server was knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive. The sax player made the cozy, romantic ambiance even more so.

2012-04-07 20.07.01.jpg

Anyway, here are some obligatory food photos.

2012-04-07 19.55.00.jpg

We started with the arancini balls at our friend Jeff’s recommendation. I’m so glad we took his advice because the balls were delicious.

2012-04-07 19.55.22.jpg

I love how unenthused Brian always looks in photos.

2012-04-07 20.07.44.jpg

And to think, he wasn’t even drinking. But I was.

2012-04-07 20.08.57.jpg

Though, I have to say that the bellini martini at Luca is not half as good as the version served at YaYa’s.

2012-04-07 20.10.09.jpg 2012-04-07 20.10.03.jpg

Brian had the tomato basil soup (left); while I had the minestrone. Brian said his soup was good. Mine was just okay.

2012-04-07 20.39.15.jpg

I ordered the special for dinner. I can’t remember what it’s called, but it was super delicious. It had scallops, shrimp, mussels, clams, rice and vegetables. I didn’t care so much for the clams because I’m not a fan of clams, but everything else in the dish was very good. I even ate most of my veggies.

2012-04-07 20.39.04.jpg

Brian went the safe route and ordered a pizza. Boring! He said it was delicious, though. To each his own.

2012-04-07 22.02.38.jpg

After dinner we went to Old Town Warren to watch Wrath of the Titans. We had just seen Immortals earlier that day, so it was a day of Greek mythology for us. I was nice going out on a date with my wonderful hubby. We should definitely do that more often.

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