Sales Tax Referendum

On Tuesday, November 4, Wichitans have a chance to make a difference for our community by voting in favor of the one-cent sales tax to fund plans for water, transit, jobs and streets.


The proposed ballot question is as follows: Shall the City of Wichita, Kansas, be authorized, pursuant to K.S.A. 12-187 et seq., to impose a one percent (1.0%) city-wide retailers’ sales tax to be effective April 1, 2015, and which will terminate no later than April 1, 2020, with an amount not to exceed $250 million dollars of such tax applied to pay the costs for the purchase, development, maintenance and operation of a long-term water supply, with an amount not to exceed $80 million dollars of such tax applied for job development and creation, with an amount not to exceed $39.8 million dollars of such tax applied to support Wichita Transit operations, and with an amount not to exceed $27.8 million dollars of such tax applied for street maintenance and repairs?

Joyful Noise Twilight Concert


Brian and I had the privilege of attending the Joyful Noise Twilight Concert at Camp Wood YMCA last night. There are few things in this world more breathtaking than the Flint Hills. It was the perfect setting for a concert. Here are some pictures.


Brian waiting for dinner to be served…


It was a beautiful day for an outdoor concert.



This one time at band camp…


The council ring is the perfect setting…


We scarfed up dinner quickly and went to the concert site to scope out a good spot.


Our vantage point.


The weather was perfect and the surrounding view is fantastic.


Have you ever seen a Flint Hills sunset?


Now you have.


Pictures don’t do it justice though.


Brian got some reading done as we waited for the concert to begin.


More people started showing up as dinner service concluded.


There’s nothing like an outdoor concert in one of the most beautiful settings.




Fiddler Darol Anger, singer/songwrite Emy Phelps, cellist Eugene Friesen, mandolin player Kenny White, and concert master John Harrison were just a few of the amazing musicians who performed during the concert.




Check out our Facebook page for some of the videos. I highly recommend attending this event next year if you can because it’s simply amazing.

Zoobilee 2014

And now we resume our regularly scheduled programming… The posting of pictures and other not so serious stuff.

Before Zoobilee…


After Zoobilee…


Pictures from in between…













Zoobilee was fun. It gets more and more crowded every year but it’s always a great time to hang out with friends. The weather was perfect this year. Last year it was super hot. Anyway, here are some pictures from Zoobilees past. Enjoy!

Blue Jean Bingo

Brian and I attended Blue Jean Bingo at Abode last night. It’s a benefit for Goodwill Industries of Kansas. It’s actually one of the more fun fundraising events I’ve attended. I’ll have to remember it again next year. Here are some pictures.


If Brian doesn’t look like he is having fun, it’s because he never smiles in photos. Oh, and he was seriously concentrating on the game. He did not want to miss any of the bingo numbers. He held on to that bingo dauber like a weapon!


I have never gotten as much use out of my official name tag as I did yesterday. Seriously. That thing was on me for almost 18 hours.

Fwd: NoSubject

They asked us to wear our metal name tags at our leadership conference so it was already on me when I left the house yesterday morning. I didn’t want to lose it so I just kept it on when I went back to work, so then I didn’t have to wear my regular badge. I didn’t plan on wearing it to the event, but I ended up staying at work until after 6:30 pm because of a problem.

I actually went back to work after our meeting because I wanted to complete testing the Spanish IVR. Darcy assigned it to me on Wednesday and I told her I wouldn’t be able to really test anything until Friday afternoon because of the leadership conference. Anyway, I didn’t get much testing done because of said problem. Things don’t always go according to plan I guess. You just have to roll with the punches.

I didn’t have time to go home and change. Brian picked me up from work and we just went straight to Abode. When we got there they had name tag stickers for everyone but I still had my official name tag on so I just kept it on. Who needs a “Hello, my name is…” sticker when you have a fancy metal name tag? LOL.

