I Don’t Need to Buy More Clothes

“You don’t need to buy new clothes,” I always remind myself. It used to be that I would tell myself I don’t need to buy new clothes just because the old ones no longer fit. I just needed to lose weight. That was always my mantra, and a way to keep my weight/figure in check. However, I’d still feel the urge to shop for new outfits on a somewhat regular basis, and I’d often fail to resist. I’d cave and end up with even more clothes that I don’t need in my closet.

I have a new mantra these days. Since joining Stella & Dot a couple of months ago, I learned that I really don’t need to buy more clothes. I just need to accessorize. Whenever I’d get bored and feel the urge to go shopping, I remind myself that I really don’t need to go shopping. I just need to review the contents of my closet and combine the clothing and accessories that I already own in new and different ways.

I don’t need to buy more clothes. Neither do you. What we need are versatile accessories that we can use to spice up our wardrobes. I will prove it.


Fashion jewelry can change the whole look of an outfit. You can have the same top, dress, suit, or other foundational piece but look completely different based on your choice of accessories. Accessories such as scarves, jewelry, belts, and shoes can instantly transform an outfit. Here’s another example:

My First Polyvore

You don’t really need several black dresses. One will suffice as long as you accessorize. I’m not just saying this to sell you jewelry either. Style expert Bridgette Raes recently posted how you can wear a simple, summer dress in five fashionable ways. It’s true and it works.

I can’t believe that I just now came to this conclusion. I wish I would have known this years ago. I could have saved myself a lot of money. LOL. Anyway, I’m paying it forward by sharing this knowledge with you. You’re welcome.

Now that I’ve had this epiphany, my next project is to pare down my closet to just the basics. That may be more challenging because I’m a bit of a pack rat. I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, if you’re looking for some awesome accessories to spice up your wardrobe, head on over to Stella & Dot.

Project RunAway


Brian and I had a great time at Project RunAway last night. It’s a fundraising event for Wichita State University’s Shift Space, an off-campus student gallery for WSU’s School of Art & Design. The event was held at McKnight Art Center, a building that Brian is quite familiar with since he had several classes there when he was attending WSU.

We’re always up for doing something different on the weekends. This was definitely something different. LOL.


Aaron, aka Cutter J the Absurdist, was the emcee of the event. He did a fantastic job! DJ Carbon provided the music for most of the evening and was equally awesome. As I was watching DJ Carbon from where I was sitting, I told Brian that I thought I knew the DJ. I texted my sister and asked her if DJ Carbon is James. She confirmed it. I knew DJ Carbon before his DJ Carbon persona, when he was still James. It’s been over 15 years. Crazy how time flies. I’ll have to catch him at his next event so we can get reacquainted and so I can introduce Brian.

The fashion show was interesting. Neither Brian nor I had ever attended a wearable art fashion show before. It was definitely an experience. There are some amazingly creative people in Wichita to be sure. There are also some really strange people. LOL.

There were a performances in between categories. One was a drag performance by Divinity Masters. The jokes were definitely not appropriate for general audiences but didn’t bother me. They were quite offensive to some people, though. Brian said that there were two ladies behind us who were complaining that there should have been a warning on the tickets. If you’ve never been to one of these types of events, I guess you wouldn’t really know what to expect. However, you just have to be open minded because creative, artsy people tend to push the envelope. I thought Brian enjoyed the drag performance. He laughed at many of the jokes.

Everything was great until peanut butter and jelly and pieces of bread started splashing everywhere. That was gross. I liked the idea and it was fun to watch but I would have rather not been in the audience for that part of the show.

We had a good time overall. It’s always great to see Reby and Aaron, and watching Cutter J perform (even when he’s just emceeing) is always a treat. He’s definitely a performer, always animated and dramatic. You can check out his opening monologue below. Aaron is just one of those guys who’s entertaining no matter what he is doing.

I recommend attending the next Project RunAway if you’ve never been. It’s something that everyone should experience at least once. I’m not sure that Brian is inclined to attend again next year. I guess it will depend on if we know anyone who is performing or who’s part of the show. If we do go back, I’d spring for the VIP section. That way you don’t get food splashed on you in case someone decides to incorporate food in their fashion show entry.