It only took ten plus years for me to finally get an official name tag. I’m really glad I have one now because I’ve gotten good use out of it.

Yes, I am nerdy. Please don’t make fun of me.

The food last night was actually not bad. The vendors who participated were Emerson Biggins, Old Chicago, Il Vicino, Abuelo’s, Chapada, P.F. Chang’s, and Truffles Catering. Of course, when drinks are free it makes everything taste better. There was also a chocolate fountain in case the delicious and decadent dessert selections weren’t enough.

I really wanted to win one of the bingo prizes. No such luck, though. The big winner at our table was Brigid’s sister Mary. She won bingo game number four, called by Bonnie Bing. Bonnie was the best bingo caller that evening by the way. The other celebrities were great, but Bonnie stole the show.

Anyway, Mary won a $100 gift card to Bradley Fair. Lucky girl!

At the end of the evening we checked out the results of the silent auction to see if I won anything. Brian always tries to stop me from bidding on items and he always fails. LOL. Since he often fails to stop me, I think he just prays that someone outbids me on my items most of the time.

I’m glad we checked the silent auction results before we left because I did win one of the items that I was bidding on. It was silent auction item #217, a necklace and a sign from Pink Boa. As we were leaving, I enthusiastically (it doesn’t take a lot to get me excited) showed Misty what I’d won in the auction.

She was like, “Did you WIN it or did you BUY it?”

She can be such a “Debbie Downer” sometimes. I WON my loot in the silent auction and she’s not going to convince me otherwise.

Anyway, I had so much fun playing bingo last night that I’m actually considering hosting a bingo night at our house. Do you guys think anyone would come? Or is this just too nerdy of an idea to catch on? What do you all think?

And They Say There’s Nothing To Do in Kansas

Looking for something to do? Here are some options:

KEYN Summer Concert Series
Every Friday, July 11 to August 15
Wichita, KS

Kansas Biggest Rodeo
July 31 to August 2
Phillipsburg, KS

Midget Nationals
July 31 to August 2
Belleville, KS

Busker Festival
August 22 to 24
Lawrence, KS

Tumbleweed Festival
August 22 to 24
Garden City, KS

Heritage Day
August 23
Yoder, KS

Little Balkans Days
August 29 to 31
Pittsburg, KS

Did I miss anything? Add your event in the comments.

All Star Adventures

Big Brothers Big Sisters hosted a friends and family event last week at All Star Adventures. The cost was $7 per person for all you can play — go karts, carnival rides, and mini golf. Brian and I hadn’t been there in ages so we couldn’t pass up the deal even though it was a work night. Lucky for us, the event fell on a Thursday so I didn’t have to teach Zumba. We wouldn’t have been able to do it otherwise.

I’m glad we got to go because we had a blast playing with Faith and her kids, Becca, Jay, Addison, and my little sister Kira.


Addy and Kira got along fabulously.


I think Jay had more fun than the kids. LOL.


Here’s a cute one of Addy.


This is my favorite pic of me and Kira. Don’t let that angelic smile fool you. This child is a dare devil. She wanted to do all of the really crazy rides. After we rode the go karts (I had to ride with her because she wasn’t tall enough to drive herself), we did her favorite carnival rides. After the second one, I had to start looking for rides that she could do by herself because I couldn’t take anymore. I seriously felt like throwing up my dinner if I rode another dizzying ride.

She said this was her favorite because it scared me the most and made me scream a lot. Though she told me later that if another ride scared me more, that would have been her favorite instead. Can you believe such an angelic child could be so mischievous?


This a photo of Kira that I took when we rode bumper boats together. She tried to make me dizzy in the bumper boats too. LOL.

Pictures From the Annual Filipino Ball

The Filipino Ball is a celebration of milestones — debutantes, wedding anniversaries, achievements — in the Filipino community. It’s a chance for us to relive prom night in that we get to wear our fanciest clothes. Women are in beautiful gowns and men are in colorful and stylish barongs. It’s a pretty formal event so you can be as fancy as you want to be. Brian opted to wear his tux this year. Yeah, we’re still trying to get our money’s worth. LOL.


These are some of my favorite photos from last night. Huge thanks to Jennifer Cannady for taking the photo above. I’ve put on some weight in the last couple of years and actually don’t look too bad in this photo. LOL. Brian, my very own James Bond, looks amazing as always.


If you recognize my dress it’s because I recycled it. It’s the same dress that I wore to the American Heart Association benefit earlier this year. I would have preferred to have worn a new dress but life has been hectic and I didn’t have time to shop. Rather than stress about it, I figured I’d just wear one of the ones I already had hanging in the closet. I wore new jewelry to freshen it up a bit. This is the Kahlo line. If you’d like to see it up close or want to schedule a trunk show, contact me.



Mom and dad with the Cannadys at the Filipino Ball.





Obligatory selfie… because we have to take at least one of the two of us.


The Filipino Ball is the one time a year that we get to see people who we don’t normally see on a regular basis. Kids babies and children grow up to be adults almost overnight it seems. It’s like one year they were children and the next they’re hosting the event. Yes, I’m talking about Jenna. She was a baby when Brian and I first started attending the gala and now she’s a grown woman. Amazing. Brian and I still feel pretty youthful but this is the one event that’s guaranteed to make you feel old. Before the evening is even over I always end up wondering, “Are we really that old?”

We must be because I actually enjoy the event now and I didn’t used to. In my youth I used to dread having to attend. “Do I really have to?” This was one of those parties that was forced upon you by your parents. I don’t know how the other kids felt or how the kids today feel. It was not a fun party for me. It wasn’t really that much fun watching old people drink and make fools of themselves on the dance floor. Now I’m one of those old people. It’s awesome how time can change your perspective.

It used to that you couldn’t pay me to attend now and I’m actually paying to go. If you told me years ago that this would happen, I never would have believed you. LOL.

The Filipino Ball has become one of those events that I actually look forward to attending each year. I love watching the kids grow up and watching families expand as they welcome new family members. As long as I can look youngish and have my handsome James Bond by my side, I really don’t mind feeling old for a night.

Are You Ready for Hoopla in Doo-Dah?

Are you ready for the Wichita River Festival? It starts tomorrow so I hope you are. Here’s a list of the street closings. This is important information if you work downtown like Brian and I do.

Friday, May 30, 2014
Noon to 11:00 p.m.

1. Douglas from Water to Sycamore (Noon to 11 p.m.)
2. 2nd/1st from McLean to Waco (5:30 to 11 p.m.)
3. McLean from 1st to Maple (5:30 to 11 p.m.)
4. N. Civic Center Place between Douglas and 1st (noon to 11 p.m.)
5. Willis Coroon Dr. between Douglas and 1st (noon to 11 p.m.)
6. Waco from Douglas to 1st (5:30 to 11 p.m.)
7. Sycamore from McClean to Douglas (noon to 11 p.m.)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Staging: 5:30 to 9:00 p.m.
1. Main from Central to 11th
2. Elm from Water to Market
3. Pine from Wichita to Market
4. Wichita from Murdock to Central
5. Wichita from Murdock to 8th St. (both ends)
6. Water from Murdock to Elm
7. 8th from Water to Market
8. 9th from Water to Market
9. 10th from Water to Market. Central stays open for cross traffic for as long as practical.
Parade: 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.
1. Main from Central to English
2. 2nd from Market to Waco
3. 1st from McLean to Main
4. Waco from Douglas to Central
5. 3rd from Riverview to Market
6. Central from Market to Nims
7. Greenway from Central to Waco
8. Douglas from McLean to Market
9. William from Market ot Main
10. Murdock form Waco to Market
11. Water form Douglas to 3rd

Any traffic exiting the Core Area or to/from the Broadview Hotel, CII personnel and Hyatt Service will access via Doguals from McLean. Northwest portion of 1st and McLean intersection remains open for traffic. WPD ultimately controls the actual times of street closings and openings.