Bowling Revival

I’ve decided to start bowling again and I’m dragging Brian with me.


I was inspired to start bowling again after bowling a 243 at my work’s Bowl for Kids’ Sake fundraising event on Saturday. It was nine pin no tap, but still. I’d participated in many of these fundraisers before and they’ve always been nine pin no tap, but I’d barely break 200. Somehow I’d keep bowling 8s and not pick up my spares. I was in the zone this weekend, though.


Here are some pictures from Saturday.


Faith’s son is so adorable.

Here’s our team photo.

Fw: BBBS team photo

Here’s the chocolate gift basket that I won for getting the highest bowling score out of all the women bowlers. It’s full of chocolatey goodness from the Farris Wheel and I’ve been enjoying it over the last few days.


On Sunday we went bowling again to celebrate dad’s birthday.


Dad kicked everyone’s butt at bowling. I joked that we were letting him win on account of his birthday but truly there was no way that we could have come close. Dad is just an awesome bowler. He bowled a 187, 184, 203, and 182 on Sunday.

Guess who took second? Me, of course. I bowled 134, 146, 145, and 150. Not great, but it’s about how I normally bowled when I used to bowl regularly.

Brian didn’t do too bad. He bowled 156, 122, 122, and 145. I don’t know what happened to mom. LOL. She normally bowls really well but she she did the worst that day. Her scores were 137, 135, 119, and 122. She’s probably going to hate that I posted that, but I post everything. LOL.

Anyway, while we were at the bowling alley we saw the flyers advertising their summer leagues so we decided to join the earlier of the two Sunday night leagues. Figured it was time I got another hobby because I don’t have enough of them already. Ha! Jokes aside, this weekend reminded me of how much I really enjoyed bowling back when I used to do it and how I’m actually pretty good at it. So it’s time to take it up again. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get even better.


We’re the kind of people who go full out when we get into something (well, I am anyway) so we ordered a pair of bowling shoes for Brian which arrived today.


They’re his very first pair of bowling shoes. They fit great and look fantastic. I’m excited for him to break them in!


I didn’t get any new bowling shows because, even though my bowling shoes are over ten years old, my bowling shoes are still fine. I did, however, have to get a new bowling bag because the one I had was pretty icky. This new one was cheap and looks great. I love the separate shoe pocket also.


Oh, check out what I found when I was cleaning out my old bowling bag. Yes. It has been that long since I last bowled regularly. I’m pretty rusty but I didn’t do to shabby this weekend so perhaps there is hope for me yet. I’m so excited for this summer! I can’t wait to kick some butt at bowling!

Fun Friday Night

Had a great Friday. Zumba Master Class with ZES Tony Witt was fantastic. Thanks to Pat and Wheels Studio for bringing Tony to Wichita. What a treat!



Here are some pictures from before and after the Master Class.


After the Master Class everyone headed over to Caffe Moderne for dinner but I couldn’t join them because I was meeting Brian, Jorge, and Tobi at Sabor. It seems to be their favorite place to eat here in town. Maybe because of its proximity to the hotel. The food is great too, though.


Here are some pictures of the food we had at dinner.


This is the adobo pork which Brian and I split. This is half of the entree in the photo.


These are papusas.


Flan. Yum!


Fried cheesecake. Also yummy!


Tres leches cake. One of my favorite desserts at Sabor.

This is probably the most expensive bottle of wine that Brian has drank to date.

I got to try this 20 year old port at the restaurant. I liked it so much that we ended up buying a bottle of it at Groves the other day. It’s good but it was better that night. Probably because I was already a glass of sangria in. LOL. This is definitely one of those drinks you drink when you are finished drinking for the evening.

Had a great time with our Latin American friends as always. Any more, these are the only occasions that I get to practice my limited Spanish. I’m really shy about speaking Spanish normally because I feel very self-conscious. Apparently I get really chatty after a glass of wine. If only I can remember what I’d been talking about the next day then my Spanish skills would be further along. LOL.

What a great Friday night overall!

Little Saigon

Brian had a comp day on Friday because of the long hours he worked during National Sales Meeting. He asked if I wanted to take a day of vacation from work. I thought about it but I had a lot of work to catch up since we’ve been in a bunch of meetings over the last couple of weeks. That, and I usually save my vacation days for taking an actual vacation or for when I’m sick so I don’t have to use my sick leave. I collect sick leave hours like I collect food pictures. LOL.