Saturday, May 31, 2014
4:00 to 11:00 a.m.

1. Lewis Street, McLean Boulevard to Waterman Street
2. Waterman Street, Lewis Street to Washington Avenue
3. Wichita Street, Dewey Street to Lewis Street
4. Water Street, Waterman Street to Main Street
5. Main Street, Lewis Street to English Street
6. Market Street, Lewis Street to Douglas Avenue
7. Broadway Avenue, Lewis Street to First Street
8. Topeka Street, Lewis Street to First Street
9. Emporia Street, Lewis Street to Douglas Avenue
10. St. Francis Street, Waterman Street to Mead Street
11. Commerce Street, Waterman Street to Mead Street
12. Mead Street, Waterman Street to Douglas Avenue
13. Douglas Avenue, Washington Street to Sycamore Street
14. Main Street, First Street to Williams Street
15. Waco Street, Douglas Avenue to Ninth Street
16. First Street/Second Street, McLean Boulevard to Wichita Street
17. Second Street, Wichita Street to Riverview Street
18. Third Street, Wichita Street to Waco Street
19. Central Avenue, Main Street to Greenway Boulevard
20. Murdock Street, Water Street to West Stackman Drive
21. Eight Street, Waco Street to Backbay Boulevard
22. Backbay Boulevard, Eight Street to Ninth Street
23. Ninth Street, Backbay Boulevard to Bitting Street
24. Jefferson Street, Eighth Street to Oak Park Drive
25. Oak Park Drive, Bitting Street to Eleventh Street
26. Bitting Street, Tenth Street to West River Boulevard
27. Forest Street, Oak Park Drive to Eleventh Street
28. Eleventh Street, Oak Park Drive to West River Boulevard
29. Briggs Street, West River Boulevard to Litchfield Street
30. Litchfield Street, West River Boulevard to Faulkner Street
31. Faulkner Street, West River Boulevard to Buffum Street
32. Buffum Street, West River Boulevard to Carter Street
33. Carter Street, West River Boulevard to Riverside Avenue
34. Riverside Avenue, West River Boulevard to Nims Street
35. Nims Street, Franklin Street to West River Boulevard
36. Wiley Street, West River Boulevard to Murdock Street
37. West River Boulevard, Eleventh Street to Murdock Street
38. Stackman Drive, Murdock Avenue to Central Avenue
39. Nims Street, Riverside Park Drive to Central Avenue
40. Spaulding Street, Murdock Avenue to Stackman Drive
41. Gilman Street, Murdock Street to Buffum Street
42. Buffum Street, Stackman Drive to Faulkner Street
43. Faulkner Street, Stackman Drive to Pine Street
44. Pine Street, Stackman Drive to Sim Park Drive
45. Sim Park Drive, Stackman Drive to Central Avenue
46. Central Avenue, Nims Street to Seneca Street
47. Seneca Street, Central Avenue to McLean Boulevard
48. McLean Boulevard, Seneca Street to Taft Street
49. Sycamore Street, McLean Boulevard to Maple Street

May 27-29, 9:00 to 10:00 p.m.
May 30, 9:00 a.m. to May 31, 1:00 a.m.
June 1, 8:00 a.m. to June 2, 1:00 a.m.
June 2-5, 2:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
June 6, 7:00 a.m. to June 9, noon

1. Douglas between Waco & Water St.
2. N. Civic Center Place between Douglas and 1st
3. Willis Coroon Dr. between Douglas and 1st

May 28, 9:00 a.m. to June 10, 11:00 p.m.