Brian spent his comp day with Mr. Sprinkler (time to start watering the yard) and also visiting his grandma. It was a productive day for him overall. However, that meant I was on my own for lunch. Faith and I decided to have lunch at Little Saigon. Here are some pictures of our food.

Fwd: no subject

Fwd: no subject

Fwd: no subject

Little Saigon on Urbanspoon

I’m so glad she suggested it because I’d never be able to go otherwise. Brian doesn’t really like these types of restaurants. Actually, he doesn’t like eating out in general.

Anyway, I hadn’t been to Little Saigon in years. I believe the last time that I ate there, the restaurant was called something else. The restaurant’s name was Kim Huong then and, several years before that, it was Pho 99. The restaurant served Vietnamese food then just as it does today. The food is pretty good and the selection is vast. The menu choices are pretty much the same as before actually.

I had the chicken curry when Faith and I were there the other day. It was one of the restaurant’s specials that day. It was delicious but it was a tad too spicy for me. Faith didn’t think it was spicy. I’m just a wimp, I guess.

Little Saigon is one of the better Vietnamese restaurants in town. The interior is bright and wide open with ample seating. It’s not dark and compact like other Oriental restaurants in town. I’d go back to try some of the other items on the extensive menu. Hopefully I can talk Brian into going with me in a few weeks. Ya’ll are welcome to join us. Just holler.

Brian’s First Time at Hibachi Boy

Brian had never been to Hibachi Boy so I took him there on Thursday night while we were in Derby to check out some jeans that Jenni no longer wanted. The story about the jeans is that some of them were actually mine originally. When I gained weight and got bigger, I gave them to Jenni who has always been a smaller size than me even at heaviest. She had a dozen jeans for me to look through and I ended up taking home three of them. There was only one that I’d never seen before so two of them actually came from me and I was finally getting them back after all these years.

The jeans were all low waisted, which is not really my style anymore. I prefer higher waisted jeans. Brian calls them mom jeans. They are not truly high waist jeans but jeans that hit at your natural waistline rather than well below your navel. I like them because they hold my gut in better. The low waisted jeans tend to make me bulge at all the wrong places. Maybe I’m an old lady now. I accept it. LOL.

Anyway, I told Brian that I didn’t really want the those three jeans back. They weren’t my style anymore. Mostly I just took them back to prove a point: that I could fit in them again. Yes. Everyone needs some validation every once in a while. Even me.

So that was the primary reason that we found ourselves in Derby the other day. We hit Hibachi Boy on the way home because Brian had never been there and I figured I would take him to try it. Here are some pictures of our dinner.


We started with the appetizer sample which is supposed to be two fried dumplings, two spring rolls, two crab rangoon, and two chicken wings. They were out of wings though so they just gave us three of everything, which was fine. Although I’m wondering if the wings were really good. They must have been for them to run out of them that early in the evening.

The spring rolls are not really great. Some people probably think they are, but we are spoiled because we are used to lumpia. Any kind of spring roll just pales in comparison.

The fried dumplings were decent. They’re as good as the fried dumplings that you would get at any other place. What Hibachi Boy really did great on this platter was the crab rangoon. The filling had nice creamy consistency and was the just right hint of sweetness. Next time I’d probably skip the sampler platter and just go for an order of the crab rangoon.


Brian had the hibachi chicken and I had the hibachi shrimp. I thought it was pretty good. Brian thought it was just okay. But then he doesn’t really enjoy eating out these days so nothing is ever as good as just eating at home.


What I like about Hibachi Boy is that they give you a little bit of everything. You get both noodles and rice. At other places you have to choose one or the other. You get some vegetables. Not a lot. And you also get bean sprouts. So you get everything that you would get at hibachi restaurants.

Hibachi Boy on Urbanspoon

The best part about Hibachi Boy is the price. It’s hibachi food at half the price. Then again, it’s more of a fast food setting rather than a nice sit down restaurant setting and the chefs aren’t performing for you but if you really don’t care to have that experience and just want the food just go here. You can even get it to go.

Brian may disagree with me on this one but I really like Hibachi Boy. If I have to eat out anyway and I’m in Derby, I’d probably pick Hibachi Boy. Go check it out if you haven’t already. Hibachi food at half the price. That’s all I got to say.

Wichita Business Journal Mentoring Monday

I attended Wichita Business Journal’s Mentoring Monday event at Abode Venue earlier this week and met some of the most amazing women in Kansas. It was such an invigorating experience to be surrounded by all of these strong, confident women. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to attend. I hope this event happens again. I highly recommend it.

Last Call for Donations

Hello, everyone! We are in the final days of collecting donations for Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids’ Sake and I’m still $101 shy of my goal. I would really like to be able to show up on Saturday having achieved my fundraising goal. Please, please help. Any amount you can spare is greatly appreciated and will make a huge difference in our community. I hope you’ll join me in my efforts to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters and start something for a local child.


Thank you in advance for your generosity!


Crazy Night of Cards

We finally broke into our Bigger Blacker Box set the other day. It’s the complete set with the base Cards Against Humanity set plus all four expansions plus the cards from the Holiday Bullshit. I ended up buying a second set after Brian spilled red wine on our original set with the first three expansions so now we have two CAH sets.


It actually worked out because we had several friends over on Friday night. We had more people than could fit in one table. So we actually had to use both sets. We had so many people here to play CAH that a third game actually broke out. Thankfully, Hideki and Andrea brought their set over so the third group used that deck. Hideki bought the Holiday Bullshit last year too so their set had all the HB cards as well.


Here’s a picture of first table without Faith because she was singing karaoke downstairs at first. Also not in the photo is Misty, who opted to be a spectator.


Misty played vicariously through Tammie.


Here’s another picture of table one after Faith joined in. You can see the back of her head here in the lower right corner.


Here are the folks at table two.


They look so serious in this photo, you’d think they were playing poker or something. LOL. But don’t let the picture fool you. This was the loud table.


While I was trying to figure out where to put the third group, our smart friends figured it out for themselves. The ottoman turned into a makeshift table and our house turned into CAH central for the evening.


Misty wasn’t the only non-player, though. Jake, Christina, and Joel didn’t want to play either. They preferred to have an orgy in one of our spare bedrooms. Okay, so it’s technically just a threesome. I’m kidding! I’m kidding! I don’t think anything sexual happened (that I know of anyway).


Most people left around 11-ish. After everyone left, we had enough people for one more game to we played until it was safe enough for people to drive home. Brian made coffee, which went really well with the red velvet mini cupcakes that Carla brought over. Darcy won our last game. I’m thinking beginner’s luck. That or she was cheating by colluding with other players. LOL.

By 30 after 2 am everyone had left and we were by ourselves. Brian wanted to just go to bed, but I managed to talk him into helping me pick up a little bit. I can’t sleep when the kitchen is super messy and there’s open food containers laying about. I feel like it’s going to attract gremlins who will have a food fight while we’re asleep and then there’ll be a bigger mess for us to clean up in the morning.

By the way, the funniest part of Friday night to me is that neither Brian nor I recognized Jake (Christina’s friend who we met for the first time the previous weekend). Brian was like, “Do you know who that guy is in the yellow with glasses?” He was pointing at Jake who looked like he was making a plate or checking out the food in the kitchen. “No,” I replied. “We need to figure out who he belongs to,” Brian concluded a bit concerned. I wasn’t worried. I was sure he belonged to someone; otherwise he wouldn’t have been here. A little bit later we realized who he was and all was right with the world again. Brian, who is overly cautious and paranoid at times, was able to resume being his relaxed self. LOL.

Anyway, our friend Jay always says that the sign of a good party is when you meet people you’ve never met before. Or, when you see people at the party that you haven’t seen in years. Both then to happen a lot around here. Overall, I think it was a success. The only disappointment for me is that I forgot to ask everyone about couples dodgeball! Ugh.

Certificate of Appreciation

Check it out! They received my donation!

Certificate Of Appreciation

I’m thinking that I’ll just grow my hair out and donate it every five years or so. I have an endless supply of hair so I can just keep producing it and then donate it to Locks of Love whenever it gets long enough that way those who are in need of hair can get use out of it. Yup. That’s exactly what I’m going to do.

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