1. S Wichita St. between Lewis St. &the Hyatt Driveway
2. S Water St. between W Waterman St. & W Dewey St.
3. Waterwalk Plc/W Lewis St. between S Wichita St. & S Water St.
Wednesday, June 4, noon to midnight
Saturday, June 7, 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

1. Lewis St (including Lewis St Bridge) between S McLean Blvd & S Wichita
2. S Wichita St between Lewis St & W. Dewey St.

May 31, 10:00 p.m. to June 2, 3:00 a.m.

1. Douglas between Water & Main St.
2. Water between Douglas & First
3. Main St. between Douglas & Williams
4. Main St. between Williams & English
5. Main St. between English & Waterman

Wednesday, June 4, 2014
3:00 p.m. to midnight

1. Waterman (including Lewis St. Bridge) between McClean & Hyatt Driveway
2. Wichita between Waterman & Dewey
3. Water between Waterman & Dewey
4. Lewis St. between Wichita & Water

Saturday, June 7, 2014
5:00 a.m. to midnight

1. Douglas between Water & Main St.
2. Water between Douglas & 1st St.

The big events on opening day are always the Sundown Parade, Twilight Pops Concert, and fireworks. There’s also an opening ceremony at the Keeper of the Plains in recognition of the 40th anniversary of the dedication of this iconic symbol of the city of Wichita. The opening ceremony starts at 11:30 a.m. and only last 15 minutes so you don’t want to be late.

Saturday is the day of the River Run. There’s a 10K, a 2 mile family fun walk, 2 mile and 2 mile wheelchair. There’s also the tot trot, a fun run for kids ages 2 to 7 years. Check your booklet or the web site for the schedule because the events start at different times and locations.

Don’t forget Wichita’s world record attempt at the longest line of bicycles. This event meets at WaterWalk Pavilion at 1:00 p.m. Another thing that dad may find interesting is the RC airplanes flying around all day at Century II. Hot air balloons launch from WaterWalk at 5:30 a.m. and return for a glow in the evening from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

For sporty and outdoorsy types, there’s softball, dodgeball, tennis, tug of war, jet ski racing, biking tours, canoes & kayaks, and paddle battle kayak races.

Sunday is all about planes. There will be planes on display on Main Street (South of Douglas) from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm; a Wichita aviation display, RC planes, and paper airplane drop at Century II; B-52 simulator; and meet famous aviators (tent behind the Wichita Public Library). Hot air balloons will launch from WaterWalk Pavilion at 6:00 p.m. to celebrate this day of flight.

There’s so much to do! That’s the best part about Wichita River Festival. There’s something for everyone. I wish I didn’t have to work and could participate in all of the activities. Well, maybe not all of them. Perhaps next year I can talk Brian into volunteering for stuff and even doing some sightseeing. People watching at Riverfest is always the biggest spectator event. It even has its own Facebook page. Making a mental note of scheduling vacation during Riverfest week. If I forget, remind me!

Project RunAway


Brian and I had a great time at Project RunAway last night. It’s a fundraising event for Wichita State University’s Shift Space, an off-campus student gallery for WSU’s School of Art & Design. The event was held at McKnight Art Center, a building that Brian is quite familiar with since he had several classes there when he was attending WSU.

We’re always up for doing something different on the weekends. This was definitely something different. LOL.


Aaron, aka Cutter J the Absurdist, was the emcee of the event. He did a fantastic job! DJ Carbon provided the music for most of the evening and was equally awesome. As I was watching DJ Carbon from where I was sitting, I told Brian that I thought I knew the DJ. I texted my sister and asked her if DJ Carbon is James. She confirmed it. I knew DJ Carbon before his DJ Carbon persona, when he was still James. It’s been over 15 years. Crazy how time flies. I’ll have to catch him at his next event so we can get reacquainted and so I can introduce Brian.

The fashion show was interesting. Neither Brian nor I had ever attended a wearable art fashion show before. It was definitely an experience. There are some amazingly creative people in Wichita to be sure. There are also some really strange people. LOL.

There were a performances in between categories. One was a drag performance by Divinity Masters. The jokes were definitely not appropriate for general audiences but didn’t bother me. They were quite offensive to some people, though. Brian said that there were two ladies behind us who were complaining that there should have been a warning on the tickets. If you’ve never been to one of these types of events, I guess you wouldn’t really know what to expect. However, you just have to be open minded because creative, artsy people tend to push the envelope. I thought Brian enjoyed the drag performance. He laughed at many of the jokes.

Everything was great until peanut butter and jelly and pieces of bread started splashing everywhere. That was gross. I liked the idea and it was fun to watch but I would have rather not been in the audience for that part of the show.

We had a good time overall. It’s always great to see Reby and Aaron, and watching Cutter J perform (even when he’s just emceeing) is always a treat. He’s definitely a performer, always animated and dramatic. You can check out his opening monologue below. Aaron is just one of those guys who’s entertaining no matter what he is doing.

I recommend attending the next Project RunAway if you’ve never been. It’s something that everyone should experience at least once. I’m not sure that Brian is inclined to attend again next year. I guess it will depend on if we know anyone who is performing or who’s part of the show. If we do go back, I’d spring for the VIP section. That way you don’t get food splashed on you in case someone decides to incorporate food in their fashion show entry.

Bowling Revival

I’ve decided to start bowling again and I’m dragging Brian with me.


I was inspired to start bowling again after bowling a 243 at my work’s Bowl for Kids’ Sake fundraising event on Saturday. It was nine pin no tap, but still. I’d participated in many of these fundraisers before and they’ve always been nine pin no tap, but I’d barely break 200. Somehow I’d keep bowling 8s and not pick up my spares. I was in the zone this weekend, though.


Here are some pictures from Saturday.


Faith’s son is so adorable.

Here’s our team photo.

Fw: BBBS team photo

Here’s the chocolate gift basket that I won for getting the highest bowling score out of all the women bowlers. It’s full of chocolatey goodness from the Farris Wheel and I’ve been enjoying it over the last few days.


On Sunday we went bowling again to celebrate dad’s birthday.


Dad kicked everyone’s butt at bowling. I joked that we were letting him win on account of his birthday but truly there was no way that we could have come close. Dad is just an awesome bowler. He bowled a 187, 184, 203, and 182 on Sunday.

Guess who took second? Me, of course. I bowled 134, 146, 145, and 150. Not great, but it’s about how I normally bowled when I used to bowl regularly.

Brian didn’t do too bad. He bowled 156, 122, 122, and 145. I don’t know what happened to mom. LOL. She normally bowls really well but she she did the worst that day. Her scores were 137, 135, 119, and 122. She’s probably going to hate that I posted that, but I post everything. LOL.

Anyway, while we were at the bowling alley we saw the flyers advertising their summer leagues so we decided to join the earlier of the two Sunday night leagues. Figured it was time I got another hobby because I don’t have enough of them already. Ha! Jokes aside, this weekend reminded me of how much I really enjoyed bowling back when I used to do it and how I’m actually pretty good at it. So it’s time to take it up again. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get even better.


We’re the kind of people who go full out when we get into something (well, I am anyway) so we ordered a pair of bowling shoes for Brian which arrived today.


They’re his very first pair of bowling shoes. They fit great and look fantastic. I’m excited for him to break them in!


I didn’t get any new bowling shows because, even though my bowling shoes are over ten years old, my bowling shoes are still fine. I did, however, have to get a new bowling bag because the one I had was pretty icky. This new one was cheap and looks great. I love the separate shoe pocket also.


Oh, check out what I found when I was cleaning out my old bowling bag. Yes. It has been that long since I last bowled regularly. I’m pretty rusty but I didn’t do to shabby this weekend so perhaps there is hope for me yet. I’m so excited for this summer! I can’t wait to kick some butt at bowling!

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